The News reporter Umer Cheema Tortured, Humiliated After Abduction


    He was picked up by guys in police uniforms, held for six hours, hung naked upside down and beaten, and his head shaved. Was told "Ansar Abbasi is next!"

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  • ISI/Army Behind Umer Cheema Abduction and Torture?
    After Pakistani Journalist Speaks Out About an Attack, Eyes Turn to the Military

    What makes his case different is that Mr. Cheema has spoken out about

    it, describing in graphic detail what happened in the early hours of

    Sept. 4, something rare in a country where victims who suspect that

    their brutal treatment was at the hands of government agents often

    choose, out of fear, to keep quiet.

    “I have suspicions and every journalist has suspicions that all fingers

    point to the ISI,” Mr. Cheema said, using the acronym for the Inter-Services Intelligence agency, the institution that the C.I.A. works with closely in Pakistan

    to hunt militants. The ISI is an integral part of the Pakistani Army;

    its head, Gen. Shuja Ahmed Pasha, reports to the army chief of staff,

    Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.


    Mr. Cheema says he wrote more than 50 articles this year that questioned

    various aspects of the conduct of the military and the government,

    including corruption accusations against the president, Asif Ali Zardari.

    But it was three articles in particular, in June, July and August, on

    delicate internal army problems that appear to have angered the


    One article reported on the sensitive issue of the courts-martial of two

    army commandos who refused to obey orders and join the assault on a

    radical mosque and school in Islamabad in 2007....

    In another article, Mr. Cheema wrote that the suspects in a major

    terrorist attack against a bus carrying ISI employees were acquitted

    because of the “mishandling” of the court case by the intelligence


    In an article in early August, the reporter described how Army House,

    the residence of the chief of army staff, was protected by 400 city

    police officers and not by soldiers, as required by law....


  • A democratic Pakistan? What a joke!
    Rule of law? Even a bigger joke!

  • @ Truthlover

    100% agree with you.

    I can definitely see army getting ****** at the reporting about the 2 commandos for not wanting to participate in the butchering of people inside Lal Masjid, salute them for this couragous act and feeling the wrath of the Military establishment.