Boy killed barbarically in Shujabad


    "Another tragedy of barbaric killing similar in nature to one reported from Sialkot has been unearthed in Shujabad. A 28-year-old youth was killed after severe torture. According to details, the youth was half dug in ground before being beaten to death. The youth was declared as a robber and the dead body was handed over to the police.

    The incident of barbaric killing was reported in the precincts of the Dad police station Sadar.

    Associates of Khadim Hussain including Abdul Majeed, Muhammad Hashim abducted Allah Dita Baloch while he was busy watering his crops at night. After the abduction Allah Dita Baloch taken to another open field where he was half dug in ground and killed after sever torture. The murderers dragged the dead body of the victim to their home before handing it over to the police, they alleged that Allah Dita was a robber. One of the murder further alleged that Allah Dita had unfair relations with his daughter, so they killed him.

    The family of the victim have alleged that police is not taking up the matter due to the fact that an influential politician is trying to suppress the case. The residents of the town lodged a protest in Thana Chowk and demanded the Chief Justice of Pakistan and Chief Minister Punjab to take action against all those involved in the barbaric killing."

    "After the Sialkot lynching and killings, a new video has surfaced in the media in which a youth has been killed after he was buried alive half into the ground and then the crowd tortured him and then killed him.

    And as usual this all happened in front of the police and the whole village and the passers by saw and many of them were cheering the ones who were doing the gruesome act."

    According to stories he was killed with tortured with iron bars until death.

  • This is not the first such incident since Sialkot. I mentioned one from Lahore that has been covered up(incident, cover-up)

    (Of course there was the one in Karachi which is the topic of that thread. Another one I mentioned there did not involve torture but shooting five to death in open market in Hyderabad)

    And as I mentioned, Sialkot incident wasn't the first one by any long shot...

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Where is;

    (1) Govt.

    (2) justice system

    of Pakistan ?

    Where are people of Pakistan ?