• I am not much fond of TV but when a friend phoned me that a breaking news has appeared that Asif Ali Zardari has joined the Shoe Club, I immediately switched on TV which was catching ARY then. I remained switched on for an hour when the ARY when the MNA and the Minister Kaira was vehemently denying that any such thing had ever happened in the auditorium. He insisted repeatedly to the young Anchorperson that instead of glorifying the incident he should condemn it. The young anchor person was very wisely saying when the Minister denies any such incident having occurred how can it then be condemned. The wise viewers had well realized based on experience that incident definitely had happened. Now the Pakistan Government has officially demanded that the show thrower Shamim Khan be extradited to Pakistan to face proceedings. The full history of Shamim Khan originally resident of Azad Kashmir has been included in this extradiction request. I wished to ask Kaira and Farhatullah Babar the President spokesman if no such incident had happened as they claimed adding they were present in the auditorium then why today their government was naming Shamim Khan and want his extradition on a crime which according to them never happened. As from a legal profession I will advise Shamim Khan to that his defence should based on footings of Geo, ARY TV channels both Information Minister and Presidential Spokesman saying that they were present in the auditorium and they did not see any such thing happening and no such thing ever happened. However I wonder though Jamshed Dasti was within the court given option either to face law or honourably resign to continue with his fake Degree and be elected, yet I wonder if SC will take note of if a nakedly proven liar can be and continue a Member Parliament. The system of ALLAH is great under which truth one day does surface under natural principles.

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    FYI: Regarding Shamim Khan, see here (They are not charging him with shoe throwing but claiming he is wanted for attempted murder)

    RE: Jamshed Dasti -- as discussed many times here, most feel SC did a great disservice by giving Dasti that choice. And knowing that, one can hardly expect SC to "take note of if a nakedly proven liar can be and continue a Member Parliament." (And even if they did, would they be able to implement it? Not a chance!)

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