Zardari bought a £140 million flat in London?

  • Thats the rumor. I heard it first on Kashif Abbasi program when Wasim Akhtar was referring to a 140million transaction, then the next day Kashif Abbasi said their were rumors that it was Zardari.

    If this is true, and it probably is because only a mental idiot could do something like this, at this time. His party members must realize that he is planning his getaway from Pakistan while the Party is headed for a downward spiral with the crooks running around not answerable to anyone.

  • Zardari shall be able to buy more expensive things, if stays in power for his complete term. LOL

  • he he he

    tou kiya karay bechara .

    ab waqat bhi tou itna kam rahh gaya hay becharay kay pass.

    aur phir sailaab zadgaan kay naam pe jo chanda mila hay .

    usska bojh kab tak uthaye ga ?

    kahien na kahein tou raqam thikaanay kagani hay .

    uss becahary kay tou saray bacahay he chanday aur international khairaat pe pilay barhay hain .

  • this will also pass.

    in farsi = AN HAM MIGZARAD

  • yani kay ?

    apki koi bhi baat abhi tak meri samjh nahi aaye .afsos.

  • ppp jiyalas willl deny thiz again but just like surrey mahal they will accept this fact latter maybe after 2 yrs.

    140 million pounds meanz almost 18 billion rupees. luking at zardaris record this is simply nothing. surrey mahal in england, palace in france, palace in dubai, a penthouse in newyork, billions dollars invested in west, just go to watch hiz bilwal house in karachi, how much thiz family has looooted pakistan, it can be only seen in sindh theze days. just luk at the shape of people displaced by flooods specially in sindh, thats what ppp iz alll about keeeep ppl poor & then exploit thiz situation.

    last time inpower zardari looted at least 2 billion dollars but this time he iz all in all & there is no opposition, this time looted money will be at lease 10 billion dollars which is only 850 billion rupees. zardari do neeeeeeeeed 1 more five yrs terms to reach 100 billion dollarz.

  • Aik Zardari , sub pe bhari .(corruption mein):):):)

  • Can anybody predict the future of Zardari?

  • he he he

    for predicting his future , u dont have to be a palmist or astrologist or zodiac sign specialist .

    he is gonna be the most richest man of the world , killed by his kids for the piles of money he has .

    (keep your fingers cross):):):)

  • I think Surah Al-Masad in the Quran will suit Zardari's future.

    1. Perish the two hands of Abu Lahab (an uncle of the Prophet), and perish he!

    2. His wealth and his children (etc.) will not benefit him!

    3. He will be burnt in a Fire of blazing flames!

    4. And his wife too, who carries wood (thorns of Sadan which she used to put on the way of the Prophet () , or use to slander him).

    5. In her neck is a twisted rope of Masad (palm fibre).