Pakistan military delegation humiliated at US airport, cancels centcom visit

  • Pakistan military delegation humiliated at US airport,off loaded from plane,checked and rechecked before being cleared to proceed,army official's delegation had been invited by US military to visit Centcom(US Central Command). ISPR said the visit has been canceled and delegation is being called back due to the harsh and humiliating treatment meted out to them.

  • Jiss foaj kay Generals nay aapna emman bhaich deeya hoe aur apnee ghairat baich khayee hoe, iss kay saath America kucch bhee borra salook karey tou woh kum hay.

  • A group of Pakistan Army officers have cancelled a visit to the US CENTCOM to protest against the alleged misbehaviour they had to face at the Dallas Airport, a private TV channel reported on Tuesday.

    The army delegation boarded a flight from the Dallas^^^^^ Dulles Airport to attend a US Defence Department meeting.

    Once inside the United Airlines plane, one of the delegation members remarked that he hoped the flight proved to be their last flight and they soon reached their destiny. However, a passenger who overheard them mistook the officials for terrorists. The airport security staff was alerted, who “questioned the Pakistani delegation and misbehaved with them”.

    The US Defence Department has apologised for the incident, however the delegation has decided to return home.

    Last flight ;) indeed they finally reached their destiny..

    Pakistani military delegation departs early from U.S. in protest

    By Craig Whitlock

    Washington Post Staff Writer

    Tuesday, August 31, 2010; 8:43 PM

    A delegation of senior Pakistani military officials visiting the United States for a major defense conference headed home in protest Tuesday night after they said they were interrogated and rudely treated by security officials at Dulles International Airport.

    The nine-member group of high-ranking Pakistani officers boarded United Airlines Flight 727 from Washington to Tampa late Sunday but were pulled off the plane after one of them "made a comment to a flight attendant," said Mike Trevino, a United spokesman.

    United did not provide details, but Pakistani officials said the remark came from a general in the delegation who - weary of a long day of travel that began in Islamabad - said, "I hope this is my last flight," or words to that effect.

    That sparked a call to Dulles law enforcement officials, who detained the delegation for 2.5 hours and refused to allow the officials to contact their embassy or the U.S. military officials who had invited them to visit, according to a Pakistani military official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

    The Pakistanis were finally released after police at Dulles determined they did not pose a threat. But instead of proceeding to Tampa, the delegation was ordered to return to Pakistan by their military superiors in Islamabad, in protest of their treatment, the Pakistani official said, adding that they were "verbally abused." The group of officers spent the next 48 hours in Washington, waiting for the next available flight home, and were scheduled to depart the United States on Tuesday evening.

    The Pakistani officers were originally en route to U.S. Central Command headquarters in Tampa to attend the annual conference of the U.S.-Pakistan Military Consultative Committee, said Maj. David Nevers, a Central Command spokesman. He said Centcom officials hoped to reschedule the conference.

    Pakistani officials said they received apologies from Pentagon and Centcom officials.

  • I must say here... We ( Americans) dont give a Dammm even if its Gen Kalo Kiyan or Asif Zardari was off loaded for security check.

    Americans Security come first.

    Regarding PAK army personal well when they will ask to come back next time... they will use better choice of words

    Can Pakistan have such kind of security for their own people?

  • Nikalna khuld se adaam ka sunte aaie theey lakin

    Bohat beh abroo ho keh terey kooche se hum nikle

  • Hamara Fauji afsar can be humiliated? Sorry, simply not believable! :-P

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  • Well we pretty much get humiliated just about every other day when our country is bombed by drones, so them getting humiliated in an airport feels like a walk in the park, i don't know what the fuss is all about.

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  • lolzzz @expakistani's use of 'we'... heheheh array bhai aap kub say 'we' ho gay? phir ex-pakistani kee haqiqat samnay aa gayee naa... naturalized citizenship mubarak ho :)

    aur aap kay DoD nay maafi mangi hay 'hamaray' major general say :)

  • The Jurnail said, "I hope this is my last flight".

    I hope he is one of the "muhbb-e-watan" Jurnails. The GHQ should send him to an English school upon his arrival at Islamabad.

  • lo jee aik aur desi angraiz ka mashwara mulahiza farmayein :)

  • Pakistani Military brass were in a civilized country US where every one is equal. Late Ted Kennedy a well known US senator was stopped sevearl times at US air ports for security checks,he simply followed the process and never complained. Army Generals, Ministers and our politicians never go through security checks in Pakistan but they have a rude awakening when they are abroad where they have to abide by the rules of that country, if they do not like it then just do not go.

  • "rules of that country..." funny to see how people take it that way... rules for foreigners to take them off the aircraft and then question them because a passenger felt uncomfortable with presence of brown sahibs :)

    but i am glad to see that such treatment given to our major generals, may be this might help them wake up :)

  • @Salam

    Bhai jes mulk main rhatey hain us ko to support kerna parey ga na..... ab koi 100% Pakistan to hain nhi ke jes thali main khaen us main hi chaed dal din


    wesey humharey DoD ke kia baat hey, Nagasaki per bombing ker ke 60 sal baad mafi mang li. Chalo chado ji ab Mafi bhi karo!!!!

    but beside all jokes

    after 9/11 Airports in USA are very high alert... koi ulti sedhi baat kerta hey to phoran action lia jata hey regardless of Brown or "humharey jesey kaley log" must have to appropriate good stuff right?

  • ex-pakistani bhai

    haqeeqat to yeh hay kay hamaray general ka driver bhi apnay aap ko firoun samjhta ha, general kia samjhta hay apnay aap ko khudi andaza karlo.. jub yeh gernail iss tarha aam admion kee tarha treat kia jatay hay to bohat acha lagta hay..

    per udher kay airport kee kia haqeeqat hey, yeh sub hum ko maloom hay... hum har bar randomly select huwee secondary screening kay lia :)

    SSSS har bar hamaray boarding pass kee zeenat bana

    aur phir wapsi per sawalon kay jawab bhi do unko kay kion gay thay pak... samjh to gay hongay meri baat :)

    abb aap nay qasam (yes qasam to khayee hogi) jo khayee amrika bahadur ko azeem tar bananay kee to puri to karni paray gee :)

  • expakistan

    Let me tell u some security measure of America.

    U think u are very secure and more faithful by the American government on security measure and u are very proud to be American!.

    Now we know Zionists have taken near complete control of America exactly as Ariel Sharon boasted.

    At very least, Zionists control America's Foreign Policy whenever Zionist-dominated Israeli interests are concerned. Zionist Christians and Zionist Jews dominate both political parties in the Congress, as well as the overall direction and policies coming from the Bush-Cheney White House. They do so through awesome financial leverage and sheer numbers ... as well as far more dark and evil mechanisms such as Zionist Israel's thermonuclear blackmail of America as it is clearly described in a formal US Air Force paper which every American should read very carefully at: Facts are facts.

    In an Israeli cabinet meeting shortly after the 911 (False Flag) "Terror" attacks (which benefited the State of Israel, Larry Silverstein's bank account and the Globalist agenda of stripping away our Constitutional rights with the absurdly-named 'Patriot' Act), Hebrew radio Kol Yisrael on Oct. 2, 2001, reported Shimon Perez cautioned Ariel Sharon not to upset Americans.

    Reportedly, Sharon angrily boasted to Perez:



    Was Sharon's boast just "wishful thinking?" Apparently, not.


    So Expakistani u may think u are secure (as Dil ko khush rakhnay kay lie yeh Kiyal acha hai) But infact American are in great Danger.

  • They did the right thing to cancel their visit. They did have some dignity I must say.