Conflicted Karachi

  • Conflicted Karachi

    by Nadeem F. Paracha on 08 26th, 2010

    Conflict and violence in Karachi has always had its own distinct dynamics, requiring the state and the government of the time to chalk out contingency strategies and security arrangements that are largely customised to suite these exclusive dynamics.

    Though considered to be one of the most crime-infested cities of South Asia, Karachi has baffled a number of political pundits by remaining comparatively stable in the last decade or so – especially in the context of the rise in the number of gruesome terrorist attacks by Islamic extremists in the Punjab and the Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa.

    In this regard at least, so far Karachi (and rest of the Sindh province) has somehow managed to escape the ubiquitous madness of both extremist terrorism.

    Karachi also remains to be Pakistan’s most overtly secular city.

    But why does a city with a startling sectarian, religious and ethnic diversity is able to ward off violence associated with religious extremism but collapse’s when it comes to ethnic tensions?

  • This article sums up the violent situation in Karachi more comprehensively..

    Coming full circle: violence in Karachi

    By Cyril Almeida

    Wednesday, 25 Aug, 2010

    KARACHI: The spate of ‘target killings’ in the city is a political problem that shows every sign of worsening in the weeks and months ahead. In the first two weeks of August alone, over 140 people were killed in tit-for-tat violence following the killing of an MQM MPA and an ANP politician.


    .. Privately, much of the present violence is blamed on the MQM.**

    **A senior security official said, “We’ve got 14 or 15 boys in custody, each responsible for 17, 18 deaths. The interrogation reports detail everything, the sectors, the places they met, the motorcycles and weapons used, everything.”


    Analysts suggest that Pakhtun migration to Karachi following military operations in Fata and the northern Pakistan has raised the hackles of the MQM — the party allegedly fears that the IDPs may be absorbed by the Pakhtun population of Karachi, never to return.


    “Look at the people who are being killed: rickshaw drivers, pushcart owners, labourers, carpet and hardware shop owners, shoe polishers,” a veteran Karachi journalist said.**

    **“That’s exactly the kind of jobs you’d expect Pakhtuns coming to the city to take up. The message is clear: if we can’t stop you from coming here, at least we can slow the tide.”


    ..Then there are the killings of a sectarian nature that appear to have become linked with a bitter war being fought between the Muttahida (the MQM proper) and the Haqiqi (a splinter faction).

    The picture here is even murkier. According to analysts and security officials, militant wings of Shia groups began to target SSP and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi leaders in 2009, presumably as revenge for the killings of Shias.

    CCPO Waseem Ahmed suggests that, long term, only two things could reduce ethnic and political violence in the city: “First, deweaponisation. Everyone blames the police, but go ask the political parties why they never talk about deweaponisation.” In addition, Mr Ahmed said that the criminal-justice system needs to be overhauled. “A terrorist is like a car-lifter now, he gets caught, then he’s back on the streets in a couple of years, then he does it again, gets caught again, it’s a joke.”


    A Sindh government official said, “After Mian sahib (Nawaz Sharif) quit the coalition, the MQM got a free hand. They know they are key now (to the coalition government in Islamabad), so they are demanding their pound of flesh. But their demands keep going up.”**

    **A senior security official suggested: “The answer doesn’t lie in Karachi, it’s in Islamabad. Bring all the leaders in a room and have the army chief there to guarantee the peace. He needs to say, ‘Cut it out or we will smash you like we did before.’ They’ll quickly fall into line then.”


    Read the complete article :

  • Yaar Ghazi Sahib... Yeah article tou khood iss baat kee taraf isshara karta hay kay political/ethnic violence kay peechay koan hay? ANP,PPP,PML a to z, JUP,JUI,JI and all the other religious parties are present in Baluchistan, Punjab and Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa .. and they all are also present in Sindhtoo EXCEPT that MQM is the only other additional party who is present in sindh. It's not a rocket science and you don't need an IA of Dr. Qadeer khan to understand this equation.

    MQM = The "Main" party responsible of all ethnic clashes, target killing, bhattakhoree, boree culture, drilling limbs culture... IF you don't want to accept that, then its your choice and I respect your views.

  • @KHAN_Sahib

    Kafi din Pkpolitics se gayed rhatey ho...or pher MQM ke mohbat tum ko le ati hey....

    wesey one more thing, Karachi is the only metropolitan city in Pakistan MQM nhi thi to Tab bhi karachi main Sindhi/Mohajir

    Pathan/Mohajir fasadat hotey the...

    I am sure MQM is part only part of the problem not itself a problem...

    People should look at the root cause... Eik Pizza hey or 25 kahaney waley hain merey bhai

  • @KHAN_Sahib

    Mera dost Pakistan k kisi Aur Shahar ya Ilaqay mai itni ethnicity nahi hai jitni Karachi mai hai har jagah ay yeh sorat-e-Haal hai k Aik ethnicity Dominate karti hai magar karachi woh Shahar hai jahan pay Aik ethnicity k baray mai nahi keh saktay k Dominate karti hai har aik k pass kuch na kuch mujood hai aur is k ilwa aik aur baat yeh k Karachi 3 Ethnicities k liye Sab say barha Shahar hai Baluch, Pashtun aur Urduspeaking in 3 ethnicity ki sab say barhi Urban population Karachi mai hi rehti hai aur mujhay yeh batado k kisi aur jagah pay is tarhan ki Sorat-e-Hall hu????

    Yehi wajah hai k Karachi mai Masail is qisam k hotay rehtay hain cause sirf aik ya 2 ka ghar nahi bohat saroon ka ghar hai aur jab itnay saray aik sath rehtay hun tu phir chooti chooti baatoon pay kuch na kuch tu hota hi hai....