There are too many talk shows

  • there are too many talk shows. there seem to be as many talk shows as "guest". most of the so called quests are serial liars and hypocrites, for example fozia wahab, faryal talpur, firdous awan, khurshid shah, sheeda talli, those shrill and hysterical ppp women from sindh who all look and sound the same. the scoundrels from the mqm (altaf bhai ke chamchay)they rarely contribute anything postive or constructive yet they are continuously given a platform to spout their unending lies and nonsense. why is this?

    Because, there are as many talk shows as guests, so the talkshows are desperate for these scumbags to come on their shows. look at the example of the USA or UK there are no more than four or five prominent political programs. whereas in Pakistan there are about thirty or more. This is turning genuine political debate and accountability into a circus or merely gupshup. Take the example of shahid masood and even ansar abbasi it seems at times that they are just going through the motions and even lapse into extreme bouts of unprofessionalism and familiarity with the so called guest. it seems that talat hussains program is the only consistently professional program.

  • new sunrise bhai

    "most of the so called quests are serial liars and hypocrites, for example fozia wahab, faryal talpur, firdous awan, khurshid shah, sheeda talli, those shrill and hysterical ppp women from sindh who all look and sound the same. the scoundrels from the mqm (altaf bhai ke chamchay)"

    i agree with you but you forget liars and hypocrites names of other political parties.

  • i just gave a few examples, of course there are others from anp N Q etc. A liar is a liar no matter what party they are from.

  • @achtung

    Topic is talk shows/liars regardless of party background and not parties.

  • @new sunrise

    A nice topic. Thanks.

  • hmm... well its true,

    definitely some talk shows are just crap, like Dr. Danish, he just keeps blabbering and loves to make people fight as if its his own WWE version.

    most MNAs and MPAs have families living abroad so why the hell would they care about Pakistan, they just like to come on TV for acting to these talk shows.

    but I want to mention that Mustafa Kamal is inspiring to me when he is on TV also Faisal Subzwari. every one has their personal favorites like many people in online world love Imran Khan.

  • too many talk shows and too many repetition .

    too much of redundancy .

    too much of same faces , same views , same lame excuses and torn arguments .

    too much for a viewer to take out the real thought provoking material out of trash .

  • Jirga by saleem safi is one of the best show... there is not much glamor or matches ke teli in this show....

    but defiantly very informative

  • Don't run us down for everything we do. Our talk shows are the pride of our nation. Freedom of the press is a wholly new phenomenon for us, the one true positive legacy handed down to us by ex-General Musharraf. We are in our infancy there, but making a splendid job of it all the same. I agree with new sunrise; Talat Hussein is our best man going. I'll add to him Kashif Abbasi and I find Dr Shahid Masood has an extremely subtle approach to our political problems, too. When the final changes come, they'll have done much to contribute to the new shape of things.

    Last but not least, must we once again cite the west as the purveyor of all that is good and right in this world? Do wake up and see through their pretense of being tolerant, efficient and our ultimate role model.

  • rather than see bickering and fighting over same old arguements... i want to see solutions on such shows.

    they fight for an hour, and leave. nothing changes.

    talk shows are becoming like saas bahu star plus dramas.

    But talk shows are an essential part of Pakistan as it is a form of check on govt.

  • acahy tou hain Talak Hussain , Kashif Abbasi aur kuch aur .

    magar masla yeh hay kay ab buhat saray anchors aagyae hain.

    smuggler bhi anchor ban gaya hay .

    chor bhi anchor ban gaya hay .

    flop film maker bhi anchor ban gaya hay .

    fashion queen bhi anchor ban gaye hain .

    iss liye quality ,jo hay , wohh quantity mein gum hoti ja rahai hay .

  • choosy, we are free to watch whatever we like. We don't have to listen to the smuggler, the chor, the flop film maker and the fashion queen. There is no compulsion involved. Quality will finally overcome quantity. It's a fascinating battle. But go ahead all of you: criticise, complain and, if possible, destroy. And then sit back and see how much improvement you have brought to the land.

