Flood victims coming to karachi!!!

  • salam everybody

    thousands and lacs of victims are coming to karachi and they have already started settling into make shift camps and open grounds

    karachi walas are eager to welcome them and do everything that can reduce their grief

    how do u think that this migration will affect the politics, economy and law and order of Pakistan, and karachi(city where already 10%+ pakistani population lives) in particular???

  • One should forget politics and devote his/her/their efforts towards helping flood victims by all possible means.

  • agreed

    but try to see the long term effects....

    politics, law n order and mooooosssttt importantly ECONOMY, the lifeline can not be ignored

    there should be proper strategic planning

  • Rizvi Sahib, This is very short-sighted of you, don't you see. These people to a great extent are farmers. Give them back their land when the flood waters recede and they'll go back to their old way of life. Not everyone will take to city living, be sure.

    This huge crisis which has broken upon us now might well lead to the very thing we've been waiting for since the very creation of Pakistan: land reform. If that comes about as I hope and pray, don't worry, our beloved Karachi will be deserted within no time by these unwelcome refugees. Though how anyone can fail to make them feel at home in this dire hour of their need is beyond my understanding.

  • Sure it will affect our economy that is a mess already and so is Law and order situation in Karachi which is at its lowest with ongoing target killings. If this settlement of displaced persons is not done with some planning than certainly it may add towards further disasters and ignominy for the government.

    Right now our priorities should be to accommodate displaced persons by providing them proper shelter, food and medicine.

  • There is no politics because both MQM and ANP recognize that the actual inheritors of Sind are Sindhis.

  • It is Pakistan first for all citizens of Pakistan and all Pakistanis should come forward to help our own people who are suffering.

    Let’s keep provincialism aside and reach out to those who are in need seeking help.

  • Home minister Zulfiqar Mirza says that he might bring in 10 million flood victims into Karachi and Hyderababd from interior sindh. MQM not surprisingly is making hue and cry and have apprehensions and is having nightmares about this developing situation. Can MQM really say that you(sindhis) have no right to enter Karachi,go back or else we'll start killing you just like we're killing pathans (swat IDPs)..? I don't think they can do the same thing with Sindhis so they're basically getting frustrated and contemplating their options..

    Issue of entry of these victims into Karachi and their management( housing/food etc) are two different topics. They don't need any entry visa from MQM to enter Karachi. As for the management side,for sure proper plannning should be done so that their(victims) lives and lives of Karachiites already living here are not made miserable and all of them are treated honorably(as they have suffered huge losses) and not like beggars.

  • well, as far as i have heard in the news, karachi's gadap town and areas like gulshan-e-maymaar etc are already being prepared for the victims... KKF is doing volunteer work in the affected areas and in karachi to welcome the victims

    no place in pakistan is the jaageer of any particular enthinicity. every pakistani should be able to move freely

    anyway, i personally dont feel karachi is the better option. influx of large number of people without proper planning will lead to and even more hyper inflation, street crimes, law and order problem, land grabbing, extremism, traffic problems etc

    they should have been moved to smaller cities of baluchistan . that would have improved the mobilisation in balochistan in the process of helping victims and it would have been geographyically favourable.

    this is just my personal opinion

    did not mean to offend anyone

    now that the victims are coming, i will do everything i can to make them feel at home, and will most probably visit them with my college team which has been collecting relief goods and donations for them

  • Rizvi Sahib, That was very handsome of you. And the idea of Moving refugees to Baluchistan was not bad either. Except that Baluchistan itself is flood-affected. In fact, it was probably the first province to have floods, I learnt today, but the media kept silent on it, as they so wrongly tend to do whenever it comes to Baluchistan. Anyway, they might themselves be overwhelmed with refugees for all we know.

    Anyway, I stick to my idea that many of the people taking refuge in Karachi now will return to their lands once the floods recede. I don't understand why no one mentions this eventuality as a matter of course. And, Inshallah, my own feeling and prayer that feudal ownership of land will soon be given its death blow will also become a reality in the months ahead.

