Ojhri Camp Blast

  • Any developments? Any reports... revelations...related books?

  • natasha

    There are many incidents of similar nature in our Pakistani history. The facts of none were ever revealed. Hamud Ur Rehman commission report was also never disclosed to the public.

  • Yeah that I know...there are many including Liaquat Al khan , 71,Zia Ul Haq , Kargil and lateley Bhutto...

    But Id like to know if there's any book available related to this particular incident. Some memoirs aur auto-biographies talking of the tragedy?

  • No result when 'they' are involved and 'they' are often involved.

  • Only account I know of is an Urdu book written on Akther Abdur Rahman which talks about some details on Ojhri Camp disaster. Book is written by no other then Haroon Rasheed, so go figure....

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @natasha: No idea what your talking about.

    @Hussain Farooqui: I hear Hamood-ur-Rahman report is published at the following location;

    (1) http://www.bangla2000.com/Bangladesh/Independence-War/Report-Hamoodur-Rahman/default.shtm

    I'm not sure, if this report is legitimate or not. I don't know. We need to find out.

    I need someone in our community to confirm, if this report is 'legitimate' or 'fake'.

  • hariskhan

    My father is an eyewitness of the fall of Dkhaka. He confirms most of the things which we hear have been written in Hamud Ur Rehman commission report.

  • Dusky,

    Haroon Rashid...too dramatic....thanks anyways.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @Hussain Farooqui: ..and where is that report ?

    Where was your father at that time of fall of Dhaka ?

  • Aslam Aleikum,


    I meant to express whatever excerpts of the commission report were published in the newspapers, my father confirmed those.

    My father was in Chittagong at the time of the fall of Dkaka. He witnessed all the tragic bloodshed that occurred after the fall.

    Thanks for providing me the link of the Commission Report.

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