Moonis Elahi Says KPK Crops in Danger!

  • Moonis Elahi Says KPK Crops in Danger!

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    Moonis Elahi is one of the very few politicians of Pakistan who really care about the ecology of the country. The country faces grave dangers in near future due to climatic changes and unless concrete steps are taken today, Pakistan can face drought and famine in the coming years. To control 40 MAF of water to go to waste each year and to store that water is one the of the main reasons Kalabagh Dam is much needed.

    If we are able to store this water, 50000MW electricity can be produced with is 3X more than our current need. The Kalabagh Dam reservoir with water storage capacity of 6.1 MAF has the potential to provide additional 4 MAF to Sindh, 2.2 MAF to KPK, 2 MAF to Punjab and 1.5 MAF to Baluchistan. Without a doubt KPK needs Kalabagh Dam to save it’s agriculture as low rains and climate change are likely to affect 68% of KPK crops.

  • @politicalstagePK
    Who is this Moonis Elahi? Please tell him that it is not just KPK Crops but all Pakistan Crops in danger. Does he live in KPK?

  • @anjaan Obviously he cares about something and tries to be vocal about it rather than you pessimist who has written nothing but are constantly nagging and not being productive.

  • But who is this Moonis Elahi?

  • @anjaan is this forum the only source of information for you?

  • Tum hi bata do yeh Moonis Elahi hai kon
    kiya yeh who hai jiss ke modday pe hai taunn???

  • moonis elahi is king pin farmer in KPK. His crops survived long because he is pathan and kill animal like goats and bull that come near to his farm

  • @پیشمان mean Zardari of KPK? This is hilarious!

  • better watch, how dare you started thread on moon is elahi. you are leaking his privacy, the secret of good crops.

  • @پیشمان LOL, breaking monopoly am I?

  • I think you are sumander khan, the rival kingpin farmer against moon is elahi. This is nice try but you need to come out of bag

  • @پیشمان I think you've been reading a fairy think I'm samunder khan? I can even be darya khan or pahar khan too and don't forget the famous Gul Khan!

  • you cant be all of these khan you are an Aunt Khan in the Stoen

  • @پیشمان I am invincible and a complicated person...........I can be Genghis Khan........BTW what is an Aunt Khan?

  • @politicalstagePK

    The opposite of an Uncle

  • @anjaan Nice...... :)

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