Zardari 140million Pound house

  • Whats the news on Zardari buying new property in England. It was mentioned in Kashif Abbasi's program an apartment on 1 Hyde Park in Englistan.

    This would explain the urgent visit to England. Maybe he wants to become another Altaf and rule Pakistan from comfort of his own home. If this is true then wow, someone check this Mofo's head and his mental state. To buy such an expensive home when your country is drowning, your party doesn't have any credibility to collect money....

  • could be true...well anything can be expected from this chor zardari...if theres any reality to this news then what makes me wonder what he is gonna do with this huge amount of money nd expensive property in almost every expensive city of da world?

  • This is what i found. 1 Hyde Park was bought by a mystery buyer for 140million POUND.

    That is 300million dollars.

    How much is that in rupees, 240x10^8?

  • @How much is that in rupees

    some trillion nd gazillion rupees hehe...let everyone try currency converter by themselves!

  • 25,680,000,000 pakistani rupees

  • He will become richer by the end of his 5 years rule.

  • Pakistan flood has made only one person happy and wealthy .

  • The owner of this deluxe Knightsbridge property will also have access to the perks of living at One Hyde Park, which include 24-hour room service from the Heston Blumenthal restaurant, as well as access to a health spa and a private wine tasting facility.

    Speculation abounds that a Middle Eastern millionaire is the owner of the opulent penthouse property in Knightsbridge, as is the case with the majority of buyers in the area. This is causing a boom in the exclusive luxury property sector in London, which estate agents and home owners are watching with interest – and certainly a bit of envy!

    I don't think Zardari can afford to buy this.....

  • Daily Telegraph also confirms the sale;

    Where as this daily has also not disclosed the name of the buyer but Asif Zaradari has also got his houses in Dubai and if has also secured a nationality of UAE; so the man becomes a Middle eastern man. Why not.

  • Exchange Rate

    Live rates at 2010.08.27 11:29:00 UTC

    1 GBP = 132.744 PKR 1 PKR = 0.00753330 GBP

    United Kingdom Pounds Pakistan Rupees

    140,000,000.00 GBP = 18,584,148,002.61 PKR

    Some Towering amaount of 18.584 Khurab Pak Rupees

  • Smells like masala news to me.

  • 18 kharab ...don't think Zaradri is at that level

    BTW here is the rumor source.

    “Confidential” Email Claiming Zardari’s “New Buy”

    “the source is considered reliable …. so far he has not given wrong news …….but one cannot be 100% certain

    The media gossip in London and reverberating around the wire is that

    the mystery buyer of 1 Hyde Park, Knightsbridge, London could be non

    other than Asif Ali Zardari. A whopping 140 million pounds was paid

    for this vast brand new penthouse property in the heart of fashionable


    Collection of the sale proceeds of Surrey Mansion and participation in this auction and prior viewing was the main reason for his visit to London. The final bid was made by mobile phone from inside a bullet proof car parked outside the auction house.

    This is a small reminder to the sick people in Pakistan, who were against the throwing of the shoe to a “Respected President of Pakistan abroad”!!!

    They are purblind to the realities of the damage this man called Zardari has done to the nation

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  • MQM goon, Wasim Akhter brought it up in Kashif Abbasi's program while all the yelling was going on.

    This SOB is looking for another deal so he doesn't loot Pakistan anymore because of course the people of Pakistan are too stupid to realize this. Where are his party members to put their foot down?

  • It is just a perfect show of greed. I am sure the buyer(Zardari) will live with its feeling and all will be left in this mortal world one day:)

    Greedy ppl must think to build grave made of gold..That may be limit of satisfaction for them:P

  • Zardari is a billionaire. When he was so hell bent on going to London I smelled a rat. As just a couple weeks earlier jang had reported in a one liner that an Indian Party is interested in Surrey estate. It immediately sprang to my mind that may be this whole trip was a sham, a ruse so he could spent some time in London without the prying eye of the media. So if he sells the Surrey estate he should be able to afford the above mentioned. Besides, the whole world found out a well kept secret, when M. Zardari visited his castle in South of France! That he has a castle in France too. His father was a small business man in Karachi. Nothing like Mian Mansha. Where the heck this money came from? How the hell could he afford to have this property in the finest of French estate? Anybody?

  • Thats not all over in England!! The counting of billion dollars goes on in Dubai...

  • I wonder how many lives would have been saved, had he only donated 10% of his total wealth in charity.


    Most expensive house in US belongs to Mohamed Hadid.

    If only the Muslims paid their Zakah, it will solve the problems not only in Muslim world but all over.

  • @umer

    only 10%???

    man, thats tooooooooooo much

    zardari tujhay Allah puchay ga

  • @ SR

    "only 10%???"

    I have heard he loves that percentage. So why not donate by that, (at least).