NA 181 - Layyah-I

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  • Bahadur Khan Sihar is current MNA and is expected to be joint candidate of Q and PPP.

    While N-league stalwart, Sahibzada Faiz ul Hassan ( traditional rival of Sihar family ) lost previous 2 elections by a slight margin.

    Tough competition is expected between Sihar and Sahibzada Faiz ul Hassan but I think Sahibzada of N-league will win this time

  • Any candidate on N-ticket here will lose a lot of Seraiki votes.

  • Please don't generalize. PML-N is very popular in Layyah district. In 2008, even former District Nazim lost to PML-N's former Tehsil Nazim by a margin of 10,000 votes for MPA slot.

    PML-N's former MNA Sahibzada Faiz ul Hassan is very well known in this constituency.

    Please don't rely on daily talk shows for these constituencies.

    All politics is local, after all.

  • PMLN has good candidate here. Sahibzada will win this time, as Malik Ghulam Haidar Thind former District Nazim Layyah has also joined PML N. and Haidar Thind also contested on NA181 in 2002 so he has a good vote bank here.

  • @xatians no, Ghulam Haider Thind contested from NA 182 and got 58,000 votes.

    Thind may be in PML-N but he would never ever support Sahibzada.

    Thind has close ( family ) relations with Sihar family which is traditional rivals with Sahibzada.

  • but in politics these relations does'nt matter so much, if he will not support PMLN candidate then why he has joined the party.

  • @ xatians Please don't generalize. He has joined PML-N because his constituency is NA 182.

    He wants to contest from NA 182 instead of Saqlain Bukhari ( PML-N MNA ).

    Thind will support Sihars in NA 181 ( regardless of any consequences )

  • Then this plan doesn't work brother, because PMLN will award ticket to Saqlain Bokhair and you know well PML N leadership is very clear about these dual face kind of politicians, so they will kick him out if he supports Sehars against Sahibzada Faiz ul Hassan.

  • eers99@

    do you belong to which constituency? and what is the situation there?

  • Thind owns Layyah district. His son-in-law ( Shahab ud din Sihar ) became District Nazim against Niaz Jakhar in 2001.

    Thind became District Nazim in 2005 due to his mastery of politics.

    Bukhari won in 2008 because Thind was in Q-league and so was Niaz Jakhar ( his traditional rival )

  • well, do you think pmln will give him ticket? r u from layyah?

  • no, I'm not from Layyah. Thind knows how to get the ticket or tickets