Al-Faath Operations Continue.........

  • Jamadi-ul-Awwal 25, 1431 A.H, Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

    • 55 American invading terrorists killed, 37 wounded and 3 helicopters shot down amid operation Al-Faath in Helmand As many as 55 Americans invading terrorists have been killed and 37 terribly injured with their three Chinook-like helicopters shot down in clashes with Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate in Helmand's Nowzad district through much of Monday, Mujahideen officials said.

    According to the details, the deadly battle erupted as about hundreds of American cowardly terrorists, airdropped by some 20 helicopters into the different areas of Nowzad district, wanting to carry out a large scale operation in the area, came under simultaneous attacks by Mujahideen from every directions that caused a daylong face-to-face fighting which started on Monday afternoon (May 10) and continued till late night hours, in which the enemy, after suffering deadliest losses and severest damages, fled the areas carrying the engines of the helicopters shot down by Mujahideen during the fighting along with them, while the wreckage of the struck helicopters including their wings and other parts of the helicopters and the mutilated parts of the bodies of the American terrorists still exist at the sites.

    No Mujahids have, by the virtue of Allah's bounty and His mercy, been harmed, while Mujahideen have taken the abandoned arms and ammo. Jahidic officials say it is the first operation which has been so much perfect and successful since the invasion of US cowardly terrorists in 2001, and one of the luckiest operations since the operation Al-Faath ( The Victory) commenced throughout the country. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

    • US cowardly terrorists martyr 3 non-combatant civilians in Helmand

    In Helmand's Sangin district, three non-combatant civilians were martyred and another three were taken as captive by American cowardly evils Monday night. According to the report, the enemy invaded a house, exploding its gate with rockets and opened fire on the defenseless residents of the house. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

    • Mujahideen attack destroy US-NATO invaders tank in Kandahar

    A number of US-NATO terrorists were killed in a blast followed by an attack from Mujahideen in Kandahar's Arghandab district on Sunday. One of the enemy's military tanks got destroyed in the bombing, the report added. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

    • 6 French invading terrorists killed in Kapisa

    About 6 terrorists of French invaders were killed in a mine blast targeting and destroying their tank in Tagab district of Kapisa province on Monday (May 10), the report said, adding that the dead were, a half an hour later, carried by helicopter. Reported by Zabihullah Mujahid

    • Mujahideen fight Britons invaders in Helmand May 10 - Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate, during a face-to-face fighting with British cowardly invaders in Helmand's Gerishk district, killed two Britons and wounded 3 more, whereas no Mujahideen have been harmed during the clash. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

    • Mujahideen kill 5 American terrorists, wound 6 in Logar As many as 5 American cowardly terrorists were killed and 6 more injured amid freshly-launched countrywide operation in a clash with Mujahideen in Logar's Karwaru district on Monday afternoon (May 10). No Mujahideen have, by virtue Allah's bounty, been hurt during the face-to-face fighting. Reported by Zabihullah Mujahid

    • British invaders tank left ablaze in bombing in Helmand A blast in Helmand's Musa Kala district hit one of the British invaders military tanks on Monday morning, leaving the tank on fire and killing almost all the Britons on board. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

    • 4 American terrorists killed, 2 injured in Logar Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate, in a one-hour long clash with US invaders in the Charkh district of Logar province, killed 4 American cowardly terrorists and wounded another two on Monday (May 10). Reported by Zabihullah Mujahid

    • Number of US tank invaders eliminated amid operation Al-Faath hits 4 in Helmand

    On later Monday, two more US invaders tank got hit by bombings and eliminated in Helmand's Khanshi district in addition to two former tanks destroyed prior to this in the morning hours of the day (May 10) in this district, Mujahideen officials said. Several US invaders have been killed in the tanks eliminated in bombings. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

    • US invaders tank hit by bombing in Laghman

    The US cowardly terrorists were on mine clearance mission and were about de-mine a discovered mine as the enemy came under a tactical attack from Mujahideen in Laghman's Alingar district on early Monday evening, local Mujahideen said. The tank was left on fire in the attack, killing all the American cowards traveling in the tank, who were, soon after the attack, airlifted by the US helicopter.

    • US invaders tank hits IED blast in Helmand

    On Monday (May 10), one of the US military tanks was eliminated in bombing in Helmand's Nawa district as the the major countrywide operation is ongoing. The tank got smashed into pieces, killing almost all the American cowards. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

    • Mujahideen kill 4 American terrorists amid operation Al-Faath

    On earlier Monday (May 10) Mujahideen in Zabul's provincial capital killed 4 American cowards during the massive operation Al-Faath which has carried into its fourth day, Mujahideen officials said. The incident came after Mujahideen ambushed motorcycle patrol of US cowardly terrorists, in which Mujahideen destroyed two of their motorcycles apart from the fatalities inflicted on the enemy, while the helicopter was called in to airlifted the dead. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

    • Blast tear apart US invaders tank as massive operation Al-Faath continues

    A blast amid massive operation Al-Faath struck and eliminated a US military tank Monday (May 10), killing or wounding all the American cowardly invaders on board. Locals say the explosion scene has been cordoned off and US helicopter arrived at the site to airlift the dead and casualties from the area. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

