WMD Found

  • WMD Found

  • I just heard Obama's speech on Iraq exit. He himself is the biggest beneficiary of Iraq war. Before this war he couldn't win primary for congress seat from Chicago. After his on time staunch opposition to war he won Senate seat from Illinois within couple of years and Presidential election before completing his first term in Senate. His only accomplishment against Hillary, Biden, Dodd, Edwards and other democratic rivals was consistent opposition to Iraq war. It may have brought miseries in the life of millions but it was a jack pot for Obama.

  • Mission accomplished as claimed by Obama!!!

    What was the mission?

    What Iraq people got as a consequence of this attack?

  • The End of the Combat Mission in Iraq says Obama


  • If there was some element with the name of Al Qaeda in Iraq; at the time when American brigades are on a track run and moving out Iraq in thousands; that could be the best time to strike the retreating enemy.

    Supposedly; Al Qaeda is influenced and allegedly trained in FATA area by the Pashtun Indoctrinators. Pashtun carry a grudge of an Elephant; to strike the enemy when it is weak and it is nearing its end.................but we do not see any kind of Al Qaeda spark at the time of American retreat.

    I wonder if Al-Qaida ever existed there in its true sense at all?

  • According to US estimates 4500 Americans and over 100,000 Iraqis died and over trillion $$$ were spent in this totally avoidable adventure. If Saddam's removal was so critical US should have done that under Bush Senior at a much lesser human and material cost.

    Nevertheless it is a step in right direction.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Video: Ex-CIA agent: 'Iraq war not over, 'Mission Accomplished' a lie'

    TheRealNews Link: Ex-CIA agent: 'Iraq war not over, 'Mission Accomplished' a lie'



    Source: Youtube Channel: RussiaToday

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,


    Nevertheless it is a step in right direction

    What do you mean ?

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Iraq war is not over. Not yet. It is just the beginning.

    There is a lot that Zionists/Unjust Jews have to do, yet, in order to establish their 'world' 'government'.

    They are not done yet.

  • @HK

    Pulling combat troops out of Iraq is step in right direction and I hope they will follow up with pulling out remaining troops by end of next year as per plan.

  • US mission in Iraq is now fully accomplished.

    After annihilating the entire Iraqi nation and reducing everything which was above the ground to ruins the gallant US forces have since departed; the Only thing which is alive and kicking is the Green Zone bustling with tremendous activities.

    Iraq is now a secured good foot hold of America in the Middle East which they have won after spending trillions. Iraq is a base and a facility to expand the US horizon in the region yet further.

  • Why Americas conscious is asleep.

    After killing hundreds of thousands and reducing everything whatever was above the ground in Iraq to rubbles--- the flags of victory are being hoisted on the ruins. America could do all this only because she had overwhelming fire power enough to annihilate all; I wonder what will happens when tomorrow; those very Iraqi turn up with their real WMD... because God Almighty say that; He keeps on turning the time on the nations.

    But if Americans conscious is not asleep then I think; the time when the perpetrators ---like G W bush and his cohorts should be brought on the mat to justice---has come.


  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @shirazi: Americans didn't go to Iraq, invade Iraq, destroy most everything inside it, fueled fire of all kinds of divide in Iraq, render people without livelihood, embroiled in bloodshed, to leave it, to give it back to Iraqis'.

    No. Americans are fully under control of Zionists/Unjust Jews. Americans went in Iraq to;

    (1) secure the 'prospects' of 'future' 'greater Israel'

    (2) secure natural resources of Muslim nation states, for 'themselves'

    (3) maintain their! 'hegemony' over us/Muslims, keep us Muslims 'enslaved', 'under' 'their' 'control', financially, politically, socially, judicially, intellectually, etc etc

    (5) etc etc

    They are there to stay, unless we kick them out through Jihad i.e., extreme struggle in the name of ALLAH ALMIGHTY, without asking for anything in return, other than "Razaa" (in urdu, arabic) of ALLAH ALMIGHTY.

    In short, it will be 'armies' of Muslims which will rise from 'Khurasan' (Afghanistan + Pakistan + perhaps Iran) who will start from here (Afghanistan + Pakistan + perhaps Iran) and move towards Palestine, freeing up all of Muslim lands from their clutches, on route.

    They won't let go of our land, the natural resources which ALLAH ALMIGHTY gifted us/Muslims with, voluntarily. We will have to fight! them, to get it back from them, all! of it.

  • will they also return the oil fields back to iraqis. no, they wont stop killing the mass population for the sake of greater israel