Terrorists now attack minorities

  • 15 dead already as the Pakistani commandoes and security forces try to get rid of the Talibans in Garhi Shahoo and Model Town. TTP Talibans targeted Ahmedi minorities this time.



    Would love to hear the opinions of the Taliban supporters on this forum? Whats your excuse this time? Freemasons dressed up as Talibans? or Blackwater with fake beards behind this?

  • @sasherwani

    you forget - ahmadis are acceptable targets...

  • @ gv,

    oh yes i forgot, ahmadi blood is of blue color :)

  • I don't support TTP

    I support the Taliban of Afghanistan who are fighting a crusader war against the evil army of world

    Now here one thing to be note

    Ahmedi's are not minorities they are agent of Jews

  • lets hear from the TTP supporters , if there r any on the forum..?

  • Original Urdu texts of above quotations

    The truth about Ahemdis

    Title page of first edition of A’inah-i Sadaqat

  • This is true face of Qadiyani

    They are to change the original faith of Muslims

  • Psycho,

    well what r u trying to say?

    r u justifying killing Ahmadis?

  • I am not justifying But here the truth

    London based Main Qadiyani Leadership (MQL) has stepped up its policies & measures and all round general efforts for harming the Islamic Repubic of Pakistan and the Religion of Islam. The Main Qadiyani Leadership (MQL) has all along been working intimately with the World Zionist Organization (WZO), which is a public front for the secret rulers of the Jewish people - the Zionist International Jewry (ZINJRY) - and which also has Headquarters in London and is the principal international force acting as the avowed enemy of the Muslim Ummah. Their mutual collaboration should therefore evoke no surprise. If the background of the Qadiyani Subversive Movement is fully examined, it will be found that the Qadiyanis are just like the Druzes, Ismailis and the Bahais. It should also be realized that both the Jews and the Qadiyanis look upon Islam and the Muslims as their primary opponents and thus they are natural allies.

    Among the Qadiyani (community) in Pakistan, there is a minority group who are perhaps much less dedicated to the Qadiyani creed than the rest of the community and may even be genuinely disbelieving in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad prophethood, but those who have to remain within the clan due to social and economic pressures. Additionally, there are also those Qadiyanis who are fully committed to the practicing and preaching of their creed but who may not have knowledge of the MQL aims and schemes of damaging Pakistan.

    Nevertheless, regardless of what category do the Qadiyanis belong to, they have to obey the MQL, adhere to the charter of duties and obligations laid down for the Qadiyani community and can be called upon at any time by the MQL to carry out tasks against the interest of Pakistan. We, the Pakistani Muslims have a duty to protect our country from the danger that arises from the Mutually-combined Centrally-controlled Qadiyani Community.

  • u have copy pasted ur entire post from :


    whats ur point? why do u keep copypasting other ppl's work all the time? do u know what plagurism is? do u ever have anything to say at all?

    we r discussing here the reason behind this attack on ahmadis. we NOT discussing if ahmadis are muslims or kaafirs. Lets assume they r kaafirs, is that reason enough to kill them?

  • Banned armed religious outfits = TTP-Punjab Wing

    Qadiyani minority is their target..

  • Qadyanis are not minority, they are murtad. Their beliefs and mischievous character make them cancer of Muslim Uma. There are several examples that they were involved even in Anti-Pakistan activities along with RAW.

    If they continue to threat Khatm-e-Nabuwat belief then their killing is justified as a murtad.

    But no one other than Govt should be allowed to kill them as murtad. So their killings by Taliban can not be justified.

  • Psycho says Ahmadis are with jews

    pkurdu says Ahmadis are RAW agents


    i wanna hear more theories :D


    I have one!!

    Ahmadis are Kaafir Aliens from Mars sent to Pakistan by NASA to take over our salt reserves in Khewra!!

  • Sasherwani

    only to tell u that Ahmedi's are Zionist, they are agent of Jews

    I am not here to Support TTP,

    but here i am telling the truth

    Ahmed's are not Minorties

    Can u tell me Why u call them


  • Sasherwani

    Jews are talking India to Crush the Pakistan

    maybe there are some new trained Qadiyani which are using by RAW

    but i don't know

  • I pointed to that incident where Qadyani officer were arrested by security agencies for handing over sensitive information of Kahota to Indian agencies. This incident occurred in 90s.

    @Sasherwani. Can u tell us definition of minority according to Sharia and then justify how Qadyani is minority according to Sharia laws?

  • Sasherwani

    Why u support Qadiyani by calling them Minorties??????????

  • Very sad incident but the Military went and did Panga with them in FATA and now they are taking they revenge from general public, is it justified ABSOLUTELY NOT!

  • psycho, sorry, but I also have documents telling me that Wahabis are Jews.


    So where does all this lead? We're talking of people who've been killed in an attack. Upto Allah to judge them now. Ours to join in the grief of the survivors. And again, as someone asked above: who are the minorites as defined in sharia? For me everyone not mainstream Muslim was, but apparently that's not the case?

  • Mirza Ghalib

    The Salvation belongs to only Muslims

    not the Non - Muslim

    If a person dies non - muslim he directly goes to Hell

    and Qadiyani are non - muslim

    Allah knows the best