Attabad Lake tragedy and present floods

  • was attabad lake formation in january 2010 was not an indicator of present floods in august 2010 in pakistan?

    plz comments?

  • August 2020?....

    What about a focus on why and from where Indus and Chenab rivers received huge amounts of water; are still flooded while upstream rains do not justify this calamity, would be better than dwelling upon a flawed theory based on a simple DRY land slide that blocked a valley.

  • thnx mirza bhai for pointing mistake. correction made.

    i not know if attabad tragedy is any link to present floods. may be some learned people can comment for our knowledge.

  • Jury is still out on global warming.But i won't be surprised if glacier meltdowns will make such floods more common.The deforestation going on is not going to help the situation either.

  • Receding glaciers and ice caps on mountain peaks, barren terrain due to legal/illegal deforestation has a lot to contribute towards a significant climate change in Northern Pakistan where winters are not as cold as they once were, therefore not much snow to melt and flood our rivers suddenly for weeks on end.

    Probably some human actions involved opening flood gates from beyond our national boundaries during the monsoon rains to be blamed for such a calamity.

  • What semirza sahib says in his last paragraph is something I have also heard mentioned by various people. It sounds wholly likely and makes the disaster even more unpalatable than if it were attributed only to natural factors.

    And if proved to be true, somehow or the other Pakistan will find the means to make things even.

    achtung's theory of Attabad lake being a harbinger of things to come is not badly seen at all. If not in actual scientific terms then in symbolic terms certainly.

  • global warming and glacier melting is the global phenomenon

    countries are making dams and reservoirs to overcome this problem... but our feudal politicians have politicized the matter of dam construction... the have taken steps to protect their lands and farhouses, sacrificing whole villages and towns!!!

    had they made dams, embankments on the river sides and taken precautionary measures, the damage wouldnt have been sooooo giagantic!..... more effects are yet to show up... over populating the already big cities... not concentrating on the development of less developed check on deforestation

    this is really depressing

    and when i point this out, people say that i m being ethnical!... this is a very sad moment

  • @Mirza Ghalib

    something I have also heard mentioned by various people.

    When others are talking I wonder why media is silent on this issue.

  • Certainly "the powers that be" were not expecting any kind of flooding until even mid july,They were busy fighting with each other on opening and closing of chasma jehlum link canal,sindh was saying that it would turn into dry dessert with no water. Hardly a week later Allah sent so much water that now even sindh isn't complaining :P there is so much water and no takers ..

  • Anybody knows the current situation of this Jheel?

    It still exists or it broke?