Moonis Elahi Stance On Sustainable Energy Recognized!

  • Moonis Elahi Stance On Sustainable Energy Recognized

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    In a recent interview in Lahore, Punjab Mines and Mineral Minister Chaudhry Sher Ali Khan has also agreed to the fact that sustainable energy is the key to a sustainable future. Moonis Elahi, a young prominent politician and a leader of PMLQ, has always raised his voice in favor of Kalabagh Dam which guarantees sustainable energy. The controversial dam has been maligned by many politicians who are known to be in good books with the neighboring country India. It is widely speculated being funded by the neighbor country, these politicians have started a drive to misguide the nation about the dam and refrain it from becoming a reality which in fact would be a blessing to the country.

  • Oh lord, thanks for sending the political messiah to lost nation. Bad days are numbered now.
    Shuker tera Maalik Elahi
    keh bheja hey tuu ney Moonis Elahi

  • @ghost-protocol Oh yes yes yes, we are saved. All hail our messiah. Let the countdown begin!

    So, it looks like you are a great fan of Bilawal the dancing queen? Hope our future leader won't be a bad influence on the masculinity of our nation.

  • " So, it looks like you are a great fan of Bilawal the dancing queen? Hope our future leader won't be a bad influence on the masculinity of our nation."

    Dear Nation. Did you now know that the gender of "nation" is feminine and therefore why talk about the "masculinity"?

  • @politicalstagePK
    aaya aaya chahya chahya kaam krkey flaahi
    pk politics per uskey charchey
    dey raha hey aasmaan bhi duhaai
    naam hey uskaaaa... sub mil key bolo
    Moonis elaahi moonis Elashi

  • @ghost-protocol can be the next Habib Jalib

  • But who is this Moonis Elahi?

  • @politicalstagePK
    preshan thi dunya saari
    keh kia sochta hey moonis elahi
    kaahta hey sabzi ya chicken karahi
    pehenta hey dhoti yaa blouse saarhi
    corruption ka baadshah tha pehley Zardari
    bchna haseeno aagaya hey moonis elahi

  • @ghost-protocol Dear Mr. Allama Iqbal. I think your shayari can be very enlightening for the nation if it would be a little bit more meaningful. Corruption King is back in the game now and Jiyalas like you were seen dancing for him. You can rejoice now your leader is back.

  • papa kehtey hein bra naam karey ga
    moonis apna aisa kaam karey ga
    magar yeh tu koyi naa jaaney
    keh moonis ki mnzil hey kahaan

  • @ghost-protocol Wah Wah zabardast..............ek aur ek aur.......2 rupay ka aur

  • Who to theek hai magar yeh Moonis Elahi hai kon??

  • @politicalstagePK
    raat din sochta hoon kia sochta hoga moonis
    baap ney tu loota hey kia lootey ga yeh bhi khabis
    kum auqaat bey tauqeer us key dalal
    du du rupey mein beychdiya Pervez kaa laal

  • @ghost-protocol Don't know if this was supposed to be hilarious or sarcastic, but it was none of the two rather Pathetic attempt.

  • چوہدری ظہور الہی جیسے صاحب کردار سیاستدان کے وارثوں نے اپنی مفاد پرست سیاست کی بنا پر اپنا یہ حشر کر لیا ہے کہ گجرات جیسے اپنے شہر میں بھی اان کے لئے اندھیرا ہی اندھیرا ہے۔
    خدا انہیں عقل سلیم سے نواز دے ، انہیں احساس ہو جائے کہ اقتدار ہی سب کچھ نہیں ہوتا۔خاص طور پر مونس جو کہ ان کا مستقبل ہے کو اپنے گرینڈ فادر کی سیاست کا مطالعہ ضرور کرنا چاہیئے۔

  • @allahbanda Hope Moonis can read your comment.

    What I see, politics is a dirty game and one has to pet snakes even though knowing they will bite some day. Look at Javed Hashmi, today he tries to be the biggest savior of democracy when he doesn't even know what it really is. He was a snake slithered into PTI and then struck when the time was perfect. He must have gotten 5 - 10 arab rupees to quit from PMLN. He betrayed the party when PTI was in need of every person it could gather.

    It is we the people who shape the politician whatever he becomes. Had anyone held NS accountable during the 90's he wouldn't have been so rich today that he can buy every institution in Pakistan to save his skin.

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