Pakistan Solution:Go America Go & Go Saudi Arabia Go

  • They came in the 70's both US and Saudi Arabian Wahabi/Salfee Jihadist and they destroyed Pakistans future, America left CIA behind, the Wahabi/Salafee never left. If we want Pakistans future restored then we need to kick the influence of Americans and Saudis out of our country. Enough is enough we will not shed any more blood on Saudi's account.

  • Not Possible, You couldn't be more right. Out with the Saudis, out with the CIA. They are two faces of the same gold coin, counterfeit money which will only buy us our place in hell, both on earth and when we go to meet our Maker.

  • Go Every evil Go away from Pakistan........

    and the list goes on and on............

  • Davil will not go from our lives

    Allah has allowed him to stay in our life untill end of this world.

    so all agents of davil will work

    we have only one choice to sve us from them that dont follow them. Dont become their followers or partner in their game.

  • I am amused by this thread.

    Perhaps we ought to buy a few MIRRORS to see as to who WE are rather than putting the blame on outsiders who are here because of US.

    The going or staying of USA or Saudi Arabia is not going to help at all.

    Stop dreaming. Get real.

  • Who are we, then, shimatoree, in our vast majority, if not US and Saudi trained? And before that, straight out of the hands of the Brit colonialist? Slaves and children of slaves we are, true enough, if that is what you meant to say.

  • The Slave cannot blame his master for his enslavement.

    The slave is as much past of the enslavement as the Master is. It is true that the options for the slave are limited between enslavement and death but perhaps the Pushtoon experience in the area can throw some light since times immemorial.

    We do not have to take money from Saudi Arabia or the USA or anyone else.

    We can eat GRASS if we have to.

    But we are not willing to eat grass! We eat CUTA CUT in Lahore and Tikkas in Peshawer while our own are destitute due to the flood.

    I think I shall write an article on the subject of dishonesty in Pakistani society.

    But more to the point- WE ARE the PROBLEM. It is WE who has to reform itself. Outseiders leaving or staying will not help. Those are the bare bones facts.

    I do not expect everyone here to accept it but MIRZA SAHIB I expect YOU to accept.

  • it feels good to blame someone else for our problems :)

  • Our problem is we invited them, hosted them and started listening to them, we correct our wrongs by reversing it all, telling them to shut up, and leave.

  • Shimatoree, of course I accept it to some degree. We are responsible for our own fate when all's said and done. But getting rid of the slave mentality is no easy thing. Then we are products of the Subcontinent, whether we like it or not, easy-going and daydreamers. And also perhaps we tend to acquire a good conscience about our own deeds at little price.

    But some States have taken advantage of us and our weaknesses. That is all NP was pointing out above and I concurred in it. Turning them out of our sphere of influence would only help to strenghten our own desire for betterment. Also, we are not born fighters.

    Hats off to the Punktoon and their refusal down the centuries to bow down to any foreign power, though that might have begun to change somewhat as well.

    I'm looking forward to your dishonesty in Pakistan article. There, I'd say, we stand alone, the champions of the world, in spite of the splendid sense of honesty Islam should have inculcated in us all.

  • Economic comparison; Pakistan's per capita income is $980, SA's $15000 and America's $47000. Keeping this economic disparity and our economic problems in mind please tell me how we can reduce Saudi and American influence in Pakistan?

  • @ shimatoree: Don’t you think Saudis/Salafis using Pashtoons love of religion to leverage their own agenda? They turned a peace loving nation into violent jahadis to propagate their version of Islam.

    Mental slavery is worst then monetary or physical slavery.

  • The Saudis and Salafis have not alone turned the love of religion amongst the Pushtoons for their own agenda.

    A little help from the Russians invading and then the Americans invading has done the trick.

  • @Not Possible

    You are 100% right; If you stand for Parliament seat I will give you my vote. We must get rid of them to stabilize our country otherwise socio-political anarchy/extremism is growing faster than expected.

    Our country has become battleground for settling other's problems and poor people of Pakistan are paying very heavy price. Extreme brand of Saudi Islam and too much American involvement are both unacceptable to vast majority of Pakistanis and it is high time to get rid of both of them. We should send all Talibans to Saudia Arabi and USA; we do not want even shadow of them.

  • @bitterlies

    "@Not Possible..We should send all Talibans to Saudia Arabi and USA; we do not want even shadow of them."

    Ah good. Nothing to worry about now. NP and BL are joining hands. Soon we'll be rid of SA and US....:)

  • Shah Faisal was the only King of the Saudi royal family who deviated from the policies of the Americans. He was hence martyred. He started planning to do something on the Islamic lines. All other kings of the Saudi royal family just took dictations from the Americans and acted accordingly. May God bless the soul of King Faisal, Aameen.

    The role of the Saudi govt. in boosting sectarianism in Pakistan can be neither ignored nor excused.

  • @nota

    sorry ramadan is getting to me, but what did you mean by your last post?

    thanks sweet truth but I leave the politics to the politicans. and salam how is Saudia Arabia not part of the problem. They are every bit the problem as America is.