NA 178 - MuzaffarGarh-III

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  • PMLQ will win here

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    2002 election results

    1 Al-haj Mian Zahoor Us Samad Bhattii Independent 173

    2 Engineer Muhammad Shahid Jamil Qureshi Pakistan Muslim League(QA) 60386

    3 Hinna Javaid Gondal Independent 1429

    4 Mr.Sultan Ahmad Khan Pakistan Democratic party 56728

    5 Sheikh Habibur Rehman Thaheem, Advocate Pakistan Awami Tehreek 457

    6 Mr.Gul Zaman Independent 605

    7 Mirza Imtiaz Aleem Baig Chughtai Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaf 549

    8 Malik Abdul Majeed Karwani Advocate Muttahida Qaumi Moement 230

    9 Malik Ghulam Mustafa Khar, Advocate Independent 555

    10 Mr.Mehar Tanveer Ahmad Jangla Muttahidda Majlis-e-Amal Pakistan 2339

    Valid Votes 123451

    Rejected Votes 3856

    Total Votes 127307

    Registered Voters 273899

    Percentage of Votes Polled to Registered Voters 46.48 %

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    @ kamran

    wud u like to explain why u think PMLQ will win here.

    In 2002, PMLQ candidate engr shahid jameel qureshi won by a close margin against PDP candidate.

    Shahid Jameel is in jail in Kafeeal Siddiqui Murder case.

    Son of nawabzada Nasrulla Khan, nawab mansoor ahmed who is leading his father;s party PDP is one of candidates.

    other son of nawabzada nasrullah, nawabzada Iftikhar is contesting on PMLQ ticket.

    PMLn has awarded ticket to mian ehsan karim qureshi ( had been MNA in past from this area).

    Jamshed Dasti is PPP candidate.

    If we consider split of votes of nawabzada family, PMLN candidate will get benefit where Dasti clan aslso have some vote bank here.

    As nawabzada mansoor is representing his father's legacy so he will get more votes of devoted supporters of Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan.

    PMLQ candidate has not much favorable conditions.

  • PML-N has retired its candidate in favor of Nawabzada Mansoor.

  • nawabzada mansoor will win this seat

  • the constituents of NA 178 will never vote for a fake degree holder. This constituency is packed with educational institutions and yet the sitting MNA ( Jamshed Dasti ) is a fake degree holder ( what a shame ).

    In 2008, two brothers ( Nawabzadas ) got 72,000 votes, collectively while Dasti received 57,000 votes ( thanks to BB's sympathy vote ).

    Nawabzada is favorite to win this time. Goodbye Jamshed Dasti

    Dasti won by-elections because PM Gillani visited the constituency and announced mega-projects and still Dasti won only by a small margin against Nawabzada Iftikhar