The match fixing scandal a Conspiracy?

  • Here are a few things i would like to say abt the current match fixing scandal..

    before i begin i would like to say that i am not hinting at any conspiracy theory and believe that there is every chance that the players are guilty and am simply raising some questions..

    1.The guilt of these players is not established as of now then why has the media more specifically the pakistan media being so baised (when shane warne and mark waugh admitted to having provided bookies with info in 1994 the australian media went to all lengths to defend them similarly the south african media defended cronie with all their might till he confessed himslef)

    2.The famous video regarding match the "FIXED" no balls was relased 36 hours after these "NO BALLS" what proof is there that the videos were not made after these no balls

    3.The same video shows something more shocking the way the "DEAL" is taking place how many people who have been "Fixing" matches for two years would be stupid enough to accept cash?... dont such deals occur through secret bank accounts or atleast middlemen? And such people always check for secret cameras unless they have absolute trust in the person they are dealing with its shocking that the reporter managed to take or plant a hidden camera in the bookies house without him noticing(btw its hard to belive that a match fixer would sell the info of the engineered match to anyone whatever the price offered imagine the money he could lose if the man buying the info is able to influence the betting trends!)

    4.This same tabloid has in the past falsely blamed pakistan for fixing in 2004,1994 (none of the allegations were proven ) it also made false chrages of ball tampering against Pakistabi bowlers.... the part it played in the oval controversy is also to say the least "BAISED"

    again these are just my views they can be wrong but plz atleast think abt the questions i raised

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