Silicon Photonics

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    Silicon Photonics - The Building Block of Next Generation Tera Scale Computing

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    There's much more available on this.

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    DAWN News: Intel transfers data at 50 Gbps through optic links

    2010/07/28 08:43 | Andreas Galistel

    Intel has made another breakthrough in its experiments with optical data transfers, and has now created the world's first silicon-based optic data link that uses lasers to move data inside a computer at speeds of 50 billion bits per second.

    Intel presented the new Silicon Photonics Link technology, developed by Intel Labs, during the Integrated Photonics Research conference in California. The company presented how it today can reach speeds that would transfer a motion picture in HD quality in a second. The goal is set even higher, the research team wants to reach speeds that would make it possible to transfer the entire content of a notebook in a single second. This is possible by cutting out the classic copper lanes and use light instead, or more precise lasers.

    The first prototype Intel displayed couldn't just reach longer distances than possible with copper, but also much greater speeds. The system is built around a transmitter that converts the data to optic signals and sends these over four minimal fibre optic cables. The cables aren't just small, but also cheap and have capacities of 12.5 Gbps each. The optic signals are then received by another circuit that leads them into a photodetector and convert them back to electronic signals.


    ..Intel's building new technology, called lightpeak. Intel or other companies in USA are able to do research, build products, because USA still has much of its money in their country, more importantly, in their own hands.

    Pakistan's Rs. 17 trillion are in Swiss Accounts. There's billions of Rupees of corruption inside Pakistan, leaking billions of Rupees of Pakistan's money into Swiss Accounts every year.

    How can people of Pakistan run human resource development programs, education programs, research programs, product development, build an innovative industry, build capacity for innovation, when most of Pakistan's money is being sent out into Swiss Accounts, when most of Pakistan's money is sitting idle in Swiss Accounts, in the hands of foreigners ?

  • Where are the quantum physicists?

    Where are the psychologists?

    Where are the biologists?

    Where are the mathematicians?

    Where are the chemists?

    Where are the technologists?

    Where are those who have the courage to say no?

    Where are those who have the vision to say yes.

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    All are here. What we need is the money to be in the right place.

    We need to gather those who can say no.

    We need to gather those who have the vision.

  • Salam Guys,

    I am suggesting an idea to educate the masses in Pakistan about innovation in technology especially in the engineering industry through social media, bloggig and other resources.

    Currently, I am working as an Electronics Engineer in Siemens, UK. Also I have a MSc/MRes planned from this September either in Integrated Photonics or Nanotechnology.

    So, finding this post quite interesing, I believe we can work from bottom up to introduce technology, then maybe start taking initiatives to develop practical workshops locally in Pakistan. I think this will be a good step forward to brin a positive change in the society.

    I would like to get some updates from anyone who is passionate about this cause.

    I'll be checking back very soon.


    Raheel Maqsood

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