Mush set to launch his party next month

  • ISLAMABAD - Former President General (R) Pervez Musharraf is all set to announce his political party i.e. All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) next month ostensibly in a bid to capitalise on the national tragedy caused by unprecedented floods in the country.

    This was disclosed by former president’s chief spokesman Maj Gen (R) Rashid Qureshi while talking to TheNation on Friday. “The ex-President would launch APML by the end of September in London”, General Qureshi said, adding the new party would aim at uniting all the factions of the Pakistan Muslim League (PML) at one political platform.

    Asked why the former president had opted to launch his political party from London rather than Pakistan, he replied that the matter had been left to the party’s Central Working Committee (CWC) to decide the timing of his return.

    He also dismissed reports that Begum Sehba Musharraf, spouse of the former President was currently visiting Pakistan to facilitate the launching process of the APML. “ She is not interested to enter into politics”, he said.

    General Qureshi who is also one of the six-member CWC said many political heavyweights both in the PML-Q and Likeminded had wished to join the APML.

    Qureshi said Pir Pagara, Chief of the PML-F has already given his backing while talks were underway with former federal minister Sh Rashid Ahmed, who is currently leading his one-man party Awami Muslim League (AML).

    Answering a question, he said apart from CWC being headed by former federal minister Ch Shahbaz from Jhelum, APML has also completed its provincial organisation. Other members of the CWC are former federal minister Dr Sher Afgan, Dr Amjad, Barrister Saif, Ch Fawad and Ahmed Raza Kasuri.

  • Lol, this has to be an upteenth time that we have heard the launch of Mush's tanga party comprising an assorted cast of usual suspects.

  • Chutt-ti nahi hay moun se yah kafir lagi hoye ...

    Mush has got piles of money ...loads of wealth .

    and he ran away successfully with out any court proceedings .

    but just the lust of power which is making him to come back home with a party comprised of losers all around the other parties .

  • Why would an MQMized dimwit support return of a rascal.

    Billi ko chichron key khawab. Now who will welcome mushy expecting of him as their savior more than anyone? Only MQM whose popularity graph has taken a steep downward slope after the recent target killings in Karachi proving once and for all that MQM is but a terrorist outfit by default.

  • @patriot,

    Bro, because Musharraf was, is and will forever remain MQM waloon ka Maai Baap, illegitimate that is. In all probability, this recent topi drama by the topi baaz party was conceived by Musharraf and Zardari and Altaf the "Dukhia Aurat" played a trivial part in this soap.

  • Spot on siddiqi73. Exactly brother this is why they are looking up to mushy who had been their spine for eight years and they still expect the same from him therefore all this support and welcome.

    But change is inevitable. MQM vote bank of illegal (smuggled) Bangalis/Burmese, etc has been overwhelmed by IDPs otherwise why online b i t c h y squeals from a vagabond eunuch. As a born out of wedlock armykid MQM has to look up to types of Kiyani or mushy else they are done for.

  • I'm actually quiet happy the way Zardari and his gang of Sindhi brother are gradually bringing in Sindhis from Interior Sindh in the guise of flood affectees to disturb the demographics of Karachi. Karachi MQM walaoon and Altaf Hussain (Ugly c*nt)kay baap kee jageer nahee hai that the have to squeal like p!gs when people from the rest of Pakistan migrate to Karachi.

  • Pakistan belongs to Pakistanis (including 'Once Muhajirs' and Indigenous locals). Sindhis as locals do have a legitimate right of movement/settlement in Sindh first and then in all parts of Pakistan where ever they want/choose to settle down. Nobody should tell them not to come to Karachi. Its totally absurd and outright outrageous barring Sindhis entering Karachi.

  • “The ex-President would launch APML by the end of September in London

    The keywords here are "IN LONDON". The bhagora will continue to be a bhagora. Thinks he can do "telephonic khitabs" like k_alia and mor*ns will come in droves? This launch is reminds me of the last launch of space shuttle Discovery.

    BTW: That reminds me of this funny bit from IK's speech:

  • The MQM believed in ethnicism when it was mohajir qoumi movement but now it calls itself the muttahida qoumi movement and claims to represent all the nationalities of Pakistan.Seen from that angle it is hard to understand why MQM would have objections if a large scale sindhi influx is taking place in Karachi.

  • The above posted video from 2:00 to 2:13; it is true for some pkpolitics members as well. Instead of discussing the original topic, they like to take "de-tours" to deflect any criticism from their leader.

  • Lol!

  • he he he

    Mush siyasi party kion banaye ga wohh aik kaam karay ga .

    Altaf ko divorce kar kay MQM ko adopt kar lay ga .

  • @gazi bhai ,

    tum ne kaha :

    Mush set to launch his party next month

    Choosy News ne news break ki:....

    **Mulk bhar mein Lotay Mehngay ho gaye

    he he he :):):)**

  • Hasn't he launched it yet? What was all that APML talk some days ago?

  • @natasha,

    It was all bull crap just like it is right now. The only people who consider this crap to be gospel the truth are the ones belonging to a certain party with MUTHAIDA being its prefix!


    I'm a big fan and i can't wait to see him back in the field. Mush over our current crooks any day for sure.

  • @hkbajwa,

    And I would really appreciate if you could just vanish from here and troll the dictator' home page on Facebook.

  • abhi us nay sirf Ilaan kia hai but looks like people are worried on just his announcements...Just imagine when he return what could have happened...

  • siddiqi

    Seriously??? you accuse me of trolling?? WHy don't you quit being an idiot instead?

    I don't know which of our current crooks you support or whether you consider the admittedly honest yet impractically hotheaded Imran Khan to be the best leader for pakistan.

    What i DO know is that other than parroting the accusations of a bunch of political crooks or a pissed off partisan media, nobody has really managed to come up with any major reasons why Mush ISN'T a better leader than any of the ones that currently plague our nation.

    ANyhow i suggest you try the vanishing trick on yourself cuz i aint going nowhere!