  • Mirza sir,

    the thing is, the more politicians fight on TV, the more people watch that show.

    its not about what they are saying... its like WWE, pure entertainment, no reason.

    rather than have intellectual reasoning to draw conclusions, guests on show come and shout and hosts try to create as much conflict as possible. no resolution is there to problems

  • @Mirza Ghalib ,

    aap ne sahi farmaya ...

    magar mein apni yah aapki baat nahi kar raha .

    mein un naye naye viewers ki baat kar raha hon.

    jin mein house wives hain , students hain , traders hain aur dukan daar hain .

    aik aam aadmi jis ne siayasat mein dilchaspi leni shuru ki hay aur yeh talk shows dekhta hay .

    he is too immature to differentiate between the good and the bad ...

    so they can be trapped into these B class political talk shows ...

    they might conclude that fighting , shouting , grilling is the name of the game .

  • choosy, true enough what you say. But one learns through trial and error. Even our housewives, students, traders and shopkeepers new to the political game. Our problem often is that we do not trust the judgement of our fellow Pakistanis. But that's how we've developed. I keep saying the wisest people în our country are not the so-called educated but the illiterate man in the street who looks at things with a very clear eye, but has no power to put his thoughts into words because no one is prepared to listen to him (or her). Anyway, long may our media survive and gain in maturity and strength.

  • @Mirza Ghalib,

    fully agree.......:):):)

  • i belong to a top media group, let me say, these anchors malign facts and figures sometimes to malign their political opponents , sometimes portray jsut one side of picture. many of the top anchors are funded by some political parties as well. so dont believe blindly on what these anchors say, hear them, but have some research on your own.

    some interesting facts and figures circus by anchors.

    1. hamid mir got some big benefits to do show against sh rashid by PMLn.

    2. on 12 may, there were cross firing between two groups on shahrah e faisal, whre aaj tv office is located, target was each other not aaj tv, but they presented as aaj tv is being targeted.

    3. mubashir luqman bring special "mawaad" on his shows just to blame pml n.

    4. ansar abbasi got connected with a banned organization, which in his columns he has taken sides.

    5. BB on her return to pakistan in oct, paid geo about 2.5 crore for full day coverage of her return to pakistan.

    6. NS paid one crore to tv channels for million march for restoration of CJ.

    7. one of the "promising" politican has given a tv channel about 1 crore to publisize his efforts for flood effected people. a proper conditions were given to tv channel and full day telethon, what to be included by the hosts and how to praise him in telethon.

    8. hafiz imran was offered 50 lacs by famour bad zaban minister of ppp to shut up in case of sialkot incident.

    9. nizami sahib of waqt tv was asked by a retd general to give designation to a female journalist in one of his newspaper who is also a senior member of a political party, retd general sahib is the think tank behind that party.

    10. musharaf gave few crore to a tv channel who he himself put a ban on it, to be soft in his case. unfortunately that tv channel took money but didnt show soft corner. poor mushy.

    11. a tv channel openly found saying we can demolish any govt and bring any party in govt.

    there are many other examples as well. i think all these media channels are basically mouth organs or propoganda channels, just show them some money and they will be in your favour. sorry but our media is full of yellow journalism.

    not necessary things are in reality what they like.

  • bhai Azeem,

    dekho , no1 .corruption aur paisay se piyar karnay walay har jagah hain tou media mein farishtay kahan se layein? kam az kam logon ko sonay se utha tou raha hay .

    jaga tou raha hay .

    no3. agar 100 journalist hain , 88 kharab hain chor hain bikaoo hain ... 12 tou achay hon gaye.

  • @ above

    yeh ratio to siyasatdanon main bhi hae, to un ko bura kyun kehtey hain. rule her per lago karen chahey media ho ya politicians.

    as i am into a media group. i know not all media groups or anchors are corrupt. but still dont believe on what you hear just confirm yourself, do a little research on their stories. that is what i am saying.

  • Talk shows will be followed by real shows of disasters.