• Aab Amrika Aur Saudi Taliban Kay hathon nehtay nahin maray jaeein gay


  • yeh aap kay hee bhai banday hain... chor do saleebi jang ka saath..

  • Absolutely, NP, we're getting there. Daily a bit closer to the point where we might even be glad to lay down our lives rather than suffer the daily indignities inflicted on our nation, the daily deaths to be grieved over, the unbearable ordeals our flood victims have been exposed to and all the other trials and tribulations offered to us by others as our birthright.

  • I shall repeat again.

    If you dont want to have civilians killed by bombings in cities-

    STOP killing those in FATA by drones, F-16s and helicopter gunships.

    Is that so difficult to do?

  • @shimatoree

    "Is that so difficult to do?"

    But that requires an ounce of 'common' sense (ah! what a misnomer).

  • I would say rape the families of talibans and suicide bombers and kill everyone who is related to these suicide bombers and talibans.

  • @MG


    Well hold on to your hat for you ain't seen nothing yet...

    In the meantime, here is some food for thought:

    While Dawn claims (lies blatantly) that US no more pressing for N. Waziristan operation, the truth is quiet the opposite

    Mean while don't you just love describing assasination as a skill, a marketing tool? More on "Assasination, Inc." here.

  • @latentry

    Let's start with your sis (but then I hear it's impossible to rape her);-)

  • latentry...

    Not sure, what exactly u meant with this gang raping notion of urs.... But to be fair, why not start raping those who started this ordeal? Invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq By USA and the west? The so called "Friends" of these powers? People who are Droning away Khyber-Pukhtoonkwa and their sympathizer? I think, if u rape and kill all of them, then you will see that you actually wont find the need of "Raping" ppl.

  • NOTA

    dont worry we will soon start shagging your talibans sis. Or we should give them to russians again.

  • KHAN_SahiB

    Can we justify killing of innocent in pak by talibans just because america killing muslims all around the world. Than whats the diff between taliban and america. I bet 99% people died in quetta and lahore blasts would have hated america.

    These talibans are blood hungry merchants they are basiclly young boys who have been shagged at a young age and now they showing frustration because of all the sexual harasment in past.

    And i bet most of these talibans dont know a single word about islam

  • NO one can JUSTFY any Killing of innocent people. It doesn't matter if they are Talibaan or AMerica!!!!

    But here is a simple equation.

    I come and KILL your brother,father,sister,son,daughter,mother or anyone you love the most. Then you come after me and kill my whole clan. Regardless of the fact that we both killed innocent people, who is actually the responsible person of this killing? Will i be justified if I blame one of your family members for this killing and disregard MY role?

    First come out clear and clean...... Say that USA / West is WRONG. IMMORAL and are the CULPRIT party then blame talibaan later though i still hold the same logic that they start this massacre first. (Remember, there were no Talibaan until early 90's. In fact the word Talib/Talibaan was unheard of before 1990 in that context) Then I will back you criticizing Talibaan too.

    Please note that regardless of who started it first, i don't support Talibaan blasting innocent civilians even if they consider them as "collateral damage" which I think is a BS term, which has widely being used when u Fcuk up and want to walk free without any guilt.