Cooking History !

  • How many of you know Subedar Naigee ?

    You cannot find him in the history books of Pakistan.

    BUT you can find him here.

    Let us see if you have anything to say about him.

  • I went back and had a look at our past exchanges on Subedar Naigee. He was a great man. And let's hope a memorial will be put up to him as well in a liberated Pakistan.

    Shimatoree, our past comments are still valid here. I just want to insist that a good Muslim is only then one when he can show tolerance and fairness to others not of his/her faith. To equate narrow-mindedness with Islam is a grievous mistake. When will you be giving us the other heroes you said you had up your sleeve?

  • In the partition of 1947- in Abbotabad there was a very rich Hindu family with a lot of property.

    Due to the riots- they were afraid and wanted to leave for India to save their lives.

    They met one of their Muslim friends and asked him to help the, get safely to India and in return they will leave all their property to him .

    He said. NO they did not have to do that and he will get them across the border anyway.

    They tried to sell their property at Fire sale prices. He stopped them and said that they should go and once things settled down- he would sell their property for it's fair price and then send their money to them.

    They had their doubts but they went to India safely anyway.

    Five years later- their property was soled by this Muslim man for a fair price and the money transfered to them in India.

    I cannot divulge the name this Muslim. He has since passed away.

    But often I do wonder if all of us were like him-

    • how different Pakistan would be today.

  • A 70 year old man from East Punjab came to Pakistan after losing everything.

    After a few months he found his family and settled down in Rawalpindi.

    Some of his friends were in the settlement department and offered him 4 " Murabbas" of land-( about 100 acres) as compensation.

    He said he did not have any land in East Punjab so he will not take the land and refused the offer in spite of insistence by the settlement officer.

    He lived to be 97 years old and spent the rest of his life in Rawalpindi.

    Such was an honest man.

    I wonder where Pakistan would be if all of us were like him.

  • Ram Saroop Sharma is a man unknown both in Pakistan and India.

    Well, Ram Saroop Sharma put himself in danger by saving-( from planned murder by Hindus and Sikhs)- the life of his Muslim friend and his family.

    When his friend left for Pakistan , he thought they would come back after things settled down. So when he built a house of his own, he built one extra room for his friend and kept it locked.

    He waited and waited but his Muslim friend never came to visit him.

    His Muslim friend died.

    The room remained locked till the Muslim friend's son who was a 6 months old infant in 1947 came to visit him

    Every day he waited for the postman bringing his friend's letters.

    He died waiting.

  • Unsung hereos being given the credit they deserve, shimatoree. In each case, what is being celebrated is humanity, i.e. integrity, the principle of following the ideal of being sadiq and ameen.

    Shimatoree, such human beings still exist on the Subcontinent. Pakistan is still full of people whose integrity is dearer to them than any wealth in the world. I know quite a few myself and, I don't doubt, you do so as well. People who have not been contaminated by the reigning corruption and indifference. They'll raise their voices when the changes come and we'll write stories about them for future generations.

  • Mirza Sahib-

    My question is-

    Why do the people who either get POWER themselves( Musharraf)

    or have power thrust upon them accidentally-( Zardari)

    or get it through the ballot box

    do not want to become IMMORTAL by doing the RIGHT thing ?

  • You have me there, shimatoree. Perhaps their wordly good fortune is grafted onto mediocre souls. And why this should be so is a question best addressed to our Maker.

    That's the best I can manage. Someone else might be able to come up with a better explanation.

  • The other Page.

    Do not forget that every picture has two sides to it.

    One side is Pakistan and the powers that be have been cooking history to fit their own WHIMS.

    And the other side is India which is even more guilty of cooking History than Pakistan. Plus they have done it from Day One , i; e- from 15th of August 1947 in a pre-meditated and planned manner.

    All the text books have been purged of any and all Muslim rulers and whatever good they might have done.

    All the textbooks and curricula have ben washed clean of the various saints and scholars that were Muslim and contributed towards the welfare of the common man.

    Instead they have been maligned and made to appear as villains.

    Their greatest cooking of History has been the fictitious , false and imagined evils that they have on PURPOSE tagged onto Jinnah while at the same time white washing Gandhi and Nehru and Patel.

    It has been done in such an efficient manner that to-day the young people are unaware of the truth about just about everything.

    What they hope to achieve is beyond me.

    But I have always been a bit skeptical of the DEVELOPMENT and DEMOCRACY that the India loving Pakistanis talk about all the time. If only they would go there and see the realities on the ground for themselves.

    This is after making 4 trips to India and after close observation of the situation

  • Shimatoree, for your stating the plain facts about India, many thanks. Makes a change from the unending Pakistan-bashing people so like to indulge in here and elsewhere.

    As for cooking history, sometimes the dish gets really overcooked and no one can digest it anymore. Finding an honest historian on the Subcontinent and in the rest of the world is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

    But the truth is also an uncomfortable pheonomenon. Like a so-called extinct vocano, it bides its time and then suddenly explodes, spewing its lava over all and sundry. Perhaps we shall not see it in our lifetime, but that it will happen is a given. Truth will out. And, thank God, we've known it all along. That will be our consolation.