  • MG

    why do u think that it will lead to a land reform?? :S

    the feudal rulers diverted the flood water from their lands to the villages and you expect these rulers to introduce a land reform?

  • baluchistan has suffered the least with these floods as far as i know... only some areas in the north-east of the province are affected

    please share any news articles and videos about the floods in baluchistan

  • @MG

    "And the idea of Moving refugees to Baluchistan was not bad either."

    Not bad? I know you qualified your answer it but still. Like you said "it was probably the first province to have floods" and it was hushed up. Remember the victims from the last flood from a year ago still have had no help. Same is the case with victims of the earthquake from years ago. With situation being as it is in Balochistan, I say it would be a very stupid thing to do ("Hey, sure we did not help Baloch victims but let us put 'foreigners' in there and provide them relief (while we continue to ignore the locals)")

    If you are going to do that, then make sure the locals are taken care of as well. It might be obvious but history speaks otherwise.

    P.S. Before going through with this, here is another point to ponder:

    True Khurshid Shah and Jakhrani are responsible for this criminal act. There wasn't even remotest chance of any flooding in Zafarullah Khan Jamali's town,it was because of these criminals that those towns in baluchistan got flooded. Popularity of Pakistan is already all time low in Baluchistan and such criminal acts of intentionally and deliberately flooding them is'nt going to help improve the image of Pakistan in Baluchistan.

  • moving flood victims to balochistan is a mentally retarded idea. One of the baloch nationalist movement's biggest gripes is the forced demographic alteration policy that the state of pakistan has imposed on pakistan since independence. resettling hundreds of thousands of flood victims in balochistan will only confirm that the state of Pakistan is trying to demographically wipe out the baloch.

  • 10 children die of gastro epidemic in relief camps

  • @fiefdom

    "moving flood victims to balochistan is a mentally retarded idea...will only confirm that the state of Pakistan is trying to demographically wipe out the baloch"

    Exactly (hey, I was trying to play nice)! Balochistan is a "special case" and you just can not "keep provincialism aside" as far as that province is concerned. And like I mentioned, having just intentionally drowned a big part of it is NOT going to go down well...

  • baluchistan is the largest province by area, and the least populated (around 5% of the total population)

    population density is so high in punjab and sindh especially in the big cities karachi, lahore, faisalabad etc)

    spreading the population is in the interest of the whole country.. it will lead to development of other areas, exploration of mineral reserves etc... quality of life will improve for everybody... and would reduce provincialism

  • If Baluchistan is special case then in last couple of Months Karachi has also seen its limits as well so Karachi has also becoming special case...It is also a fact that Sindh and Baluchistan always had people to people contacts with each other for centuries unlike Punjab...Sindh also got many Sindhi speaking Baluch like Magsi Mazari and of cource Zardari is also Sindhi speaking Baluch....So I dont think their would be much problem their for Sindhi but yes for Punjabis and in some extent Pashtun they would have problem but I dont think Sindhi and Baluch would have much problems.......

  • @fiefdom

    ur post sounds more mentally retarded than the idea of shifting the victims to baluchistan

    baluchistan is a big chunk of pakistan, and u r defying baloch nationalist movement(bnm) by scaring away from the idea of spreading population in baluchistan.

    surrendering to BNM is not the solution. the solution is euducation and development in balochistan, utilization of resources of balochistan IN balochistan for the people living in balochistan (whether baluchi, sindhi, panjabi, pathan m whatever)

    balochistan is the most neglected and maltreated province... and leaving it on its own in the hands of qabaili sardars and separatists is going to be disasterous...

    musharraf did one great thing, ie developed gawadar... that is just one tiny thing that was done in favour of balochistan province

  • putting the victims in just a few areas would cripple the economy within no time! the destruction is immense and it will take time to rebuild the areas..

    this is an opportunity where the govt should make things right for the long run...