Pakistan heading for big mess...?

  • Abhi Geo Tv per arha hey Hameed Mir show... Hameed is traveling in kimari/karachi flood relief camp, Look like Most of the people from Jacobabad dont wanna go back to those their area and even Zulfiqar Mirza promised them for plot in karachi....

    look like fishy plot to me, with such planning with IDPs Pakistan ka ka hi Plot na chala jaey

  • Chalo Qabza tu waisay bhi Karna hi hai PPP nay ANP nakaam hu rahi hai tu ab Flood Victims ki AARh mai kar lay magar yeh sab karnay say pehlay yeh bhi Sochna parega Zulfiqar Mirza ko k Karachi mai un logoon ka MOO kon band karega jo inko Haqeeqat Bataingay PPP ki k kis tarhan unhoonay apnay Ghar bachanay k liye Band torhay aur in k Shahar/Goth Silaab mai Duba diyay...Yeh sab sunay k baad agar koi Sailaab Zadgaaan mai say PPP ko thookta bhi hai tu agay phir khud samajh jao k inhain apni mati say kitna piyar hai....

  • Today neither any institution nor any political party can alone address the national, regional and international issues. Since 60 Years Pakistan is witnessing the leadership based in Divide and Rule principal of British Colonial system and now it warrants the leadership Unite and Serve. At the outset of 21st Century, The world at large is confronting with disintegration of nations, cultures and civilizations. Our response to the world is defensive which has invited unseen and perpetual interferences. All this is because of our differences within the politicians, Leaders, Sects, Cultures and Groups. Since the creation of Pakistan we have neither formulated any Social Contract nor could agree upon one Constitution. Every government introduced partial reforms and amendments, but the next Govt. receded the whole process. Because our constitution is not compatible to the current world Democratic system. The necessity of time demands a National Government to achieve national goals like social contract and constitution for distribution of resources and provision of opportunities.

    The 1973 constitution’s Sovereign Code conflicts with the judiciary, Mulla and Army Codes. The author of the constitution was completely alien to the principals of Sovereign Code. Thus he failed to synchronize the ideology and cultural code and could not design metonym common codes for the nation’s identity. The sovereign code of the constitution is copy of British sovereign code colored with French Sovereign Code without addressing antonym code of the two systems. Therefore it was not possible to synchronize its codes with our culture and ideology. The Constitution reflects the ignorance of the author toward the Metonym code, ideology code and the cultural code of democracy. This was the time when the nation had still not recovered from the shock of the disgraceful handover of one wing to the enemy. The disintegrated and frustrated nation was not in proper mind frame to adopt any new constitution.

    The Constitution basically defines the manners in which sovereign Power is distributed, it is on the contrary and gives absolute powers to the Prime Minister or President to appoint. COAS, CJ, Secretary, Ambassador and Ministers Etc, including transfer Posting of Key Jobs. As a result it produces civilian dictators instead of Leaders which is very attractive situation for a military coup. Constitutional amendment can not defend military coup until and unless we readdress our sovereign code. How long can we circumvent the constitution and end up with amendments and failure?

    Leader must have the knowledge of DECODING OF CIVILIZATIONS for formulation of new codes. Any leader without this knowledge will be disastrous for the nation. Democracy is not constitution. It is a SOCIAL CONTRACT which demands new coding of corporate culture in our British Colonial System, in consonance with the ideology, religion, resources, opportunities and the manners in which sovereign power is distributed. I realize the full import of the new world which is being shaped by nature. The ground of history is being prepared for a new world of Information Technology. Leaders provide a beacon for the right path to the nation and rulers keep the nation aligned toward the Path provided by the leader. Leader never Rules and Ruler can not lead the nation. Only a DICTATOR is self proclaimed leader and ruler. I feel disturbed to see my country in total disorder.

    Advancement of information Technology has caused Truth to manifest itself against all odds. The credentials of truth are known by the test of time, Good, right and truth are final, these do not merely come and go but create a new situation to restore the true balance disturbed by evil, wrong and falsehood. The time theme and its mystery with relation to human history demands to get our vision adjusted to the logic of events as they have unfolded themselves in the very beginning of 21st century.

