I bought a plot file for DHA Phase 9 in Lahore for around 55 lakh in 2012 and sold three years later for same price. DHA had also announced 20 lakh development charges to be paid around the time I sold the plot. The plot was not allotted when I bought the file and balloting was done in 2015, however my plot didn't come in good location and therefore didn't get good price increase. Some of my other civilian friends also didn't get good plots in balloting, however one serving military cousin coincidentally got in excellent location that appreciated price of this plot.</p><p>I don't think I will ever invest in file again in my life where the plot exists only in air on land that is not even in possession by the authority. I recently did another investment in Islamabad near new airport where I bought a plot with immediate possession. I am hoping its price will increase once airport is launched.