Quetta: Suicide bomber struck rally 73 dead, over 160 injured... Oh GOD

  • There were also two other attacks today.

    One in Mardan.But fortunately only suicide bomber was killed and another in Peshawar on Police claimed many lives.

    Bad Friday.

    Attacks everywhere on Pakistan even in London where our cricketers managed more shame for the nation.

  • And Samson said,

    " Let me die with the Philistines.

    And he bowed himself with all his might; and the house fell upon the lords, and upon all the people that were therein. So the dead which he slew at his death

    were more than they which he slew in his life.

  • May the perpetrators of the crime rot in hell.

  • This post is deleted!

  • It's shocking after yesterday's blasts in Lahore today rallies were held all over the country against Israel's occupation. I am glad what we saw in Quetta didn't happen else where. It could have very easily repeated in Karachi, Lahore, RawalPindi or Peshawar. First of all why anti-Israel demonstration were lead by Shia community? When was the last time you heard 73 people died in ME? In Pakistan we just lost 73 people depicting solidarity - God bless Pakistan.

  • @shirazi

    It has happened in Al Quds rally which was organized by Shia Organizations in Quetta so dont think that strings are not attached cause its the series of Sectarian violence started from Ashura, Chelum Blasts and recent wave have started from Gilgit Baltistan....

  • Here it goes another revelation of taliban....

    DERA ISMAIL KHAN: The Pakistani Taliban have claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing that killed at least 50 Shia Muslims in Quetta on Friday.

    The attack sharply drove up the toll of sectarian assaults in a country battered by massive flooding.

    Taliban commander Qari Hussain Mehsud tells The Associated Press that though they are fighting the US and the Pakistani government, ''Shias are also our target.''—AP


  • Taliban terrorist Qari Hussain Mehsud is at large and can give media interviews over the phone but our incompetent Police/intelligence and other one dozen Govt agencies cannot arrest him and other terrorists. Two days ago it was Lahore and now Quetta. Is there an end to this killing spree from Taliban terror group?

    When will public rise against Talibans? This is the only solution left to get rid of Talibans and the solution is full scale public intifaada against Taliban terror machine. Our Govt has failed but even when Govt planes drop bomb in Taliban hideouts in KP, Taliban apologists start jumping up and down. Damn you do Damn you don’t. Now public should attack and kill all talibans and also attack those dodgy madarssas where suicide bombers are trained. There is one such madarssa in Sohrab Goth (Karachi) where few years ago a trainer of suicide bombers was interviewed by CBS and BBC. He was openly boasting his training techniques with the foreign correspondent of BBC and CBS.

    There are other madarssas throughout Pakistan where these bombers are getting training. There is sizeable logistical support available to bring these brainwashed kids to big cities. Big cities like Quetta, Lahore, Pindi and Karachi have local Taliban network and this network provides logistical support for a successful suicide blast operation. Enough is enough and now it is high time public should take matters into their own hands. We need an all out Jihad against Talibans, all Lashkars, SSP, Jundullah and God knows how many are out there.

  • "The Pakistani Taliban have claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing that killed at least 50 Shia Muslims in Quetta on Friday."

    Oh what a surprise! Freaking hilarious, especially knowing that it was not a "Shia" rally but Pro-Palestinian Al-Quds rally till a few minutes ago. Also love this (and only) explanation offered:

    Taliban commander Qari Hussain Mehsud tells The Associated Press that though they are fighting the US and the Pakistani government, "Shias are also our target."—AP

    I thought they said suckers were born every minute. It seems they are born every second (and they are all here).

    BTW: I also found it very amusing that US FINALLY (Sept 01) declared TTP "an INTERNATIONAL terrorist organization". And what a surprise that celebrating the honors bestowed, TTP today, reports Reuters, threaten attacks in US, Europe and promise to do it "VERY SOON".


    In other (to be ignored) news: US drone strike 'kills six militants' in Pakistan

    Side Note: Is it me or does any one else find some humor in this as well: See the Reuters story. It a short one consisting of five sentences (two of them by "the TTP spokes person"). Yet the credits are almost as long:

    Report by Saud Mehsud; Writing by Zeeshan Haider; Editing by Michael Georgy and Peter Graff.

    (Are you telling me the reported cannot write and the writer of this small piece is so bad that TWO Reuters editors are needed to fix it? Amazing! What efficiency!!) :-P

  • Thanks, nota. Excellent piece. Put everything in the right perspective.

  • @bitterlies

    "Taliban terrorist Qari Hussain Mehsud is at large and can give media interviews over the phone but our incompetent Police/intelligence and other one dozen Govt agencies cannot arrest him"

    That alone should shake up some neurons. If indeed Qari was making that phone call, it's child's play to pinpoint his location and arrest him. It is not that "Police/intelligence and other one dozen Govt agencies" are "incompetent" that they "cannot arrest him".

    The simple fact is what you consider "ABSOLUTE" truth is plainest of LIES. The calls owning these attacks are but fabrications.

    But of course that fact is just to inconvenient for you and other sheeple. ;-)

  • Ttp phone per yeh nahi batatay kai aaj drone nai itnay civilains maar diye hain ya hum nai mir jafar fauji itnay maar diye hain. but they do make sure to tell dawn and crappy bbc urdu that we did this to sheat rallies.

