NA 177 - MuzaffarGarh-II

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  • Can someone from this constituency list the efforts or crimes of those in position of power and what they did during the 2010 floods:

    Govt Officials.

    Elected representatitves.

    What they did right.

    What they did wrong.

  • Hina Khar is the current MNA and last time, she won by a huge margin. This is the biggest constituency of Muzaffargarh.

    This time, her father is gonna contest because you don't have to be a graduate to contest.

    Her father is gonna win because of his massive influence in the constituency and no real challenger ( even Khalid Gurmani )

  • Dasti poses any significant challenge to Khars?

  • Dasti won't even win his home constituency ( NA 178 ). Hina Rabbani's father ( elected many times ) will be contesting this time and he is too big to fail.

    Dasti won last time due to BB's sympathy and split vote of 2 brothers ( Nawabzada Mansoor and Nawabzada Iftikhar ).

    People of NA 178 will never vote for a fake degree holder

  • I think Zardari would convince the father to field Hina Rabbani Khar and he will be accommodated elsewhere (out of elections). He is most likely to oblige since she can continue as foreign minister.

    Zardari is also like to convince them to support Dasti in the neighbouring constituency.

  • @ secularists I respectfully disagree with you. Khar would never ever support Dasti.

    Khars are the masters of politics. Hina Rabbani's father would contest from NA 177 ( no matter what ).

    Next govt. will be way different. Hina Rabbani would no longer be Foreign Minister.

    Dasti is NOT gonna win this time but Khars are easily going to win

  • Dasti again can win because both Nawab are in 2 different parties, Iftekhar in PML N and Mansoor in PTI, if they both contest then Dasti will easily win.

  • @ xatians Dasti can't win at any price. Nawabzada or Khar is gonna carry NA 178.

    The constituency has one of the highest no. of educational institutions in the nation and yet Dasti has a fake degree ( how ironic ). The constituents of NA 178 will never ever vote for a fake degree holder.

    Dasti won last time due to BB's sympathy vote and PM Gilani came for his rescue on bye-elections still he won by a narrow margin against Nawabzada Iftikhar

  • if it is urban seat, it means Khar also don't have a pocket vote bank there, then how they can win? are they not corrupt? if Iftekhar and Mansoor both contest then surely Dasti is a winner whatever he is.

  • Urban or rural doesn't matter for Khars. They are very clever. Khars have been elected several times from here. They know politics.

    Now when Dasti gave strong remarks against Hina Rabbani, all Khars got united against Dasti.

    Dasti and Sheikh Rasheed can only win in talk shows

  • hahaha,

    Dasti is really not illegible to become MNA, he even can't speak urdu properly, i have met him many times in gathering and some saraiki cultural shows.

  • yeah, he became MNA by mere luck. This seat traditionally goes to Khars or Nawabzadas

  • we wish Nawabzada Iftekhar win

  • @ Xations bhai...

    Bro on Na 178 Dasti is 100% winner ... he can be defeated only if Nawabzada Mansoor and Iftikhar joins hands.. other wise no cahnce for Nawabzadas.... In 2 way fight Dasti wil lose while in 3 way fight wuth both nabzada contesting this might be the result....

    1.. dasti with almost 50k

    2.. Nawabzada iftkhaar 30k

    3. Nawabzada Mansor pti 25K

  • Dasti can't win anymore like Pappu can't dance.

    Nawabzadas or Khars all the way.

    Dasti and Sheikh Rasheed are good only for talk shows