Any difference between India and Pakistan?

  • From our childhood we are told that reason presented for separation of Pakistan was the great differences between cultures of Hindu's and Muslim's.

    Now after 60 years, i don't find any big difference between cultures of India and Pakistan. Our cultures, politics, people, living style etc etc every thing is same. Only difference is religion.

    We are continuously loosing our Identity. Elite class culture is American, and lower and middle class is too much influenced and affected by Indian culture.

    Are there still any differences other than religion?

  • Ask the Muslims from Gujrat or from UP where massacres or balwas are staged on a regular basis by the Sangh Pariwar (BJP/RSS/Bajrangdall/Shiv Saina.....)

    Quaid-e-Azam in his famous presedential address at the annual session of Muslim League at Lahore in 1940,he said:

    "India is not a nation,nor a country.It is a Sub Continent of nationalities.

    Hindus and Muslims being the two major nations.The hindus and Muslims belongs to two different religions,Philosphies,social customs and literature.They neither intermarry nor interdine and they belong to two different civilization which are based mainly on conflicting ideas and conceptions.

    Their aspects on life and of death are different.It is quite clear that Hindus and Muslims derive their inspiration from different sources of history."

  • Patriot

    Ask the Muslims ..................../Shiv Saina

    Now a days secular-forces of india have rejected these terrorist redical hindhu parties in recent elections in india.

    except khashmiries they want freedom which is simmillar with moast rebalions of estern India with different motives.

    Quaid-e-Azam ............a Sub Continent of nationalities.

    Yes Qaid Azam rigtly said that India is sub-continent of sub-nationalties,this is still accepted in India, but rejected in Pakistan.

    Muslim nationalism which you are talking about is Muslim UMMA, Many Muslim nations accross the globe forms big block which is called muslim UMMA.

    In india Muslims came from Afganistan,Iran,Central asia, and Arabs were surely different from Hindhus regarding the concept of God and culture.

    This is not same with Sindhi,seraiki and Panjabi Muslims they are ex-indians geniticaly and lingualy.

    First Qaid Azam wanted united india and Allama Iqbal the great wrote Tarana e HIND "Sare Jahaan se Achaa Hindustaan Hamara, Ham Bulbule hain iski ye Gulistan Hamara", unfortunatly conservative Hindhu Gandhi congressman completly ignored indian Muslims from Civil serveces and recognition in indian parliament in first constitutional government.futher more nehru report also annoyed CP,UP, Bangali and Panjabi Muslims.They started to struggle for seperate land to fulfil economiocal needs of muslims.

    There are still 2 million Hindus in Sindh and we have no problem with them due to cultural and Lingual simmilarties.

    They are patriot cristians and Sikhs

  • I think there is a big difference between Hindu and Muslim "way of life"...but in Pakistan "we" failed to fully adopt Muslims law and standard of life and thats y we dont see differences.

  • @scindian

    Across the border where hindus are a majority things are not as they are in Pakistan.

    I do agree with patriot and expakistani. Two Nation Theory still holds true. Hindus and Muslims are distinct, separate and different from eachother. Call them anything but they remain different.

  • Not sure what’s the difference across the pond but what I have observed living in north America is Indians are Indian first irrespective of there religious ethnical division where as Pakistanis are any thing but Pakistanis first and mostly thrive on their ethnical division. Another observation is, I hardly come across local chapters of Indian political parties here, where as you can find local chapters of every Pakistani political parties which plays a major role in dividing Pakistanis further into sub groups.

  • Of course there is a difference, while most of pakistan was part of Indus, Kushan and other civilizations, the area east of Indus was part of Gangetic civilization. There was very little interaction between the two and they both were very different in terms of culture, language and religion. To say that we are the same is utter nonesense.

  • scindian,

    Having lived in the part of middle east where I could get the point of view of Indian muslims, believe me things are not as Indian Seculars would love to claim. Actually far from secular!! There is a great divide between Hindus and Muslims.

