Imran Khan and Geo

  • Imran Khan and Geo have made a great effort together. However, after publicizing Imran Khan with full force, how can Geo claim to be unbiased or a mere reflector of society.

    Is it not now officially a media partner of PTI?

  • How can you interprete it in this way? And how can you know what you are seeing is truth?


  • Did they mention once PTI in all their transmission?

    Did you see any PTI Flags?

    check Imran Khan Foundation . can you see if it is political

    PTI is also collecting money but they are running their flood relief fund campaign separately

    Did GEO mention about PTI campaign?

    From the response One can see Pakistani People trust Imran Khan.

    The best thing about his campaign is that he is relying on Pakistanis.

    Not like our leaders. When there is heavy rain first things our leaders will say We need Foreign Assistance.

    I wish him best of luck.

  • سچ تو یہ ہے کہ عمران خان قوم کی بری خدمت کر سکتا ہے اگر اقتدار کا لالچ دل سے نکل دے اور جیو بھی اگر دولت کا لالچ کم کر دے

  • A first step of PTI to become B team of the future we will see some coverage and also some favor of Geo for Imran Khan...

  • There is a difference in geo supporting IK in raising money for our people and from them supporting his political agenda.

    Time to unite and appreciate the good one is doing.

  • they say , they are using Imran Khan as a Philanthropist .

    they are promoting Imran the Cancer Hospital initiator .

    not the head of a political party .

  • Some people hope that media only runs tickers of Their Foreigner Qauid-e-Tehreek. they same way they only see themselves the owner of KHI.

    B team of Geo. someone knows better about what is B team. They must have lot of experience.

  • Geo iMRNA ki naik naami se faida utha raha hay .

    jo iss silsilay mein Imran se kamai hay .

  • ufffffffffff.....jalnay ki badbu yahan tak aarahi ha.

    Lagta ha koi London men jal jal kar koila hooraha ha.

    As mentioned earlier, Geo is supporting Imran Khan Foundation, and NOT Takreek-e-Insaaf. Secondly, when the media is biased in favor of MQM, you never complained. Why complain when GEO is ONLY suppoting a fund raiser ?

  • But no one answered my question.I opened a topic for discussion yesterday which apparently has been taken off now.

    On PTI Website it was stated that all members are invited to reach for the dispatch ceremony of the trucks at 9.30pm to show PTI strength and refreshments will be at 10.30pm. From whose money were those refreshments served????

  • @intelligentpakistani

    Did you ask this question at PTI's discussion forum ? May be someone there would be able to asnwer you.

  • @ intelligentpakistani

    refreshments were served from the pockets of local PTI unit

  • @ intelligentpakistani

    i hope you have done something for the floodvictims...

    and plz stop this legpulling of people who are trying to do something

  • @@intelligentpakistani

    Can you tell us was it official invitation from PTI? or was just on the forums. where any one can post it.

  • it was just a call to get more volunteers and get people motivated..

    it certainly was not some pTI event


    This is not the time for politics, the situation is desperate and people are in need of urgent help.

    The pain of Ghillani and Nawaz is that too much funds are going into Imran Khan Foundation.

    The Bhatakors are burning that their slave Geo is facilitating Imran for making huge collections. They need not worry too much. It is just matter of few more days, after which they will be back to their usual promotion of lunatic Altaf.

  • All tv channles should support IK because he is the only credible leader in Pakistan.

    Sama tv would never support IK, as connection between Sama tv and US embassy has been exposed.

  • i have seen telethon in geo, IK made some under cover remarks about his political campaign. sorry to hurt your feelings. why he was trying to elaborate leadership qualities in this telethon. i myself heard him saying hum siasat main tabdeli layen ge. and some other remarks, he also criticised zardari and gilani political bases. but he became very clever. he used these words as sand wich while talking other things. also the participants were constantly praising him on his political stances. like sahir lodhi said, people love you, log aap ko kisi buland maqam per dekhna chahen gey takey aap qismat tabdeel karen. etc etc.

    Dawn news, express, dunya and ary are also doing the same work before geo did this. but geo marketing is very good.

    still i support IK work in humanitarian side. and agreed with kamal.

    flood effected people get relief from which ever side i support it. but i think you guys should salute other channels as well. the difference is they are not involving any politicans there.