Many Civilians Killed as Pakistani Warplanes Bombard Khyber

  • Many Civilians Killed as Pakistani Warplanes Bombard Khyber

    Attacks Aimed at Group Threatening NATO Supply Line

    by Jason Ditz, August 31, 2010

    Scores of people, including what local officials are calling “many civilians” were killed today as Pakistani warplanes launched a large number of air strikes against the Khyber Agency, ostensibly aimed at targeting the Lashkar-e Islamic (LeI)

    The LeI, one of an almost innumerable number of militant groups across the tribal areas, caught the Pakistani government’s ire when they attacked a NATO supply convoy. Pakistan also claimed the group was planning to launch suicide attacks in Peshawar.

    NATO has been relying on the Khyber Agency as a route for supplies to its war in Afghanistan for years, and the route is becoming all the more important as flooding renders alternative routes through Pakistan impassable.

    But the civilian toll of the attacks is likely to fuel even more resentment against both the Pakistani government and against the US-led war in Afghanistan, which precipitated the attack.

  • Well, here we go again. It's the 21st of Ramzan. Yet the Pak army takes time off its flood duties to go and kill our fasting civilians. To protect NATO supply lines to allow more Muslim deaths to occur in Afghanistan. The world is definitely upside down.

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  • @MG

    The numbers tell me some big US official is to pay a visit.

    BTW: I am waiting for you to switch back to praising the army soon...maybe here) :-P

  • in our country .

    Civilian is a name of an animal , being sacrified not only on Baqar Eid but every month every day ...regardless how many teeth it has .

  • Hey Achtung, Haven't it been clear to you. Where are you? Are you under spell of Zionist news media? Can't you see the reality? The fact is the Pakistani army is very very busy cleaning NATO toilets. How can they clean terrorists when they are working for the master terrorists of the world -America and NATO war criminals?

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  • These TTP stooges; they are trained, rearmed and are regrouped in godforsaken piece of land-- FATA and dished out with plan to kill. Comming Eid is the best time that they may strike

    and bring a hovoc in the society.

    When they strike and kill us; we feel pain and start cursing everybody and complain that security of public life is not provided by our government.

    But when the government asks the military to move in and take action to eliminate this evil;--strange enough-- we the simpletons start objecting to it.

    Eradication of this evil that previously, we let breed in our neighbourhood has now turned into monsters. Its eradication is a long process

    TTP is a cancerous parasite clinging to our society

    Lets even cut that last tree where they perch.

  • oh these supply lines are sensitive business for pak army, they have to protect this umbilical cord or else occupation in afghanistan will die-

    through indiscriminate aerial bombing on fellow countrymen Gen Kayani shows that he means business

  • achtung, Did they clean Swat or pollute it? I think the uniformed army made it worse than it was before. Let's wait and see who wins. Even the entire British army with bhangis (predecessors of Pakistani mercenary army) could not control that area and left them alone so much so that it was written in our constitution that no army could enter those tribal areas. The politicians tore their own constitution at the behest of US/NATO war criminals and you are witnessing the disastrous consequences.

  • @Aay

    What a crock. Read the freaking: "Many Civilians Killed as Pakistani Warplanes Bombard Khyber". So when did civilians become "TTP Stooges" and deserving of being blown to shreads.

    You are a sick mofo who only feel pain when mofo qadyanis are killed. All other killing is kosher for you.

    "Lets even cut that last tree where they perch."

    Let's kill every Qadyani (The logic of the statement is the same so don't cry "Horror! Horror!!"

    I have no qualms in saying you are a pathetic s.o.b.

  • "godforsaken piece of land-- FATA"

    This Godforsaken land was made forsaken as your previous masters-British and their bhangi porters could not control it. Now you think your new masters-America and your bhangi mercenaries can unforsake the forsaken land?

  • No army should kill own people; agreed. But what should be done when a group of people, they turn against their own country and start indulging in the act of treason.

    Allowing a right of way by Pakistan i.e. Supply route for NATO forces in Afghanistan, is under UN obligations and Pakistan is paid hell of an amount for this.

    By any standard; while living on this planet you may not raise arms against these NATO forces till Pakistan declares a war against them. Pakistan happens to be the ally and may not indulge in waging a war or to allow its any underground forces breeding on its soil like TTP or their cohorts; to carry out any subvert attacks.... this is a sheer hypocrisy---!

    Lets be true Muslims----and try to live by our agreements made with other nations.

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  • @Aay

    What a crock. You are repeating the like again with no evidence the dead civilians "had turned against their own country and indulging "in act of terrorism". On what basis are you saying that? NONE!!! (And that that is why they are being called "CIVILIANS")

    "Allowing a right of way by Pakistan i.e. Supply route for NATO forces in Afghanistan, is under UN obligations and Pakistan is paid hell of an amount for this."

    TOTAL BULLSHIT. NATO Is NOT A UN-run entity and any DEAL Pakistan has with NATO DOES NOT come under UN auspices.

    "Lets be true Muslims"

    ha! Fvcking joke coming from a Qadyani cheerleading the murder of true Muslims. Totally repulsive (If you were in front of me, I -- at the very least -- would have spit in you face right now)

  • Sleeping with enemy;;;I am loving it

    By the way TTP and their cohorts are being paid; supported and trained by CIA to act as decoy----and carry out subversive attacks.... so that US given premise and pretext held by their forces against war on terror does not die. Every terrorist attack gives US forces a new life and an ample reason to attack by drones and kill TTP stooges.

  • Just hope they get more Qadyanis. "I am loving it" too thinking of those that were blown-up/shot in Lahore. Hope they get many more. :)

  • Nota,

    Mind your language.

    Everybody here knows going about few inches under the navel; so better ---please refrain from slinging foul.....!

  • Achutung,

    [foreign national jihadis are not our own people

    terrorists are not our own people

    murders are not our own people

    traitors are not our own people]

    So I said cut that last tree; where they perch.

  • Hi there all. Let me address achtung and nota specially now. They are both after me on this thread. Even though the people I frequent are all pro-army, I must confess I suffer from great ambivalence when I think of the Pak armed forces. Sometimes I think they are doing splendidly, sometimes I hate them from the bottom of the heart. Sorry Friends, you'll just have to put up with my ambivalence.

    This particular news item drove me wild. Of course, it might just be media stuff. On the other hand, if not, to think the Pak army is bombing us to protect NATO supply lines in the closing days of Ramzan just sounds beyond belief.