  • Another shameful day in Pakistan's history.

    Till we get a control of the Taliban menace, I propose that there should be No religious rallies in Pakistan. Gathering in mosques are fine, but no processions please, as they are a easy target for the fanatical few.

    In other news, ICC acted to do what our PCB board was refusing to do - suspend the cricketers involved. Apparently they were angered by the belligerent display by Wajid Shamsul Hassan.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    (1) What have relevant authorities of Govt. of Pakistan done to investigate this incident, thus far ?

    (2) ALL this 'hype' about 'Taliban', 'TTP' having done this is 'idle speculation'

    There is no 'basis' for connecting this incident to 'Taliban', 'TTP' or any other entity. I don't buy these 'fake' 'call makers', who are ever ready to 'pose' as 'Taliban', 'TTP'.

    The fact that Govt. of Pakistan;

    (1) never investigates these incidents

    (2) never apprehends any suspects, criminals

    (3) never charges anyone with these crimes

    (4) never makes criminals go through a trial, for them to be convicted through the court of law

    (3) never publishes a report on these incidents

    gives a very big signal to people of Pakistan, on what is really going on.

    This is ALL! a charade, a drama.

  • ok, so if these are fake call makers, lets assume

    then you think the real Taliban is any good?

    Fine, the govt of Pakistan does not care about people dying, but atleast dont cover up Talibani mess as if they are very good people. all of Pakistan knows the way they use force in wrong way.

  • If Taliban didnt do it - why dont they deny it.

  • yaa to add to that, they have denied involvements in attacks in the past. point to be noted.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @khanseena1: Why should they ? This is a 'very' 'expensive' 'option'.

    Why should anyone maintain a 'public' 'profile' ? make public statements ? engage in this 'cat n mouse' game ? Why ?

    This 'laying blame' and 'shrugging off blame' game. Its worthless. No one wants to waste their life, their precious time in this worthless nonsense.

    Why do people want Taliban or those who people call 'Taliban', to deny involvement in this incident ?

    Rather, why don't people call for relevant, responsible authorities of Govt. of Pakistan to do! their job ? i.e.,

    (1) find out who committed the crime

    (2) arrest them

    (3) take them to court of law for legal prosecution

    (4) prosecute criminals as per law of the land (i.e., Islam, standards of justice of Islam) (i.e., constitution of Pakistan that mirrors Islam)

    (5) for the court of law of this nation to do what is necessary as per standards of justice of Islam, in order to 'deliver' 'justice'

    We are not savages. We are human beings .. 'civilized' human beings. We! are Muslims!. We don't 'condemn' anyone on the basis of 'idle speculation', 'unconfirmed' notions or 'here-say'.

  • Excerpt from:


    It is also important to avoid playing into the hands of the terrorists who did this. Everyone knows we have sectarian groups in the country. But is every attack on one group the work of the opposite group?

    Not necessarily.

    In other words, Pakistan’s indigenous sectarian groups have been weakened over the years and their foreign support, from Saudi Arabia, Iran or elsewhere, has been considerably curtailed. What is happening is that their remnants are being reorganized by someone else on the Afghan border, arming them and financing them and providing them a new safe haven.

    So there is a bigger chance of the recent attacks being the work of the terror-export enterprise that hides in Afghanistan and has been targeting Pakistan since 2005. The first evidence of this is the fact that the attacks have been claimed by a terror group based on the Afghan border.

    With an attack on a minority worship place of the Ahmedis earlier in the day in Mardan preceding the Quetta attack by a few hours, it is clear this is not a sectarian issue but an organized campaign by Pakistan's regional enemies. And surely they will find supporters inside Pakistan. Apart from the existing sectarian groups, it is easy to recruit and brainwash poor young Pakistani teenagers, convince them to wear explosive belts and blow themselves up anywhere.

    And it's not just Pakistan. Iran has seen attacks on Shia mosques by elements claiming to be Sunnis. But there are no Sunni sectarian groups in Iran. The terrorists who have been attacking Iranian targets are based in US-controlled Afghanistan claiming to represent Sunnis. The attacks in Quetta today and in Karachi and Lahore on Wednesday share the same origin as the attacks in Iran: they are masterminded by terrorists who hide on the border with Afghanistan and have links to foreign intelligence agencies based there. We know that Indians have shown a lot of interest in these groups and established contacts with elements linked to them.

    Let us also remember there are external powers in our neighborhood that have an interest in perpetuating chaos in the region. We’ve seen how uneasy United States officials and commentators became when the whole focus in Pakistan turned to the floods and the humanitarian disaster and no one was talking about Washington’s terror war. That’s when at least one US media outlet spun into action and contacted terror ‘spokespersons’ on the Afghan border and solicited statements that can best be described as spreading panic during a national emergency.

    It is important that non-religious and non-essential public events in Pakistan -- political and religious -- be curtailed under these circumstances, regardless of sect and politics. If the government and the army can call off parades on days of national significance, including our Independence Day, then unnecessary public congregations can be curtailed as well.

    Patriotic Pakistanis, Shias and Sunnis, must step forward and show courage in telling our emotional religious figures that saving the lives of Pakistanis is more important for the time being, especially when none of these public events and processions have any religious sanction.

    Pakistani religious figures that refuse to do this and hide behind weak religious pretexts must be charged with endangering the lives of Pakistani citizens.