  • expakistani

    think there is ...................y we dont see differences.

    lets take the example of labanon,In labanon there are Muslim Arabs,Cristaian Arabs,In China there are Muslim chinies,Budhist chinies,Taoist Chineis,Cristin Chinies etc, But genieticaly and Culturaly and Lingualy they are Chinies and follow same law.


    Across the ...........them anything but they remain different.

    Yes you are right in current pakistan we are in Mojority,It is very difficult recognize a Pakistani, among indians if worn same dress abroad.


    Not sure what’s the ..................plays a major urther into sub groups.

    India is also known as diverse culture,one of my Muslim Tamil friend (at south koria) who couldn't speak in Hindhi.

    there are thousands of ethanic based parties,they have less recognition in Parliament in India.

    India has also suffering from racist Hindhu Parties,for example Shive senha, Bal Thakre is racist Marhatta releageouse leader, he claim Mumbai belongs to Marhatha speakers only, he is involved in target killing of other ethanic people of Mummbay.


    Of course there is a utter nonesense.

    Most secred scripture Vedas were written on banks Indus river, Most of Tamil,Gujrati, and Maratha claim to have migrated from west India, Indus valley civilization,


    Having lived in............divide between Hindus and Muslims.

    Muslim of India are suffering from inferiorty complex each and every muslim of India is considered Agent of ISI pakistan.

    In current india if you are true indian Muslim you are supposed to abuse Pakistan before other Indians.

  • There are still countries like Thailand, Philippine, Palestine and Ethiopia where the Muslims are struggling for separate homelands. They could not adjust themselves with the people of other religions.

  • Ofcourse there is a difference,

    why would we sacrifice hundreds of thousands of lives otherwise? It was not for NO reason.

    Pakistan was made for the "muslims of the subcontinent" which jinnah mentioned again and again. so lets get it right.

    In revelance to today, yes, i agree Pakistan's cause has been largely failed and we exist as a failed state today.

    But it does not mean the Pakistani movement was at fault, the nation lost track couple of years after independence thats all.

    and you can tell the difference between how Indians talk and act and how Pakistanis talk and act. Its similar but not the same. to greet, Indians mostly hindus shake their heads side to side and do namastte, Pakistanis shake their hands.

  • Well Even if Two Nation theory is apply then what is remain for it to apply now????Two Nation theory use to be Hold on whole subcontinent not just Punjab, Bangal or Sindh it was based on whole subcontinent and now we dont even have the whole subcontinent left to apply Two Nation Theory....Talking about Neglecting Muslim's Representation in Govt. and Bureaucracy then its a matter of proving your EXISTENCE just like if any Pakistani candidte contest the Elections in UK then what else he could be doing other then Proving his and his Community"s EXISTENCE in UK???So when back then Muslims of Subcontinent were not that much about joining the Govt. and Bureaucracy and were still living in the dreams of Ideology about taking over Subcontinent like Mughals(Khaksaar, Mudoodi and other Muslim Fundamentalist back then) then how come Muslim able to prevail in India before Independence????I think Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was the only worthy person of Subcontinent to be respected cause he instead of giving false hope and dreams to Muslims of subcontinent made them capable of offering any services in the Bureaucracy and Govt. by offering Education to Muslims cause he knew that this time no King or Sultan will come from Afghanistan or Azerbaijan to take over India so he introduce his Pragmatic Approach to Muslims of Subcontinent to PREVAIL IN SUBCONTINENT....But we as Muslims instead following his FOOTSTEP went to such extent that we wont be able to prevail without BEING DIVIDED....Long history but one thing is clear that we learn nothing from it and we wasted great ideas due to our own rebellious mindset...

  • yeah... there is no way to apply two nation theory anymore.

    Especially since Bangladesh was lost.

    The real Pakistan does not exist in my book :) ... speaking only for myself.