Taliban death cult strikes again in Lakki Marwat

  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-south-asia-11195797

    After deadly attacks in Lahore and Quetta, Taliban terrorists have struck again in Lakki Marwat at a Police station killing 19 innocent citizens and injuring several dozens. This is the third suicide attack from Taliban death cult within a week and our incompetent Police and security intelligence agencies have once again failed to stop this new deadly attack.

    How many more people will be killed by taliban mafia?

    Why can't we cut off taliban's supply line of young brainwashed kids by reforming our defective madarssa system?

    Why can't our Police/intelligence seize/blow up taliban's bomb manufacturing factories?

    Why cant our Air Force carry out carpet bombing in taliban controlled areas?

    Why can’t we get rid of talibans?

    After repeated failure and incompetence of our Govt/Police/intelligence in terms of protecting public lives, sooner or later public will rise against Taliban criminals and mete out Sialkot style justice to every taliban terrorist. I shed few tears after watching mob lynching video of two young brothers in Sialkot and strongly condemned the terrible incident but I will not shed any tears when public will lynch Taliban terrorists in city streets.

  • Taliban are not a cult ;-)


    Third day, third drone strike

  • @lota

    Talibans are a death cult responsible for the death of thousands of innocent Pakistanis. Why Taliban apologists start jumping up and down when Drones or Pak Army attacks talibans in their hideouts after a suicide attack? Damn you do damn you don't.

    Drone attacks and Pak Army operation MUST continue to kill all taliban terrorists and loss of lives of innocent citizens as a result of these attacks is regrettable and must be avoided at all cost. Maximum efforts MUST be made to minimise loss of innocent lives. Talibans are cunning mafia and they hide among local population to avoid such attacks but their days are now numbered and they are on the run as Pak Army is making inroads into taliban controlled areas.

    Long Live Pak Army

    Death to all Taliban terrorists

  • sweettruth bhai

    pak army taking good care of these killer terrorists. it is only matter of time they will become history, a black period of history. actually they are not human beings. kahaan tak bhagein gey drone hamloo sey.

  • Army will be cursing themseleves for crating taliban monster during mid 90s. This was the biggest mistake of Pak Army and ISI. The then chief of ISI Gen Hameed Gul was behind taliban idea but this stupid idea never worked and never will. The sooner we get rid of talibans the better.

  • @bitterlies

    Wow! Rehman Malik couldn't have said it better :-P

    (BTW: How long have we been hearing this "they are on the run", "their days are numbered", "this attack shows they are desperate", etc., etc., stc. :) )

  • @lota

    You should start practising running too!

    Have you got good running shoes?

    After finishing talibans, Pak Army will go after their apologists as well so I am giving you a sincere advice in advance get ready.

  • That mercenary army lost all credibility when they surrendered enmasse to Indian kuffar army 40 years back. Bhangi army will be busy for ever washing NATO toilets. That is their only achievement. They wouldn't have time for anything else.

  • abdul rehman bhai

    and who are washing toilets of dirty ttp?

  • achtung bhai,

    Aap ko itna bhee nahi maloum ke Mujahideen ko pahadoun and registanoun me toilet ki zaroorat nahi padti. Toilet sirf Kuffar army use karti hai. Aap koi apne jaanewale general se daryaft kijiye

  • thnx for info abdul rehman bhai

    aap ney kaha "Toilet sirf Kuffar army use karti hai", iss tarah aap ney mujhay bhi kuffar army mein shamil kar diya. kia aap bhi toilet use nahee kartey? keh kaheen kuffar army mein shamil na ho jaeen? no offence intended plz.

  • achtung bhai, Aap phir bhee nahi samjhe bhai.jang ke maidan ki baat ho rahi hai bhai. Aap ko aur hame bhee us maidaan me rahna hai magar badqismati se hum kuffar jaise zindagi guzar rahe hain.

    Teghoun ke sai me hum pal kar jawan huwe hai

    Asaan nahi mitana naam o nashan hamara

    Agar aap hum computer ke saye me pal rahe hain to apna qasoor hai bhai. Paigambar SAS ne farmaya tha: Ek waqt aisa aayega hum din raat kafir ki taqleed karenge aur agar wo lizard's hole me jayega to hum bhee andhoun jaisa us ke peeche usi lizard's hole me jaane ki koshish karenge.

  • I cant make out what Abdul Rahman is saying... ?

  • the flood starts to reach ocean and the drones and civilian bombings restart in pakistan... look at the timing and synchronization followed by pentagon's rhetorics and propaganda... all well connected-

  • @abdur rehman

    This thread is not about toilet cleaning rather to condemn atrocities of taliban death cult. Please focus on the title of the thread. Thank you

  • some people will never understand, no matter how much taliban claim responsibility, they will put logics like drones, american invasion, cia etc etc. bhae as per you, this is reactions of drones, then why any american is not your target, why only pakistanis?

  • @azeem20

    Because Pakistani citizens are their easy target and our Police and one dozen security agencies are incompetent to stop them. To attack American either they have to go to USA or across the border where US troops are busy fighting with Afghan talibans. Pakistani taliban is a coward death cult which targets innocent people on Pakistani streets.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Abdul Rahman

    Sounds like you are regretting why you are blogging and not fighting. Let's see how long does it take you to move from cyber world to mountains ....

  • @shirazi

    Cyber Jihadis like Abdul Reham and lota are coward, cunning and opportunist; they spread their jihadi propaganda only on Internet and do not have guts to go to Afghanistan. It is easy to write tons of text on any blog but they will never ever go to Afghanistan.