Banaras Chowk, Kati Pahari no go areas for MQM workers: Rabita committee


    Updated at: 2022 PST, Saturday, September 04, 2010

    KARACHI: MQM Rabita Committee said that Karachi’s Banaras Chowk and Kati Pahari have been turned into a place for slaughtering their workers and sympathizers and no go areas, Geo News reported Saturday.

    Rabita Committee member Wasay Jalil was addressing media men at Karachi Press Club flanked by other members.

    He pointed out that these areas have become haven for the criminals and crime rate was increasing day-by-day and the concerned authorities have been alerted many times but no action taken.

    He appealed to the CM Sindh and Interior Minister Sindh to take strict measures and police check posts be established in affected areas.

  • MQM demands check posts at Kati Pahari and Banaras Chowk

  • What goes around comes around.

  • If you walk in Kati pahari,Bnaras,Lee market you would feel 'Karachi ka koe wali waris nahi'. but i agree with MQM Karachi is already overloaded.

  • MQM Altaf is a criminal Mafia organization,so terrorist from these criminal outfits are either gunned down by their rivals or are wiped out by law enforcement agencies,its simply written in their fate. Criminals sitting in MQM's terrorist headquarter shouldn't be whining,they have killed way too many pathans recently and even muhajirs are sick and tired of MQM's criminal activities which results in backlash against poor muhajirs,while the actual criminal instigator & mastermind(Altaf & Co) are safely hiding in their hideout in London living a comfortable life.

  • MQM is the founder of "No Go areas" in karachi, just like the "Boree culture" & "drilling of limbs with Nazi type torture"

    And what is that with magarmuch kay ansooe and appeals. MQM is much much bigger collation partner and still have their workers in every level including, police, local councils and other admin level posts. Why don't they use their "powers" again?

  • Kati Paharhi a NO GO AREA for only MQM workers????I think Wasay Jalil should work out on his content which he speaks actually Kati Paharhi is NO GO AREA for everyone from Police to People who wants to reach Orangi Town....The whole Popultion of Millions in Orangi Town have become TRAPPED due to Terrorist in that area...Their are two more areas like that in Karachi one is Sohrab Goth and other is Qaidabad which are not as big as this one but still are pretty much NO GO AREAS for people of Karachi...Whats funny is that Along with ANP's Flag we also see flags of Banned Outfits waving in those areas PRETTY openly on the Buildings so this tells what ANP is up to in Karachi....

  • Right opposite Kati Paharhi there is MQM's one of the notorious unit hideout which was illegally built by MQMized unit terrorists(in collusion with mustafa kamal+city govt) on land earmarked for water park,where they have stockpiled and dumped huge cache of arms and ammunition with which they could easily wage battles for days without needing replenishment. They have made several of those criminal unit hideouts of that road and every one of them is armed to the teeth..



  • If there was any azaad adliya they would have taken notice of the killing of pashtoons and haqiqi members throughout the city

  • @junaid

    If their was Azad Adlia then this Land Mafia would be gone for good...Dont speak when you know nothing as for you people RETALIATION means aggression...If today MQM would have been doing same what ANP doing like Get their dead bodies of their Criminals and put it outside Press club Building and started tearing Magar Mach k Ansoo then they would have Gained little sympathies....if they try to close down City then they also receive the results of Retaliation and that is called Mukafat-e-Amal simple...

  • MQM is proceeding with its agenda , given to them by their US masters ,to divide Karachi , to create mayhem in Karachi and to put Karachi on their target always .

    this Orangi town and Banaras Chowk are the part of Karachi for so long they wants to portray these areas as the enemy hide outs US can find easy targets in these mountains of Karachi .

    where all the innocent laborers lives .

    everybody knows all the Drivers , Masis , Mochis , Doodh walas live there in the Kachi Aabadi of Orangi Town .

    and they wanna get all of them bombed .