PPP Zindabad

  • I m Shahid Bhatti...............From Pakpattan

    I m a Information Secretary.............city Pakpattan...

    I Love Bhuttooo

    I Love PPP

    Jea Bhuttooooooooooooo

  • Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un

  • Despite thier bad governences and feudal nature I voted for PPP bcoz this is pakistan's stretegic and savior party


  • @ShahidPPP

    are you applying for some vacancy offered by PPP govt through under the table deal ?

  • Jeay Jahalat... Shakhsi ghulami zinda baad... saree umer ghulam rehna... isi qabil hai yeh log..........

  • "I m Shahid Bhatti"

    Kash Allah aap jald kurbani ka moqa day aur aap ko bhi 'Shaheed' Bhatti bana-ay!

    BTW: Job kay liyay aaj kal PPP mein "I Love Zardari" ka nara kaam aata hai per aap mein itni aql hoti to....

  • I think most Shaheeds in the world are in Pakistan?

    With all these Shaheeds you would think Allah subhahah wu t'llah would give us more rehmat.

    Future Shaheeds include

    Shaheed Mohtaram Zardari

    Shaheed Babar Awan(LOL)

    Shaheed Malik

    Shaheed Wahab

    Shaheed Nawaz Sharif

    Shaheed Shahbaz Sharif

    Shaheed Khursheed Shah

  • The founder of PPP ZA Bhutto was no doubt a very charismatic personality. His approach and services for Pakistan and the Islamic world were undoubtedly great. The blunder he committed was to accommodate in PPP the infamous people like Khar, Katper, Mumtaz Bhutto,, etc. These infamous personalties of PPP were the main cause of downfall of Bhutto. Their criminal activities brought a bad fame to Bhutto.

  • Where is the discussion here ???

    Shahid Bhutti, for liking PPP, may allah guide you.

  • Dosto aaao ehad karein kay ham kisi party ya shakhsiat kay Ghulam nahi hein .. Hamara love aur mohabbat Allah aur us kay Rasool (SAW) kay liay hay ... agar koi galt karey ga to ham hargiz us ki himayat nahi kar saktey ... Hamara vote sirf emaandar kay liay hay chahey wo koi bhi ho ... har chor, luteray, thug, dhokaybaaz, qatil, bhattakhor, say ham nafrat kartey hein .. Insaaf har jaga ho ... har department, har level pay ... ham kabi galt kaam nahi karein gey .. rishwat nahi lein gey .. najaiz sifarish nahi karein gey ... apnay liay ya apnay kisi dost, aziz kay liay bhi galt support nahi karein gey ...

    Allah hamara maddadgaar ho .. aameen

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTcHkXYVanM&feature=related

    I love my country and i know for fact it has many bhuttos to sacrifice there are many bhuttos who will love to lose thier life for pakistan

  • I am Gulaam Butt

    I am from PPP

    I love Mr. Zardari

    He gave me a post that I didnt deserve. He is so very kind

    I no go to skool because it is not kool

    I no do work because work is for dork

    So I decide to join PPP because i have gun and am a angry old man

    People scared of me haha

    People who vote for educated and worthy candidates are so stupid

    This is Pakistan

    Only the majority is right and uneducated are in the majority

    For all you loser peopless who vote for good people, I have only one thing to say:

    "Jiyay Bhutto, Jiyay Zardari, Baaqi doobay qaum humaari"

  • People Party Bully vi Bally

    Adhy kanjar ty adhy D.....

    Dont mind these are the just stupids who can offer their wives to zardari if he ask them..