The Future is Taliban !

  • There are two things that the people of Pakistan want more than anything else. And they are-

    1. Security.

    2. Justice.

    It is quite apparent that the present set up has failed to deliver on both. It is also true that the system has no chance of redemption. With the departure of the Western forces from Afghanistan- the political juggernaut of the Taliban -like forces with aim their artillery to take over Pakistan . This will happen either with the total collapse of the govt: in Pakistan( already happened)- or with the help of some in the armed forces.

    Why would the army help- well for self preservation and to avoid a devastating civil war which will lead to fragmentation of the country.

    Something less might be acceptable to the Taliban-like forces such the enforcement of an Islamic Justice system which is swift and effective for the common man. They will also bring the demolition of the big land owner system.

    I am sorry to say this but the Elite and Westoxicated would be smart if they started planning for greener pastures that coming eventuality since a Taliban-like scenario is unacceptable to them.

  • :)

    (And all credit must go where due: the Elite and Westoxicated)

  • nota-

    after visiting with the IDPs of Swat and those that gave them support and refuge in the NWFP - the ONE thing that all of them were adamant about was-

    desire and demand for Swift Justice and THEY said that after they are done with exacting revenge against those that had killed their sons and relatives ( Fazlullah and his group) they hoped and wished that SWIFT justice will be established and that that is their AIM.

    No matter what the aspirations and wishes of the other party which really stands for a Status Quo- THEY are coming and all the screaming by ANYONE will not prevent their coming.

    I am growing my beard and already have started to behave.

  • shimatoree

    Your viewpoint is agreeable that if the system of justice is not revamped in Pakistan then it will definitely be encroached by the elements like Talibans.

  • Shimatoree

    "I am growing my beard and already have started to behave."

    ... what is your advise for those who can't afford to do so :)

  • HF-

    I am only describing what I am seeing in Pakistan .

    There is NO attempt-( NONE )- by any of the current politicians( of any party) to recognize the people's problems today .

    Add to that the rampant and visible corruption on a massive scale of the rulers which is impeding the economic and energy development of the country as investors are prevented from their work.

    Recently a mega outfit from abroad came with the idea of building wind turbines for electricity. They were told that 4-% of the value of the project they would have to give UP FRONT to the President and his cronies if they wanted to get an OK to go ahead.

  • Dildar: follow the footsteps of altaf hussain. Red Passport, Red Bottle, Red Blood spillage via Mobile Fone

  • Khan_sahib

    I hate red and altaf hussain is too ugly (sorry to say), can't follow his footsteps either......

    well in that case i would prefer Taliban :)

  • @shimatoree

    "Recently a mega outfit from abroad came with the idea of building wind turbines for electricity...."

    This place is full of such examples. Once my brother (in the hospital design field) managed to secure a grant of $2 million in hospital equipment from France. For the life of him he could not get the permission to get it installed -- for free -- in a public hospital.


    "if the system of justice is not revamped in Pakistan then it will definitely be encroached by the elements like Talibans"

    "Encroached"? Giving people what they want can hardly be described as that....

  • Look, all, if the Taliban - but which one would that be, TTP or the Afghan Resistance? - came down and gave us a working justice system, who in their right mind would object? If it worked as it should, it would put paid to corruption pretty fast.

    If, on top of it all, they respected the particularities peculiar to the other Pakistanis, we'd be sitting in clover, a real revolution and at a minimum cost of bloodshed.

    But I still think it will begin in the heartlands of our country and will link up somewhere down the road with the "Taliban" group.

  • shimatoree bhai

    plz dont be afraid. they are not coming because there quick justice is more bad then our justice. there are chances that our justice system will improve with time.


    there are chances that our justice system will improve with time.

    It is ramzan, but please let me ask you;

    are you high on something??????

  • dildar bhai

    plz tell first about your self.

  • Achtung-

    How much time you think you need for improvement?

    And as to improvement- we are talking about justice at the Magistrate level and at Session court level. As it is the Supreme Court has FAILED in it's job already after all the Hoopla.

    How many light years is it going to take, Sir ?

  • Mirza Sahib _

    everyone has a right to Dream and dream Big.

    But what is happening on the ground in Pakistan points Only in one direction- and you know in what direction.

    So I shall just leave it at that.

  • actually this military (mid-level officers) backed radical coup is not something dream, seymour hersh in his famous article mentioned that US already has contingency measures in place to counter this scenario... this is their worst nightmare scenario that keeps them constant migraine..

  • I don't see the Taliban completely taking over in Pakistan but pockets of they so called Islami Nizam may take hold. I personally would not want to live under they hardcore interpretation of Islam, where you get shot for not having your Shalwar above your ankles.

  • aftab bhai

    yeh mai nai kaheen suna hai kai daree na rukhnay per kise ko phansi dainay wali batain rumors does this shalwar ankle wali batain. mai nai tau yeh bhi suna hai kise talib kai interview mai kai pakistanis are good people so we wont do much efforts on them unlike what they did with a percent of afghanis. they are people who can bring sharia courts and complete justice, despite of who is rich and poor or whatever.

  • This is a dream factory, in fact the entire world is, shimatoree.

    Still, I don't see the Deobandi/Wahabi group taking over the whole of Pakistan. They are in an absolute minority. Sectarian warfare is bound to ensue. And no one should underestimate mainstream Sunni and Shia power either. Ancient conflicts forgotten, they'll fight side by side on this one.

    I wish to add: Afghanistan, in spite of the tremendous respect we feel for the Resistance, cannot serve as a model for Pakistan. They are a country of 25 million with a Pukhtoon majority. We have a population of 170 million and people of every ethnicity and belief imaginable.

    Our best bet is to develop a revolutionary version of our own. And I have enough faith in my countrymen to believe it will come about. So, aftab, keep the faith, you too as well: no wearing the Shalwar above the ankle will take over Pakistan.

  • These numbers certainly surprised me (thought they'd be the opposite):

    (from Concern About Extremist Threat Slips in Pakistan (Latest Pew Survey). BTW: Many interesting trends at the link)