Hadith or Quran

  • There are people who say that Hadith are wrong mostly. And the people against them say that if you dont believe hadith how would you believe Quran.

    My question is if there was no Hadith will you reject versus of Quran? Does Hadith authenticate Quran?

  • VERY RIGHT, Most of the hadiths directly clash with Quran, means such hadiths are FALSE, as Prophet could not say anything against Quran. So The QURAN is almost GOOD ENOUGH for a Muslim. One should accept only such hadith as correct which support the written things in the QURAN, rest should be deleted forever.


  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    You can go through the video on the;

    Thread: Video: Authenticity of Hadees

    for the answer to your question.

  • I repeat

    -My question is if there was no Hadith will you reject versus of Quran?

    -Does Hadith authenticate Quran?

    About this video, there are four repetitive verses in Quran(Surah 54. Al-Qamar;17,22,32,44) in which Allah tells that He made Quran easy to understand for us. What about those 4 verses

  • The world didn't know what Karl Marx had got going until Lenin worked the theory. Similarly you need Hadith to understand Quran.

    The following women are prohibited for marriage.

    **Prohibited to you

    (For marriage) are:—

    Your mothers, daughters,

    Sisters; father's sisters,

    Mother's sisters; brother's daughters,

    Sister's daugters; foster-mothers

    (Who gave you suck), foster-sisters;

    Your wives’ mothers;

    Your step-daughters under your

    Guardianship, born of your wives

    To whom ye have gone in,

    No prohibition if ye have not gone in;—

    (Those who have been)

    Wives of your sons proceeding

    From your loins;

    And two sisters in wedlock

    At one and the same time,

    Except for what is past;**

    For God is Oft-forgiving,

    Most Merciful;— ( The Women:43)

    Wow! quite explicit but does not include grandmas.

    So the champions of quran-only can marry their grand-ma's. But since we know hadith, we can't, so the hadith augments Quran.

  • This does not make sense. If someone says that glass is half full. It does not mean that the remaining half is also full.

    Does hadith forbids grand grand mothers? or grand grand daughters?

    Quran tells who to marry:

    [33:50] "O prophet, we made lawful for you your wives to whom you have paid their due dowry, or what you already have, as granted to you by GOD. Also lawful for you in marriage are the daughters of your father's brothers, the daughters of your father's sisters, the daughters of your mother's brothers, the daughters of your mother's sisters, who have emigrated with you. Also, if a believing woman gave herself to the prophet - by forfeiting the dowry - the prophet may marry her without a dowry, if he so wishes. However, her forfeiting of the dowry applies only to the prophet, and not to the other believers. We have already decreed their rights in regard to their spouses or what they already have. This is to spare you any embarrassment. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful"(See also 33:51-52)

    [4:25] "Those among you who cannot afford to marry free believing women, may marry believing slave women. GOD knows best about your belief, and you are equal to one another, as far as belief is concerned. You shall obtain permission from their guardians before you marry them, and pay them their due dowry equitably. They shall maintain moral behavior, by not committing adultery, or having secret lovers. Once they are freed through marriage, if they commit adultery, their punishment shall be half of that for the free women. Marrying a slave shall be a last resort for those unable to wait. To be patient is better for you. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful."

    [60:10] "O you who believe, when believing women (abandon the enemy and) ask for asylum with you, you shall test them. GOD is fully aware of their belief. Once you establish that they are believers, you shall not return them to the disbelievers. They are not lawful to remain married to them, nor shall the disbelievers be allowed to marry them. Give back the dowries that the disbelievers have paid. You commit no error by marrying them, so long as you pay them their due dowries. Do not keep disbelieving wives (if they wish to join the enemy). You may ask them for the dowry you had paid, and they may ask for what they paid. This is GOD's rule; He rules among you. GOD is Omniscient, Most Wise. (See also 60:11-12)."

    Does hadith allow using computer?

    You may remember that once someone asked a great molana who was the son of a great molana that "can the verses of Quran be written with --- (the worst thing) in some special case (what case that could be?)" and after some 'research' that molana given the fatwa (or whatever) that "verses of Quran can be written with ---".

    For the people who can think with their brains and have some common sense. The asker must be slapped first and then that molana.

    For others it is research work that only Ulamahs know better, it was not told in Quran therefore the asker is right.

  • Does hadith forbids grand grand mothers? or grand grand daughters?

    Very valid question.. but these routes are already closed due to the voids of grand mothers and daughters respectively.

  • What about computers?

    So do the routes of grand mothers are closed due to mothers.

  • Computers .. hmm.. Why Quran is explicit about disapproving the kinds of kins for marriage but absolutely quiet on computers, beats me. I don't know if there is even a direct valid hadith on using own brains. That's most fundamental as far usage of anything goes.