    • 2 Britons terrorists killed, two wounded in Helmand

    A blast in Helmand's Nowzad district tore through a group of on-foot British cowardly invaders on Sunday (May 09), killing two besides wounding another two, Mujahideen officials said. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

    • Mujahideen clash combined NATO invaders-puppet

    Afghan cowardly terrorists in Zabul Sunday's battle erupted after the joint puppet Afghan-NATO invaders ground terrorists, who were on an attack mission, came under Mujahideen attack in the province's Daeechopan district in the afternoon hours of the day, on May 09, 2010. The report indicates at least 4 invaders terrorists were killed with 5 badly injured and 3 puppet Afghan terrorists were hurt in the 3-hour long gunfight, adding that after suffering deadly losses and severe damages the enemy retreated from the area, leaving a sizable amount of ammunition and arms behind. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

    • Scores of joint puppet Afghan-invaders coalition killed during operation Al-Faath in Ghazni

    Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate, in four separate attacks on combined puppet Afghan and invaders coalition terrorists in Ghazni's Andar district, killed dozens of domestic and foreign cowardly terrorists apart from causing them severe damages through much of Monday (May 10) as the operation Al-Faath has carried into its third day. Reported by Zabihullah Mujahid

    • Blasts in Zabul kill 19 puppet terrorists, destroy 3 vehicles

    At least 6 puppet army terrorists were killed on Monday morning (May 10) as a roadside bomb hit and destroyed their vehicle in the city of Kalat, the capital of Zabul.

    Also Monday, about a half and an hour after the first incident happened, two military vehicles of puppet terrorists were hit and eliminated in bombings, killing as many as 13 terrorists elsewhere in this city. The incidents come as the Mujahideen's massive newly-launched operation (Al-Faath) continues across the country. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

    • Mujahideen's missiles hit district center in Logar

    About 10 missiles struck district headquarter in the district center of Kharwar in Logar province Monday night (May 10), causing damages to the district headquarters and surrounding government buildings, said the report. A number of invaders and puppet officials are reported to have been in the headquarter, but is not, so far, clear how many terrorists have been killed in the missile attack. Reported by Zabihullah Mujahid

    • Remote-control bomb attack in Kandahar kills 2 puppet terrorists

    A remote-controlled bomb blast killed two terrorists of ANA as it tore through a group of on foot patrol of puppet army terrorists in Kandahar's Zhari district on Monday morning. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

    • Blast in Zabul kills 6 puppet police terrorists

    On later Monday afternoon, an IED explosion targeted a vehicle of police force in Zabul's provincial capital, the city of Kalat, killing some 6 puppet policemen, according to the locals the are of explosion was cordoned off preventing the the by-standers from getting close enough to see. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

    • Commander Ishaq Nizami killed in Kunduz

    A puppet police officer, Ishaq Nizami, what they call a regional commander of public security got killed along with some puppet policemen in Kunduz city, the capital of the province Of the same name as their car waylaid on Monday morning (May 10). Reported by Zabihullah Mujahid

    • 2 puppet terrorists killed in Kandahar

    A remote-controlled bomb attack in Kandahar's Zhari district killed about 2 terrorists of the puppet army and wounded another on Monday morning. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

    • 3 dead, 2 hurt as vehicle of puppet army exploded in bombing in Helmand

    A blast in the province's Gerishk district hit and destroyed a military vehicle puppet army on Sunday (May 09), killing about 3 puppet terrorists as well as wounding another two who, after the incident, were evacuated by the helicopter. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

    • 7 dead as vehicle of puppet army blown up in bombing in Marjah

    About seven internal terrorists were killed Monday morning as their vehicle got struck by landmine explosion in the Town of Marjah, Helmand province. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

    • 8 puppet army terrorists killed and two vehicle blown up in Kandahar

    A morning blast in Dandu district killed about 3 puppet Afghan terrorists and wounded 2 more with their vehicle destroyed on Monday. Likewise, some five terrorists of puppet were killed in a blast that ripped through one of their military vehicles in the same district on Sunday. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

    • Mujahideen kill dozen of puppet army and police terrorists and destroyed 3 vehicles in Wardag

    Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan during the major countrywide operation Al-Faath, destroyed three of military vehicles of combined puppet army and police force in separate attacks on Monday morning, killing dozens of puppet police and army terrorists in Wardag's Sayedabad district, Mujahideen officials said. In another report from this province, Mujahideen shot and killed an American terrorists in front of his tank elsewhere in this district on Monday noon. Reported by Zabihullah Mujahid

    These operations were part of the new Al-Faath (victory) Operations, which was declared by The Council of Leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. operations/May10/11-05-10.htm

  • Sorry for the length. This is my first and last posting on the Al-Faath Operations. Anyone still interested will go and take a look for themselves.

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    What's behind middle class jihadists? Drones over Pakistan. Troops in Saudi Arabia. The destruction of Iraq, American support for the Ethiopian invasion of Somalia, etc. Need I go on? Yes, radical ideology does play a role. But jihadist leaders would never get recruits if there was no pretext to play on. Modern-day jihadism started with the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. America: look at your foreign policies......

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