    Therefore, I Propose that a National Council comprising of five members be formed. First member should be elected one out them by all chief Justices and Presidents of Bar Councils as a Judiciary member of National Council. 2nd member should be elected one out of them by all vice chancellors of universities as an Education member of National council and third member should be elected one out of them by all Presidents of chambers, 4th member should be elected one out of them by all chiefs and I.Gs. All these four members should select President as head of the council and state. President House should be renamed as IDEA CENTRE. This should be office of NATIONAL COUNCIL to run national government. IDEA stands for INTER department edict authority.

    Prime Minister House should be renamed as VISION CENTRE. Vision stands for = Volunteers institute of society’s Inter office necessities. First member should be elected one out of them by all groups of Muslim Leagues. Second member should be elected one out of them by all groups of PPP. Third member should be combined representative of all religious parties. Fourth member should be a combined representative of all nationalist and linguistic parties. Fifth member should be a combined representative of all other parties. All five members will elect one out of them as a Prime minister every year turn by turn.

    I have observed, analyzed and decoded the western and eastern civilizations and their economic reforms for nineteen years. And I have crystal clear vision for centuries ahead and expertise to develop and give practical shape to this broad outline of suggestion, if the nation agrees for National government. Then we need to set new public popular codes of society for NAME, FLAG, ECONOMY, SOVEREIGNTY and UNITY for the pragmatic and peaceful state. The idea is compatible to the current democratic system of the world. It will have an inbuilt mechanism of EVOLUTION of New social welfare state. Evolution is in accordance with design and order of the universe, where as REVOLUTION is an evil act. The Evolution of new codes will bring in practice an unwritten constitution of six words for a social welfare state. Year 2012 will see a civilized nation on Globe. I am available for any query or feedback for any national cause.

    Let us join hands together for National Government to establish a social welfare state.

    Syed Ammar Bukhari

    Cell: 0321-2345617!/profile.php?id=100000987082106

  • IDPs and political vote bank issue .

    this is gonna be the biggest issue in the coming days .

    MQM has decided to go against Govt , after this happening .

    according to MQM ,its vote bank has been threatened by Interior Sindh based IDPs , will reside in the territory of Karachi ...

    and MQM is afraid of the situation .

    as it has only one thing in its favor , the vote bank of two major cities of Pakistan .

  • Zulfiqar Mirza and Agha Siraj Durrani are infamous people in the general opinion of their own party workers. They are not popular leaders of even their own political party.

  • in my opinion , every party has its bad people .

    and PPP has taken out all the villains of their party at the fore front , to counter every thing they are facing .

  • Beenai

    Do you mean 'loha lohay koo kat ta hai'? LOL

  • @Hussain Farooqui ,

    yes , thats what i actually meant ...

    we can see every party has put its good or comparatively sensible people on the back seat .

    and has put all the villains on the front .

    whether its PPP ,PMLN or MQM .. you can see yourself .

  • Beenai

    That means our politics has no longer room for any ladies and gentlemen. Very interesting remarks from your side reflecting the realities of our politics.

    Zulfiaqar Mirza has openly declared himself a goonda in a relief camp of Hyderabad, so there is no doubt left in considering him as a real goonda. Others however deny the facts about them.

  • While on the subject of villains, here is the latest villainy by villain-in-chief Zardari:

    M Javed said:

    It is an added tragedy to the flood affectees that a currupt government is in place.

    President Zardari opened National Flood Affectees Fund Account in the names of his son: Bilawal and his daughter: Bakhtawer Zardari.

    It is immoral and highly criminal act on the part of Mr. Zurdariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    (Blogger on dunya Today, 3.9.10)

  • i just came to know from a reliable resource that imported olive oil bottles and first class quality dates has been offered for purchase on a cheaper price to the whole sale market vendors of Judia Bazaar Karachi from a PPP linked member .

    when the traders get them purchased , they saw a label on all the bottles and dates packs .

    'a Gift from Saudi Arabia for the flood Victims of Pakistan'.

    thats the result ,we can get when we have Villains on the driving seat .

  • This is one of the dirtiest manifestations of greed in the book, beenai: depriving flood victims of very necessary food. Friends, how not to say it: down with Zardari and his bunch of thieves! We urgently need a change in government.

