"Two 'Suspected' Robbers Killed and Hanged by Mob in Sialkot."

  • The two men allegedly killed two and injured four during a robbery early Sunday morning on main Daska Road near Doburji Malhiyaan.

    Police officials said that villagers chased the robbers as they tried to flee the scene of the crime.

    District police officer (DPO) Waqar Ahmad Chohan said that the mob cornered the robbers outside the street and began pelting them with stones. “A large crowd started throwing stones and bricks at the men as they tried to escape. Both men were killed in the attack,” he said.

    Chohan said that the crowd attacked the men with stones, bricks, iron rods, hockey sticks and wooden sticks.

    Later in the day, locals placed the dead bodies of the accused dacoits on the main Sialkot-Daska Road and staged an anti-police demonstration. “The Sialkot Saddar police have failed to protect the lives of the people and they haven’t arrested the scores of criminals in the area,” said resident Liaqat, adding that the people had decided to take the law into their own hands.

    Locals demanded immediate legal action against Sialkot police officials for failing to control the rising crime rate in the region.

    The incident took place in Hajipura police precincts during sehri hours, when four masked men were looting a family of six on Butter Road. When the family, including Zeeshan Qadir, his wife and four children tried to resist the robbers, they opened fire on the family.

    The robbers killed 19-year-old Bilal on the spot and Zeeshan died in the hospital two hours later.

    According to Rescue 1122 officials, several people heard the gun shots in the street. “We all gathered to ask where the sounds were coming from when we saw the men trying to escape,” said Shahnawaz, a neighbor, adding that the crowd managed to stop two of the men.

    “We found out they had killed our friends and we knew that the police would let them off so we killed them,” he said. The mob also hanged the bodies of the robbers as people came and pelted rocks at them in a public square.

    “The protestors wanted to burn the dead bodies but we stopped them and dispersed the crowd,” said Sialkot district coordination officer (DCO) Mujahid Sher Dil. DPO Waqar Ahmad Chohan, district emergency officer Sialkot Syed Kamal Abid and senior district administration officials reached the spot and negotiated with the outraged people to recover the bodies of the alleged robbers.

    DPO Chohan assured the crowd that stern legal action would be taken against police officials neglecting their duties. Four hours after being assured by police officials and the DCO, the crowd handed over the bodies to the police

    The bodies of the alleged dacoits and their victims were sent to Allama Iqbal Memorial DHQ Hospital Sialkot for autopsy. The hospital administration has said that the four people seriously injured by the dacoits are presently in critical condition.

    It is learnt the SC Has taken a Sou Motto of the case

    Source:The Express Tribune

  • this is a very upsetting news

    it was painful to watch the video on geo news!

    people have gone out of control!... they have become animals

    police and judiciary is useless

    2 brothers in my vicinity were charged for sectarian killings... and their links with sectarian outfits were no secrets... they were arrsted but then released!!

    this is the social justice system we have

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  • they were not involved in any sort of robbery ....

    Both brothers were the grandsons of Jamaat e Islami Sialkot General Secretary......and left their home to play cricket


  • Such things happen when public lose trust on law.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    When you merciless, brutally kill those or loved ones of those who preach message of ALLAH ALMIGHTY, 'goodness', 'betterment', then what are you asking for ?

    Its obvious, you are asking for 'qehr' (in urdu, arabic) of ALLAH ALMIGHTY.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    The title of this thread needs to be changed. Those two who were ruthlessly 'murdered', they didn't commit any robbery. In-fact they committed no crime at all.

  • Alas! This is the city of Iqbal today, which used to boast about the highest average of educated people, even before the British Empire. What a pity that now it has gone so low in its moral values.

    Pathetic, indeed very pathetic, hard to believe that all this happened in the Holiest Month of Ramzan and at the time when God-fearing people world over are struggling to do more than their capacity to save precious lives. Any one who claim to be Muslim and then cremate or desiccate a dead body, is a perverted reprobate just like any suicide bomber.

    What I find even more disturbing in this case that every thing happened in the presence of police, and yet there are different versions of this sad saga. I do not know much about the other places, but I know that from the beginning Sialkot Police has been inefficient and corrupt to its core. . Here the robbers once came to Sathi Plaza, shot and kill my nephew at point blank, and gave us a lifelong distress, but the city police never did anything to catch the culprits.

    May Allah guide us all.

  • Allah Allah

    I watched the video on GEW News that was so terrible

    My GOD !...., this happenig in whole contry, people are going to be extremist.

    No words to condemn this cruel act ....?


