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  • ashiq gopang will definately win this time

  • Why definitely? He lost in 2002 and Q-league is not more popular now than it was in 2002. Abdul Qayyum Jatoi has been zila anazim and has further consolidated his position in this constituency. Furthermore, this time there is a PML(N) candidate here as well who'll cut into Gopang's votes.

    All these factors combined should give a comfortable victory to Jatoi of PPP.

  • i ve reasons to say that ashiq gopang ll win this time.he won the by election of NA 180 by the lead of 60000 votes.he remained MNA for 18 months.electricity in 216 villages and lot of development is on his one can challenge his white paper of developments which is issued by ashiq gopang.lets check out the current position of ashiq gopang by a purely neutral survey.his constituency is consisted of 16 union councils and and three mouzas.current position of ashiq gopang is given below,

    16 union councils

    ashiq gopang is going to win in 10 union councils.lead of these councils ll be,

    Sultan Pur 300 votes

    Khair Pur 2000 votes

    Mullan Wali 2500 votes

    Murad Pur 3000 votes

    Baaz Wala 1500 votes

    Fateh Pur 1500 votes

    Ali Pur 1000 votes

    Yakay Wali 1000 votes

    Mud Wala 1500 votes

    Ali Wali 2000 votes

    total lead 16300

    in 6 union councils qayum jatoi is going to win, lead ll be,

    Seet Pur 1500 votes

    Dhaka 1000 votes

    Jhuggi Wala 1200 votes

    Shahbaz Pur 400 votes

    Sabaey Wala 500 votes

    Ghalwaan 1500 votes

    total 6100 votes

    result of ashiq gopang in 3 Mozas ll be,

    Basti Aarif going to win by 1300 votes

    Veeded going to lose by 400 votes

    Jhalarein going to lose by 400 votes

    total lead of gopang in these Mozas ll be 500 votes

    so ashiq gopang is going to win this seat by 16300+500-6100=10700

    this is completely neutral survey.