  • "imported olive oil bottles and first class quality dates has been offered for purchase on a cheaper price to the whole sale market vendors of Judia Bazaar Karachi from a PPP linked member ."

    Is this a surprise? I wrote somewhere here -- when the floods started -- the word I got from Multan was that the Gilani folk were "literally salivating" at the prospect of the monies they will be making. Someone also told be of a govt worker "jo phoola nahi sama raha tha" on the news of the floods. When asked why he was so happy, he said can you imagine the money to be made (he explained: you just tell the higher-ups you put down 2000 sacks of dirt to strengthen the embankment here and 3000 there but it washed away. Of course you never do that but how are they gonna check? You just get paid for the 'work')

    Also, this is nothing new. It ALWAYS happens this way. My earliest memory of this is 40+ years old seeing a green can of ghee with similar marking "Gift of .." (sorry I forget the country and the disaster - probably floods - it was for). Since the earthquake, if you traveled north past Rawalpindi, after every few kilometers you see big displays of relief goods, including "imported" tents, blankets, clothing, etc. being sold openly.

  • As many people expected that Altaf Hussain's invitation for martial law had something to do with Karachi politics.

    Shame on parties like PPP,MQM and ANP who are doing politics on lives of poor people who are their voters just because of ethnic affiliations.

  • @ nota

    In 2006 I myself saw goods meant for earthquake victims being sold openly in Raja Bazar, Rawalpindi. When I inquired about it, shopkeepers were hesitant to divulge details but few of them told that they bought it from Abbotabad and Karachi. By digging more it transpired that a prominent politician of Rawalpindi was behind this supply line, the nazim of city. And guess who was he? The very nephew of Sheikh Rasheed, Farzande-Rawalpindi.

    I am sure same will be the case this time because now another crook, the biggest in our history Asif Ali Zardari is sitting on top. If even 50% of the Aid coming from abroad, specially Saudi Arabia, other middle eastern countries, Europe and USA is delivered to the affectees then it will be enough for them. But that is not the case, watching videos of these areas present a bleak situation which is horrible.

  • yes , unfortunately , we are heading towards the mess .

    when our so called leaders start behaving like vultures .

    by selling out the goods meant for flood victims .

    by eating out aid money meant for flood victims .

    they are eating the flesh of dead bodies .

  • Beenai-

    If they were eating the FLESH of DEAD bodies it would be OK. They are dead anyway- BUT

    They are eating the FLESH of the living and that is despicable indeed.

  • The mess that could be Created with those Flood Victims of Sindh would be on the heads of PPP only cause I dont think that any place in Four of Karachi's defunct Districts has left for them to settle cause they are getting OVER POPULATED themselves and it all ends up in one District which is call Malir and Malir is already part of PPP vote bank so I dont think any Problems would be created and another thing about Malir District is that Steel Mill is very near to that district so they can also find some Jobs their...Other then that When Liyari Expressway was Building a large number of illegal population was Moved to Hawksbay where all Utilities were available as well and now their is a whole Society of those people there so another place left for those Flood Victims who dont want to return is Hawks Bay Near those population who were displaced by Liyari Express way but the biggest problem would be Jobs as closest area near that is SITE industrial area where they can get jobs but the Problem is its already Filled with so many Labours and large Number of Unemployed people as well so last they would end up in Manora Keemarhi beach where they can start their new life with Catching Fishes or another location is Gadani where Ship breaking Industry is located but its part of Baluchistan I guess...

  • beenai

    "according to MQM ,its vote bank has been threatened by Interior Sindh based IDPs , will reside in the territory of Karachi ..."

    No more than 50,000 IDPs are currently living in camps in karachi.

    Thats no big vote since 50,000 doesnt even make an single PA seat.

  • That is right Asig86. It is called chor ki darhi main tinka. MQM is afraid of this temporary migration of people because of their own deeds in the past. How they got false claims and how they got control of business in Sindh.

    These innocent villagers who have come as IDPs do not know such tricks, and I am sure most of them will go back soon. All the fears of MQM are false and un-realistic because as I said Chor ki Darhi main Tinka.