Ansar Klasra not flood tax

  • His Excellency our President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari has proposed a flood tax for early rehabilitation of millions ruined by the current devastating floods. It is really a very good proposal of him. However the masses since already are under numerous unaccountable direct and indirect taxes this proposal would definitely meet criticism and may not produce that effects as our kind hearted and generous President wishes. Alternatively I humbly propose that His Excellency the President may enact a mandatory disclosure and declaration of each and every asset, palace, flat, business, income, bank account every Pakistani has abroad and a proper levy of tax on that. The enactment must contain a clause that if any one mis-declared, concealed any details in the declaration and at any later stage any Ansar or Klasra shocked the nation with its revelation, all the local family property/bank account of the said family (husband/wife/children/parents) would be forfeited and 20% of such found wealth will be given as award to the disclosing Ansar or Klasra. The levy of this tax will not only bring more chunk as compared to flood tax on already burdened masses but would also encourage more to become Ansars or Klasras.

    Likewise our President and the PM whose hearts we all know are shedding tears on the sufferings of masses will enact taking the advantage of their majority in assembly that no one having a dual nationality, foreign nationality, having foreign business etc will have the right to contest any parliamentarian election as one who can not trust keeping his money-business-children in Pakistan, not an iota of any honesty towards the country of which he/she wishes to rule as a legislator can even be dreamed of from such a person. Few months back I addressed a Public Interest Litigation petition to the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan our last beacon of hope in this darkness but perhaps that went stray in mail.

    I have no doubt that as soon as my this proposal found space provided it landed on the table of any real patriotic Ansar or Klasra clan editor, Mr. Farahat Ullah Babar, Ms. Isphani, Shermila Farooqui, Mr. Kaira all will immediately tear the clippings to bring to the notice of our worthy President who would of course immediately approve it on "prevailing" merit criteria.

  • do u really know klasara?

    he iz only blackmailer, he infiltrate in 1 group & keep inform otherz of its movement, he iz very close ot zardari & babar awan theze days & just read hiz articles theze days & u will know whum he represent.

    he waz the 1 who was keeping inform musharrafs govt of moves of nawaz whn he was here in london during exile. he's simply traaaash.