Taliban claims responsibility for Lahore Attack

  • According to BBC Urdu service Taliban terrorist Qari Hussian has claimed responsibility for Wednesday night Lahore attack on a Shia congregation.


  • Isnt it so soon???These Taliban didnt even Gave Taliban Apologist a time to blame Blackwater...Something is Fishy about their claim isnt it????

  • @gazi23

    Talibans are mother of all evils in Pakistan and because of them our country is suffering so badly. Lashkar Jhangvi and SSP are sectarian-based banned terrorist groups and Punjab senior Minister Rana Sanaullah attends their election rallies. How can we win war on terror where senior PML-N leaders are attending rallies of banned terrorist groups?

    Taliban apologists will soon put the blame on RAW and CIA or Blackwater and dodgy characters like Imran Khan will put the blame as usual on Govt with a statement that our policies are responsible for this attack.

    Shobaz Sharif Govt should resign over this incident because they were actively seeking support of SSP for winning a by- election seat in Jhang and Rana Sanaullah was specially sent to Jhang for securing support of SSP in favour of PML-N candidate.

    No wonder why the rest of the world does not trust us where senior Ministers of PML-N are seeking support of a banned terrorist group to win an election.

  • Funny guys! You wo are not waiting for the infallible Rehman Malik to blame them. I am sure he can find you a position with the FIA. You'd be a perfect fit. Honest! :-P

  • @bitterlies

    "Talibans are mother of all evils in Pakistan and because of them our country is suffering so badly. Lashkar Jhangvi and SSP are sectarian-based banned terrorist groups and Punjab senior Minister Rana Sanaullah attends their election rallies."

    Confused? So is it Taliban or Lashkar Jhangvi or SSP or Rana Sanaullah??

  • @lota

    Yes all of them! Taliban, Lashkar Jhangvi,SSP, Rana Sanaullah and lota, they all are same with one dirty goal and the goal is to destroy Pakistan.

    Shame on all of them

  • @nota

    Sirjee Taliban and Sectarian outfits are both SAME side of the COIN the only difference is that they are working in different places having different ways of Caring out exact same thing which they are doing...Confused???Here it goes...

    Talibans are mainly from Tribal agencies and its Borders with Afghanistan where Pakistani laws arent applied and where Their is nothing called SYSTEM even exist and the once who control are those tribes use to do Jirga and decide what should be done so due to ABSENCE of system they can create their own Private Army without any Problem while in Punjab SYSTEM not only exist but is working as well and because alot of Army and their Influence in Punjab so They cant create FULL FLEDGED Army like KPK cause they know Army wont allow them to take things from their hands that easily and what they do is creating a Groups in Masjids and started using Propaganda against Another sect or organization whom they found threatened and also act when they have a chance....

    So very small difference between Banned Sectarian organization and Taliban is that Banned Sectarian Organizations ACTS like Gangsters while Talibans are acting like an Army or Mercenary...

  • Punjab Govt has failed again and Taliban/SSP terrorists are roaming free in Lahore and attacking targets wherever they want. Our Police/intelligence agencies have failed yet again or may be there is lack of strong will to catch terrorists. Taliban terrorists enjoy financial and moral support in cities and their suicide bombers are provided logistical support before attacks. Who are these supporters in cities? Why aren't they exposed? What is the expediency which is stopping our Govt to catch them?

    Unfortunately these attacks will continue to occur unless we become serious about them and take strong actions against terrorists.

  • @Sweettruth

    Welcome to Politics in Pakistan....When Politics become LIFTING people for few votes then this is the results of that....No wonder why would Punjab Govt. ever try to EXPOSE the real culprites of this as they know where their VOTES are coming from...What will gonna happened next is they will Capture few people from those banned outfit present them in front of court and then CASE CLOSED but the real culprits will be easily run away and no one would be able to capture them....I think we need DICTATOR like person who dont give DAMN about Public Opinion for this job....That is why I believe Musharraf was better cause at least he dared to take bold steps for no matter what consequences could be(Lal Masjid)...

  • Yes a dictator like person is what is needed and not a mirasi coward of a commando.

    Hats off to Naseer Ullah Baber when in action on orders by Mrs Bhutto.For many years it was peace and quit.

    Lets clear Karachi of racist mafias first as a first step.

  • Yesterday's Dunya Today (Sep, 2nd) very objectively discussed the issue of how to scientifically and operationally fight suicide attacks. They quoted example of Israel how they successfully countered it? They had 2 strong recommendations:

    1. We, masses but specifically security establishment, should be clear who is our enemy like in Israel and US. There is no confusion in Israel or US about 90-95% people agree about enemy but in our case we have division among our security establishment ranks. Some perceives militant outfits as assets and some as menace and same thought trickles down in masses and political arena.

    2. We need to establish homeland security sort of department that can execute comprehensive counter terrorism strategy.

    The experts (Zia u din Butt, Dr. Farrukh Saleem, Saleem Safi and Akram Seghal) also agreed that if US leaves Afghanistan after some sort of negotiations and understanding with Taliban and Alqaeda then and only then their departure would have positive influence on Pakistan. If they remain here as they are or they leave as defeatists it will further complicate things for Pakistan.

  • @Naseem

    Lolzzzz....I was talking about Punjab province so would people of Punjab welcome Naseer Ullah baber for doing same which he did in Karachi????

  • Nota,

    Why would anyone wait for Malik to spill out what has already been established through admission?

  • May God make the perpetrators rot in hell. May God show them the real meaning of REVENGE.

  • Natasha-

    just because I call you and tell you over a mobile phone that I am XYZ and I take responsibility for this or that action DOES NOT make it so- in the Byzantine screwed up security disaster situation in Pakistan.

    Deception at all levels of everything is rampant and specifically so that we might not know who is doing what to whom.

    Besides God might have different views about who will or will not rot in in Hell!

  • Shimatoree,

    If you're so SURE of the 'deception' please tell me why is there no DENIAL from these proud heroes. Why are they letting this 'deceptive' media tarnish their image?

  • Natasha-

    I stand by my comment. It is very simple to understand.

    Of course you do have the freedom to express yourself as you see it

    And I am also fully capable of choosing my own words in a few languages for myself without the need for anyone helping to put THEIR words in my mouth.

  • You made an argument. I asked you a simple question. You do not have an answer. That's not called putting words in your mouth. That's escaping a valid counter-argument I put across to those who see a 'conspiracy' in everything that THEY do.

  • Come on, natasha, there's no reason on God's earth for the TTP to carry out such an attack. and if they don't deny it, it's their way. We've seen this happen time and again with the Palestinians who rarely bother to deny anything the Israelis put out about them, when we all know fully well they were never involved.

    Natasha, think who benefits most. Cui bono as they say and you've got the answer. The forces of evil which have penetrated our country. You can supply the name yourself, no doubt about it. They've been doing much of the killing in recent times, including the cowardly Lahore blasts that sent so many Shias to their Maker. Today's Quetta killings are also their handiwork.

  • Natasha-

    Your judgment that I do not have an answer is incorrect and without merit and without any foundation.

    I repeat. If you play with FIRE- do not be shocked if you burn your fingers. If you kill someone or someone's kids- do not be shocked when they come after you to do the same to you.

    If the carnage in Quetta bothers you a lot- then stop bombing THEM in FATA.

    Simple solution . Or is it too difficult