  • In past mobs attacked alleged blasphemers who happened to be minority community or sect and repeatedly got away with that. That attitude lead to this unfortunate incident where even Hafiz Quran died this way. In US breach of peace is serious offence and police can nab you for that.

    We need to develop more tolerance in our society. Though I really don't know HOW? CJ takes suo moto on this but doesn't do anything on blasphemy law, the root of intolerance. That tells you how visionary he is.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This is what our character is ... short temper, morally and physically corrupt, abusive, killers etc... rather we r not behaving like humans,,, we r animals...

    We say earthquake and floods r natural calamity... i doubt.. its azab from Allah almighty... this all we deserve due our lovely nature n cruel work.......

  • This is shameful and those who killed them are animals and worst than animals. Talibans used to do same in FATA/NWFP and their acts of terrorism/barbarism have spread to other parts of the country. I have always disagreed with Taliban ideology which is nothing but ideology of Stone Age and jangal raj. Few years ago in another shameful incident some robbers were burnt by angry mob in Karachi. Where is our nation going? perhaps towards Stone Age.


    I hardly agree with you on may issues but one one point I fully agree with you. Such shameful incidents will happen in the absence of justice.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    If I was there, I would have killed all those who were hitting those young 15, 17 year old boys, with my bare hands, with the sticks that they were using.

    I can't stand this level of 'be-hissi' within our people.

    (1) I want ALL those who were involved in this murder to be;

    (a) arrested immediately

    (b) charged with the crime of murder

    (c) convicted for this crime

    (d) given immediate death sentence

    I want this death sentence to be executed immediately .. in! a public! square.

    They should ALL! be killed in the in the same fashion .. brutal, merciless hits with sticks.

    I want an example to be made out of ALL of them.

    (2) Those who were watching and did nothing, who didn't do anything to save those young boys, I want ALL of them to be awarded the same death sentence. I want this death sentence to be carried out immediately!, for all of them as well.

    I want ALL of this to be done immediately!!. In-fact I want it done, right!! now!!.

    I can't!! stand this injustice. I will not!! stand like a dead guy while injustice is being done right in-front of me. I will not!! tolerate injustice.

    The only way I see of ending this 'be-hissi' is .. start sentencing 'be-his' people to immediate death, those who don't stop injustice that happens right in-front of them.

    One way or another, this 'be-hissi' has got to be ended.

    Innocent people have started loosing their lives, because of it. I will not tolerate this 'be-hissi' anymore. I will find ways of ending it.

  • Above video is in three parts;

    1. Both the brothers are seen hanged in Daska-Sialkot chowk down the high erected tube well poles.

    2)The mob witnesses the brutal killing; neither police nor the civilian about 150 round that place seeing the killing being carried out; with iron rods, hockey sticks and dandas---but did not come forward to stop this neither the number of armed police officers present at the scene did anything.

    1. Then both the dead bodies are transported in trolley escorted by police; with their heads hanging out of the trolley. Height of cruelty is seen when both the dead bodies are thrown out of trolley on the road by police person in CVS.

    It only happens in the land called Pakistan... where Imaan and Fear of God have certainly gone out to Pleiades .

  • My dear HK

    "If I was there, I would have killed all those who were hitting those young 15, 17 year old boys"

    What a irony

    Isnt this the same attitude and mentality which led to this horrific incident.

    We need to learn to control our emotions in all situations.

    These kind of incident will keep on happening unless we introduce the sanctity of life and respect for human being in our education system and this concept is hammered to people through media as well.


  • @hariskhan

    Our society is going towards barbaric Stone Age/jungle raj. I have been told by one of my relatives who witnessed a brutal killing merely because of a road rage incident in Karachi. People think violence is the solution of all anger/frustration and disagreement. Justice/Police system in our country is a complete failure and piblic do not mind taking law into their own hands.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @Faarigh Jazbati: Has education 'alone' ever cured a society ?

    How long has it been that we'v been teaching, preaching goodness to people of Pakistan ? 60+ years ? Is that not enough time ?

    Human beings, people, 'only' function 'properly' when they 'know' there will be 'reprisals' if they go out of line. You can see it all over the world. You can see it all throughout history.

    ..and these people went far far beyond 'out of line'.

    For starters, I want ALL of those who took part in this brutal murder, that they be HANGED!! in OPEN!! PUBLIC!! right!! now!!.

  • Here we go again

    HK's demand for public hanging.

    there is no use reasoning with you.

    May allah give your heart tranquality and peace especially in Ramadhan.