Imran Khan against Tablighi Jamat

  • Just saw a video where Imran ask Professor Ahmed Rafique about Tablighi Jamat by making fun of their Ijtima at raiwand. It appears that Prof Ahmed Rafique is a bigger hater of tabilighi jamat than Imran. No wonder the influence of Jamat-e-Islami on Imran khan has been working out.

  • Imran the conman is under heavy influence of Jamat Islami (Jamati style politics and arrogance) and also Gen Hameed Gul and despite being roughened up by Jamiat in Punjab University he has not learnt his lessons.

    Tableeghi Jamat of Raiwand remains only credible Islamic group in our country and they do not involve in politics and also do not meddle in other's affairs. Jamat Islami is worst of all the groups which do their politics in the name of religion. I think religious groups/parties should be banned into politics as they do nothing but spread sectarianism and radicalism.

  • Tablighi jamat as far as I know has their big IJTAMA annually in Raiwand so I can smell Politics in that...Another idea is that Tablighi Jamat is NON VIOLENT organization just having purpose of Tableegh so Contacts with Taliban are very little or almost Impossible...I remember that my Islamiat Teacher who also use to father of a friend of mine belongs to tablighi Jamat and he along with many Scholars FORBID everyone who use to Attend their Bayans and Ijtamas to go to Afghanistan for Jihad back in 2001...Didnt understood the reason back then but now its became clear why....So I think Imran Khan being Taliban Apologist and tablighi Jamat trying to move people away from violence and teaching other ways of Spreading islam to Non muslims kind of make another sense in that as well...

  • ghazi23:

    I think tablighi jamat has no political agenda at all. If they had one, they would've been deploy it a long time ago as tablighi jamat has been activated since the start of this century.

  • Well i think Tablighi jamait never bother about this kind of jokers...moreover the so called professor talks are full of lies as i saw Talighi jamiat ppl in all walks of life. Allah safe us from these kind of hate mongering ppl

    BTW saint Imran Khan himselft stand where so far in politics?

  • @syedhussain

    Their history is very long and it was created even before the Partition and still we dont find their visible role in Pakistan movement or even in United India movement like Mudoodi so I agree with your take on having no Political agenda so this end up with my second thought which is not favoring Taliban or even Anti America Rhetoric as well as we know Imran Khan is Taliban apologist and Outspoken supporter of Anti USA rhetoric so how could he ever have any good idea about a religious group or organization who dont promote his Ideology???I have many times personally attended their Bayans and very impressed with their level of Neutrality in the speeches of Maulana...

  • Aren't the tablighis in politics indirectly, when they make a huge portion of the educated n religious minded population to refrain from voting. So in the end people with no sound education or religious knowledge go to the polling booths n vote for the idiots who have been ruling over us again n again. The tableeghis do make an excellent effort for the betterment of an individual but refrains its followers to make a change in society. Even if we leave out politics to b a bad thing, why doesnt tableeghi jamaat even act as an important part of the civil society???? The tableeghis have infact made a large number of potentially dynamic youngsters to become a dysfunctional part of the society. I dont think Allah on the day of judgement would let me off so easily even if I was good at my own Ibadats, without asking me about my input for a better social system. How can I be a good Muslim doing my chillaas in the masjid while a liquor store is running in the same neighborhood with a population of 99.9% muslims. The tableeghis dont even bother to raise a voice for the evil n wrongdoings happening aroun them. The tableeghis seem to be following the Makki life of Prophet Mohammad, they need to migrate their strategies to Madina, where the Prophet actually worked for the establishment of an Islamic Society. The tableeghis have been around a hundred years, they can never achieve a good islamic society unless they teach their followers to speak up and act upon things going wrong around them.

  • Tableegi Jamat is a non political organization, whereas Imran is a politician. I wonder why should a politician have any misunderstanding with a non political organization?

  • The professor is quit biased. In my point of view all his observation are wrong. Tablighee Jumat don't consider themselves some one special or Mutaqee or better then other. They are non political moment. Imran and this professor should also understand that there is not only Tablighee Jumat in the country. There is Jumat e Islami, JUI etc etc If in Pakistan things are going in negative direction then these people are also responsible for that.

    Jumaati people dont like Tablighee Jumat.

  • Imran is stupid by relating Tableeghi to growing social evils in our society. Talibans, SSP, Lashkars, Jamat Islami and other terrorist sectarian groups are responsible for spreading evils in our society. Why doesn't Imran criticize them? Why Imran is Taliban's number 1 supporter? Tableeghi Jamat has nothing to do with politics and is the only credible Islamic group in Pakistan which does not promote violence and terrorism.

    Shame on both Imran and Prof Ahamd for mocking at Tableeghi Jamat

  • Their is a single group in Pakistan or in Muslims world that has created their Credibility by being Neutral and Imran Khan dont like that group is a very astonishing for me....I think this reflects he is still CONFUSED over whom to support and whom to oppose...The reason for that confusion is cause he is lost in old Anti USA rhetoric which are dictated by Right wing school of thoughts amongst our Political analyst like Shireen Blackwater ki beemari, Hamid Gull and to some extent Haroon Rasheed and the MOST IMPORTANT amonst all Zaid hamid....So he really need to get rid of these kinds of people close to him and try to understand using his own Analytical Skills cause these people are not worthy of being Analyst but they are just Emotional brainwashers....

  • Imran Khan and Jammat e Islami's biggest issue with Tablege Jammat is numbers. When IK or JI try to hold rally it tops at 2,000 as oppose to Tablege Jammat's over 2,000,000 and even that number is increasing as acknowledged by Mr. Khan. Their frustration is understandable even religious right section of the society doesn't trust them.

    Personally I like Tableges because they don't indulge in politics and consequent violence. I am against mingling politics and religion. Any group that keeps them apart has my backing. I can't think of a group that combines politics and religion and remains non-violent.

  • First of aal the title of this thread is very misleading.

    Second about neutrality of tableghi jamat and dawat e islami:

    Does our faith allow us to stay neutral when there is somuch 'zulm'and corruption in our country?

    They are like the people who watched those boys being killed in Sialkot.

    BTW Imran is not against tableghi Jamat but he wants them to choose a side.

  • I am unable to watch video for some reason so have no idea what Imran said about Tableeghi Jamat.But I can sense the discussion over here is directionless as till now no one has mentioned what was wrong with what Imran said.

    Can any body tell me what Imran said and what was wrong with that?

  • @wantinsaf

    Imran's question was hows the tableegh of Tableeghi-jamat is different from the Tableegh our Prophet SAW did ? He also questioned why there is very little change in our society inspite an increase in the number of people attending Tablighi igtimas ?

    I did not know that "questioning" is not allowed in our society ? I see that people here are criticising IK simply becuse he questioned TJ.

    I have never heard IK saying he is against TJ but you can always improve while constructive criticism helps you improve. His question is valid and a reality; why our society is not chaging for good inspite an increase in TJ ijtimas ? There might be something that TJ is missing or needs to change.