Talat n Kashif Ticked off by Veena Malik

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    he he he

    when Talat and Kashif was playing on a weaker pitch ...

    as weak as a film actress like Veena Malik and a cricketer Amir Suhail can bowled them over completely or may i say ,two intellectual expert journalists got ticked off by a film actress...

    why ?

    because ,they were trying to defend the obvious culprits .

    who has been proved guilty a number of time .

    why ?

    because Talat and Kashif both has forgot the basic rule of being neutral . they were getting totally subjective ,one sided and emotional .

    Talat had the most stupid argument of his life .

    if other players are into gambling and money making , then its alright for Pakistani cricketers to be involved in such activities ...

    i respect both of them as senior journalists .

    but yesterday , they made me think .

    a weak pitch can make u loose .

    doesnt matter u r Talat Hussain or Kashif Abbasi .

    a Veena Malik can make you feel defeated .

    he he he

    Kashif bhai ,ayenda kabhi Veena ko na bulana ....

  • Talat and Kashif has done the worst thing by taking side of a particular party in this case ,where investigations are under process.

    or they should have presented a neutral picture of the whole thing ....

    or they should have waited for the findings to come .

  • @choosy

    "they were getting totally subjective ,one sided and emotional"

    True. Same true of Veena, who btw has a history of showing Asif in a bad light since her breakup. I would certainly NOT trust her on this and it was wrong of Kashif to bring her on the show.

    Oh, btw, the Indian she accused is accusing her of claiming to "manage" seven players. Says he is just a photographer...

  • Is it just me or this Veena Malik chick is a clone of Meera?

  • @siddiqi73

    Funny -- whenever I hear one mentioned, the other comes to mind too (I have to think which face goes with which name)

    So it is not just you...

  • @nota bhai ,

    bhai agar Veena subjective thi tou koi baat nahi .

    she was just there to share her point of view .

    like any other invited participant of a talk show .

    as a rule of the game ,

    participant has a right to express his /her own views .

    so she was expressing so ...

    whatever they were ...right or wrong ...whatever .

    but she was using her right .

    contrary to Talat n Kashif .

    being anchors ,analysists , being Tv journalists , they should have been neutral , as the rule of the game .

    but they became 'Participants ' .unfortunately .

  • @choosy

    Certainly agree with the point about Kashif and Talat. My point about Veena was that sure she can express an opinion but if you have been following the news about her and Asif, there is a lot of bad blood between the two. She has accused him of owing her more than one crore rupees, she has accused him of writing her a bad cheque, and I believe she has filed a suit against him as well. So her "opinion" is not like that of you and me. She has a score to settle and that makes her "opinion" untrustworthy. I am NOT offering as a "defense" for Asif...just saying she has an old axe to grind with him and is liable to make things up. Here is an example of Veena's credibility:




  • nota ,

    ufff ,ufff ..ufff .

    mein kahan jaoon ?

    mujh ko yeh sari kahani pata hay janab e aali ...

    bhai mein ne kab kaha kay Veena sachi hay ?

    mein ne tou kaha hay Veena ne Talat n Kashif party kay dant khattay kar diye chahiye bhalay Jhoot se hi khattay kiye hon ...

    kion kay Talat n Kashif brothers were on a defense pitch altogather .

  • @choosy

    "ufff, uff, ufff"

    Bus aik aur...:)


    Fully agree with "Veena ne Talat n Kashif party kay dant khattay kar diye...kion kay Talat n Kashif brothers were on a defense picth altogather."

  • @nota ,

    he he he

    Veena ko choro yaar .

    baat karo cricket kay Surmayon ki.

    yah current affairs kay Surmayun ki joj kal billi ban gaye Veena Baji kay agaye....he he he

  • We all should wait for investigations and should not jump at conclusion. I did not understand that why kashif and talat were trying to become judges ? They were defending cricketers on just emotional grounds in a very illogical manner. Talat has very much disappointed his viewers by commenting poor logic like Australian cricketer were accused or held in drug smuggling. So he wanted to say that all Pakistani players can do it and should not be ashamed? Then why politicians are being brutally criticized by both intelligent patriot anchors? They should also be allowed of any misconduct. Justice and accountability should not be only for political class but across the board including cricket.

  • Kashif has received very well Shut Up call by Aamir sohail and he (kashif) deserved it. He usually conduct programs without preparation/ proper home work. Veena – a “B” class film actress and a cricket have defeated our intellectuals and both were speechless. They have nothing to say a single word, this is the logical result of an unprepared anchor’ s conducted show. Kashif was flowing in emotion ocean and even he did not bother to read entire story. But I missed Talat Hussain, who is famous for his logical analysis. He was behaving like a mother who always cover up her child’ s misbehave.:)

    so the point is that Talat and kashif like these cricketers so its definitely a conspiracy by British and Indian lobbies. No action should be taken against our innocent players. They have been declared Becharey by our both intellectuals without any solid proof or point.

    I must say that until findings, no one can be declared guilty or innocent but accountability must be start now at every level.

    Our players should boycott the series as protest and govt of Pakistan should call them back with the statement that if our players would be found guilty, then we should take action and punish them, otherwise Govt should sou the newspaper, Scotland yard and all partners of game.

    Why we don’t take right rout to resolve the issue?

  • Kashif and talat were disappoiting indeed. There was no need for a whole program dedicated to defending those with dubious characters.

  • @Aristotle yaar ,

    tum tou mujh se bhi ziada tappy hoye ho Talak aur Kashif se .

    bhai , sach tou yeh hay kay Veena ko dekh kay Sitti gum ho gaye bhai logon ki .

    ghissay pittay dheelay peelay

    siaysat dano ko rolna aur baat hay.

    aur Veena ki baat aur hay ...he he he :):):)

  • Kashif ne iss aik episode se jitni badnami kamai hay wohh sari zindagi kam na hogi ...:):):)

  • Lol at Amir Sohail for smoking on live TV! I really hate his guts (as do a lot of other people) as I have personally met him a couple of times but the swipe he took at Saint Immi Khan was just priceless!

  • lolz Talat & Kasif ki tu lagdi wat woo bhi veena Malik naay

    Now they will remember her for long time as bad dreams. Possibly they were thinking Veena & Amir r soft targets lakin yahan tu backfire hogiyaaaaaaa

    @Siddiqi lolz @ "Saint Immi Khan" tu saint ka urs sharif kaab hoo raha hai after departing from siyasat :):)

  • @pakiconsultant,

    Aray yaar, Hazrat Imran ka Urs Sharif tu uskay chahnay walay hur roz PkPolitics par mana rahay hotay hain!!

  • i dont have ARY channels but found lot of fans of these two guys ( talat and Kashif ) on PKpolitics.... To be honest i think Journlism in pakistan is also on declined just like cricket, politics and almost any other thing but corruption.

    they had no freaking idea what they are talking about....in cricketing terms...

    may be these guys are only good to deal with low life political figures but not when it come to technical part.

  • choosy,

    i had to watch the program before comment here, finally i watched that program and now i understand what happened

    i have same thing to say that nota already said above that Veena's might be right but the way she was exposing Asif and others sounded like personal grudge, it was bad to have Veena on tv but not have Asif to give his defence to her 'truths'

    aamir sohail made the whole picture clear by identifying the root causes and solution, talat/kashif were trying to question the whole episode to train people to not take everything blindly which is also a very good idea..

    so what happened between veena & asif, why they broke up?