Peace in Palestine, Winners and Loser!

  • It's hard to see why anyone cares to make a deal. If there was a peace it would mean significant change and uncertainty for all the players.

    For Palestinians, they would actually have to govern a poor and illiterate society. They would not be able to use Israel as the reason for their problems.

    For Israel, they would lose all the attention they get that drives $4 billion in aid.

    For Arab countries, they would lose the ability to divert their people's attention from their repressive and corrupt governments. They have the most to lose.

    For Egypt, there's at least $2 billion in aid at risk as America turns its attention elsewhere.

    For major players like China and Russia, this would mean that America would not be distracted by Middle East peace issues.

    For American politicians, they would lose donations from the wealthy Jewish population to support aid to Israel due to the threat from Arab countries.

    The only ones that win are the American population with the decrease in military attention and aid to the Middle East and the potential increase in civilian trade. We also can stop spending attention on a hot spot of less than 10 million people who are perpetually at war with each other.


  • Sometimes one wonders where the NYT journalists keep their brains. Not in their heads in any case, as for instance when publishing the above article. Though, of course, they were perhaps simply being facetious.

    But in one thing they are not wrong. What we are dealing with at the moment is no peace talks. It's a capitulation down the line to Israeli demands by the West Bank.

    Now have a look at this excerpt below:

    Letters from Egypt

    Eine Schande by Anna Massry in Egypt. Axis of Logic.

    Axis of Logic

    Thursday, Sep 2, 2010

    Journal Entry #2 Eine Schande (A Disgrace)

    After the shameful Annapolis “peace talks”, I never thought I’d see more shameful and degrading talks such as the ones currently being conducted in Washington. What “peace” is there to discuss? The “peace” that comes through daily Israeli air strikes, land annexations, house demolitions and assassinations.. not to mention other lovely Israeli activities which endanger the stability of the “greater” Middle East and Africa? A “peace” in which Israel controls Palestinian water, electricity, food, medication and even air? A “peace” in which an illegal and inhuman siege is imposed on 1.5 million Palestinian refugees in Gaza of which 750,000.00 are children? What “peace” is Washington talking about?? Even on the first day of “negotiations”, Israel couldn’t be bothered to stop its illegal settlement building on Palestinian occupied land.

    We are also hearing the same “peace-talk” rant about the establishment of the Palestinian state! This is literally funny. Where exactly is this Palestinian state going to be since Israel has annexed the territory on which the Palestinian state is supposed to be established? Anyone who knows anything about the Arab-Israeli conflict knows that the 2 state solution is no longer a viable option for any of the concerned parties as there simply is no land left for the Palestinians to build a state. The only viable option now for a Palestinian state to exist is the one state solution… and the Israelis will do anything to avoid this since it would imply that the majority of the population would not be Jewish.

  • The "Peace Talks" went exactly as expected. No surprise there.

    Obama has Signalled his Coming Complete Surrender to Zionism and its Lobby

    BTW: I did like someone's caption on the following photo:

    "The faces tell who got what they wanted"

  • Yes, nota, turn it whichever way one likes, Mahmoud Abbas brought it all upon himself and the West Bank Palestinians. Consider him the equivalent of our own sitting Pres.

  • I think now days have come when Palestinian started realizing another alternate to that 2 State Solution cause I think this wont be on the Interest of Palestine as their will be constant threats remain in that region of Israel who can attack Palestine anytime another reason is that Palestinian Population is growing very fast and despite of Heavy Israeli Bombing the population is keep growing so in future More place would be require for Palestinian to live a Coincident is that Population of Israel is SHRINKING and now a days even Jewish people themselves has turned away from Israel due to Its reputation in International community and are moving towards European countries(Especially Germany) due to Becoming more and more Tolerant towards Jews day by day and its also Because of Economic Interest of Jews as well due to which they are moving to Europe...So at the moment when Palestinian population is Growing and Jews population is Shrinking and Israel which have its own 12% population identify themselves as Arab then Combining both sides of Palestine with Israel would make Arab population very strong in Israel and will be more then enough to create its POLITICAL INFLUENCE in Israel and rapid Growth of population would further Increase its Influence in the Future so one Alternative for them would be to USE their democracy AGAINST THEM....