Jang, Thenews and Geo TV website blocked/ hacked

  • www.thenews.com.pk ? Page cannot be displayed

    Jang Group's english daily's website is not accesible for the last couple of days. Seems like another 'act of retaliation' to the 'hawayeee chappal'.

    Does anyone have any information on this? (I can't go through my day at work without 'The News' especially while fasting, this time you went too far Zardari, Too Far!)

  • Facing the same issue since early this morning. I doubted if it has anything to do with "Shoe-gate" because jang.com.pk and geo.tv are working fine.

  • Had same trouble here earlier in the day. But it is working now...sort of. Think they are "upgrading" their website and hat is causing the issues...

    UPDATE: Oops! it's down again.

  • www.jang.com.pk is also intermittently down and there is a ticker running on geo news (tv) "geo ki websites par Hackers ka bada Hamla". Um cyber wing of FIA in action on the orders of their boss's boss?

    One thing is clear, Zardari and co mean Business! The question is, does anyone care enough to put them out of 'Business'?

  • Why would they spare jang.com.pk and geo.tv ? Aren't they more dangerous for them?

  • right now geo , jang can not be opened online ..... Zardari's cheapest tola is in action ....

  • you can access the Jang newspaper (Multimedia version)


  • Khan Sahib .. but this page does not give the latest news ... till now all other sites are down or hacked ....

    Secondly I want to say what will you say on ppp workers' burning the newspaper pages which included Quranic versus and they were also hitting their shoes on those pages .. Then should we not wait for punishment from Allah ? Just imagine if the same thing has been done by a christian or a non muslim.. he would have been killed by now .... but when a Muslim himself does that .... we remain silent ... Here a brother opened a thread on "Church burning Quran day" ... why not people opened a thread on PPP workers burning Quranic versus and hitting by shoes ... Is it not blasphemous ? Do these people not deserve death ????

  • YES,

    YOU are rite. The actual website has problem and you can not have access to the daily updates. I think, Jang newspapers should also use "Twitter" which was successfully used in Iran in recent students protest.

    As regards to your argument about burning the newspapers with Quranic Ayyah, I totally agree with you that if It was a non muslim, the people/media would have made it as a burning issue. These Jiyalah's are involved in "Shakseeyat parastee" just like other political parties, and they fail to see any flaws in their leadership.

    On the other hand of the spectrum, people don't care about this ban simply, because the media also have lost their credibility. The news emerging from Pakistan after that plane crash was just ridiculous where initial over 40 people were claimed alive. I have never seen such a stupid journalism (except in india) Also the cameraman asking LIVE from the immediate family of the deceased " Aap apney baytee kee jahaz kay hadsey may foat (die) hoe janey pur kaisa mehsoos kur rahee hain?" I wish, the mother could have put a 0.45 caliber bullet in his head and said, :Aysaa mehsoos kur rahee houn"

    Zardari-Gilanni Trio has become mad. Pakistan is at the verge of economical collapse after years of violence/army operations/corruption and now this natural disaster. Our Economy is based on "Kashkoal" and our leadership are the world's corrupt regimen. It was such a good time for Zardari to change his image by reaching out to every part of flood affected areas in pakistan but I really wonder who actually gives them political advices like leaving the country in this situation (as Zardari seems to have a political IQ of a dung beetle just like Imran Khan)

  • Looks like www.thenews.com.pk is facing the brunt of the attack, as its still down, while jang.com.pk is the most resillient.

    I wonder how the moronic Zardari thugs are managing this "Sophisticated" attack in the cyber world, the only image that comes to mind is of Faisal Raza Abidi PINGING AWAY FEROCIOUSLY at jang servers with a HAMMER.

  • They are good at certain things, mostly evil.


  • t very sad to see Geo been Blocked just for Showing Interview of a person who hit shoe at Zardari....If anyone is interested in watching GEO NEWS online then You can use this one. There are three links on it for geo news. All are working at the moment. Also aaj news and express news are working fine.


  • another Govt , another action against Media .

    Barq girti hay media pe ...

    unfortunately , whether its civilian Govt or dictatorship .

    nobody has tolerance and courage to face the opponent views .

    media is still getting hit by the Govt.

    as it use to be in Ayub and Zia and Mush eras .

  • (PPP ka Geo se khitab )


    Geo tum Geo hazar baras

    Geo tum Geo jab tak

    hum ko bura na kaho tab tak

    Geo tum Geo Hazar baras

    Geo tum Geo uss waqat tak

    hum se panga na lo jab tak


    he he he

  • A free and independent media highlights a vibrant and dynamic society. Such efforts are condemnable in all spheres.

  • It is still down.

  • yeh besharam hukamran samathay hain kay ppl will not get info of their wrongdoingz after banning the channelz but ev 1 is aware of each & ev. action of these loooooterz...

    they will come out with jooota and ppl like salman khanzir, babar hawan, zardari kutta will be punished....