Rehman Malik trying to extradite Zardari shoe-hurler


    But "officially" the shoes was never hurled. Oh they are sticking to that story but claiming Mr. Shamim Khan, MY HERO, is wanted in an old attempted murder case.

    Try and sell that...Anyone buying???

  • Hahahah... What a third class crowd we r... Zardari clown will not leave this man or his family bcoz he thinks he is a god..... Infact Pakistani rulers and elite are gods.. they have steel in thier necks and they behave similarly... Infact we r heading towards a total disaster where this country will no less than somalia.. a home of anarchy... thnx to our own deeds...

  • I am unsure whether this incident has taken place or not.If it has then this man has to be punished otherwise we will soon see every one throwing shoes at everyone just to attain cheap publicity and at the end no one would be spared.It is better to punish this man and nip the ugly practice in the bud.

  • LOL that old man wasn't even charged with any offense by police and they want to extradite him.. While absconding MQMized grand terrorist and mass murderer ALtaf bai with hundreds of criminal(faujdari) cases against him of heinous nature is conveniently and comfortably operating out of his hideout in Britian,murdering hundreds of karachiites each week with complete impunity.. Hilarious isn't it?

  • @dOctOr

    "Hilarious isn't it? "

    I found @kash01's comment a lot more hilarious. I think he beat RM with that one :-P

  • As much as I command the courage of Mr. Shamim Khan, I fear his safety. With mentality like Zardari, I would not be surprised if he takes him down even in UK.

  • Well, what do you know...this should be interesting...

    Zardari’s ‘shoe-cide’ Khan planning Pakistan visit

    BTW: I am starting to like the guy even more:

    Shamim Khan, a resident of Sehnsa in Azad Kashmir, alleges that a campaign is being run against him by those who don’t like him after the unfortunate Birmingham incident. “My case is being associated with a case which was settled decades ago in Saudi Arabia,” he told The News defending himself against the news reports.

    He agrees that one of his sons was caught at the Islamabad Airport while trying to board a London-bound flight with a kilogram of hasheesh in his luggage. “I am not responsible for the actions of my adult son. I knew my son was mixing with the wrong crowd. When I learnt that he was going to Pakistan, I informed the UK police to ‘keep an eye on my son, he is up to no good’ and never supported the wrongdoings of my son,” said Khan, further adding that as a responsible citizen he had done his duty.

    Despite knowing that he may be targeted by the Pakistani authorities and the PPP workers, Khan remains defiant and has declared that he will soon visit Pakistan. “Nobody can stop me from visiting my homeland. I have done nothing wrong and I have nothing to fear. I am a PPP supporter and will always remain a loyalist to Shaheed Bhutto’s ideology of Islamic socialism.”

  • if he holds british passport then zardari's thugs would think twice before laying hand on him, but if he is Pakistani passport holder then they are going to give him tough time as they know how to do that-

  • Should we reckon Malik's warning a 'gidar bhapki' or a 'bandar bhapki'? LOL