What is the Purpose of Religion

  • -To follow the right path (a Christian in a forum told me explaining right path is that of Jesus)?

    -To live a life of Human, to make a man a human?

    -To Pray Allah?

    Any other purpose?

  • To make fools of us all, of course! Come on LifeH, grow up. What other purpose do you want? If we could become human beings for a change, and not just zombies as most of us are at the moment, and we could hear the voice of God, the world would be quite a different place to what it has come to become today. Or would you like religion to teach you how to become a millionaire within six months? If so, you'd do better to study Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People and similar books.

  • Isn't it interesting that why so many religions exist? Why they fight each other?

  • Interesting it certainly is, LifeH, but the same observation of tremendous variety applies also to peoples and languages. It seems to be a law of nature, that the earth survives best where variety thrives.

    The second part of your question is tough. Let someone else come forward with an answer. Killing in the name of the Divine seems to me a contradiction in terms. Islam, for instance, has allowed us to kill in defence of religion. But conversion by the sword, as far as I know, is not part of Allah's plan for us. Christianity, which preceded us by several hundred years, should have been the "gentle" faith. The number of people the Christians managed to kill in their search for power puts all Muslims to shame. Our hands are almost clean compared to the blood-drenched hands of the followers of Christ. No wonder they had to turn atheist finally. All a power thing, to put it briefly?

  • The purpose of religion is not easily summarised... but if i were to focus on one thing it would be your second point(i.e humanity)

    Therefore the purpose of religion is to remind mankind of its mortality, its insignificance in the universal order and the unknown....

    Man has throughout history exhibited an inherent inexplicable urge to transcend his sensory environment in an attempt to experience the unknown. (god?)

    All religion essentially provides a guideline (peaceful living through virtuous actions, harmony with one's enviornment, prayer/meditation to improve the mind)of how to achieve that spiritual enlightenment which (in my opinion) is simply the realisation of man's place and purpose within the natural order of the universe..

  • I think we should remember that there is a difference between belief and religion.

    Mankind needs belief (whatever it may be)... it does however NOT need religion.

  • hallo hkb

    you dissapeared on me on the wahdat ul wajud thread??? i was quite enjoying our little tete a tete :)

    ps. religion is the framework by which one expresses belief and the two are inextricably linked

  • gv is right here, hkb. In the context under discussion, belief arises out of faith which means religion.

  • gv

    Well i disappeared because, enjoyable though it was, you pretty much tete a totalled me :)

    Anyhoo i do disagree with the statement that belief and religion are inexorably linked.

    belief is a wholly personal thing that very often cannot even be conveyed in mere words. Belief is the sum total of an individual's feelings, knowledge and experiences that leads a person to develop his perspectives, opnions and thoughts.

    Religion on the other hand is the formalization of ritual, homogenization of stated belief and a wholly man-made thing.

    I do believe that people can have a deep faith in God, reverence for the universe and trust in the goodness of man without religion.

    Likewise i consider it perfectly possible for a person to have a religious affiliation, be a part of a community that professes a certain belief and engage in the rituals and practices of that religion without having any belief in it whatsoever..


    Belief does come of faith, but faith does not necessarily come of religion.

  • HKB, Okey-doke, as you wish, though you tended to equate religion with ritual maybe. But I did like the truth contained in the last para of your post to gv.

  • @hkb

    agreed on both counts - how about i rephrase my statement to say 'any formal expression of belief = religion.'

  • gv

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  • I think the biggest division between people in the world is not that of countries or continents. Instead it is religion. If the purpose is good, clear and peaceful, they should have peace between each other, there would be no holy wars etc.

  • LifeH, go post your above comment on a west blogsite. Muslims at the present time have started no holy wars to my way of thinking. They have been attacked.

    And if you mean the Palestinians or the Kashniris, they are fighting against tremendous odds for their rights as human beings. Nothing to do with religion.

  • @lifeh20

    I think if you look a little deeper you will find that people tend to use and manipulate religion to project ethno-cultural differences..

    Religion (esp Islam) seeks to unify people using universal human principles of justice and humanity... Unfortuately religion is easily manipulated by politicians/rulers to suit their worldly motives...

  • @Mirza My perspective was a bit bigger in that comment. I was talking about all religions, from all time. You can see the wars, fights etc going between sects, religions etc.