Climate Weapons: More Than Just a Conspiracy Theory?

  • Came across this aritcle that I would like to share. I hope this formidable weapon is not a reality but just propaganda.

    By Andrey Areshev, political scientist, PhD (History), Strateic Culture Foundation expert, was published in International Affairs magazine.

    The abnormally hot weather in the central regions of Russia has already caused serious economic damage. It has destroyed crops on roughly 20% of the country's agricultural land lots, the result being that the food prices are clearly set to climb next fall. On top of that, fires are raging over peat lands around Moscow. These days, the majority of forecasts concerning the climate are alarming: droughts, hurricanes, and floods are going to be increasingly frequent and severe. Director of the climate and energy program of the Wildlife Fund A. Kokorin says that the current trend is not a random phenomenon and should not be expected to subside.

    In this particular context, the credibility of projections emanating from the Wildlife Fund, an influential international organization running worldwide operations styled as environment-protection programs, is beyond question. The reason is that the global warming which is the subject of heated academic (or, occasionally, absolutely unscholarly) debates is not necessarily an uncontrolled process. At least, the incidence of the current anomalously high temperatures exclusively in Russia and some adjacent territories invites alternative explanations.

    Back in the 1970s, Z. Brzezinski invoked in his Between Two Ages the theme of weather control, which he regarded as a form of broader social regulation. No doubt, the heavyweight of the US geopolitical thinking had to take interest not only in the immediate social but also in the potential geopolitical implications of influencing the climate. He was not the only author to probe into the issue but, due to obvious regards, information on the progress in the sphere of climate weaponry is unlikely to spill over secrecy barriers in the foreseeable future.

    M.Chossudovsky, an economics professor from the Ottawa University, wrote in 2000 that in part the ongoing climate change could be triggered by the use of new-generation nonlethal weapons. The US is certainly exploring the possibilities of controlling the climate in several regions of the world. The corresponding technology is being developed in the framework of the High-Frequency Active Aural Research Program» (HAARP), the objective being to build a potential to launch droughts, hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes. From the military standpoint, HAARP is supposed to create a novel type of weapons of mass destruction and an instrument of expansionist policy which can be used to selectively destabilize environmental and agricultural systems of target countries. Technically, the system is known to be a set of sources of electromagnetic radiation affecting the ionosphere. It comprises 360 sources and 180 aerials having the height of 22 meters. Altogether the station emits 3,600 kW towards the ionosphere, being the world's most powerful system of the kind. The program opened in 1990, is jointly funded by the US Office of Naval Research and the US Air Force Research Laboratory, and is implemented by several university laboratories.

    Far-reaching hypotheses arise naturally in the situation. Venezuelan leader H. Chavez was ridiculed for attributing the Haiti earthquake to the impact of HAARP ( but, for example, similar suspicions crept in following the 2008 earthquake in China's Sichuan province. Moreover, there is evidence that the US climate influence program not only spans a number of countries and regions but is also partially based in space. For instance, the X-37B unmanned vehicle orbited on April 22, 2010 reportedly carries new types of laser weaponry. According to New York Times, the Pentagon rejects any connection between X-37B and whatever combat weapons but recognizes that its purpose is to support ground operations and to handle a number of auxiliary tasks. The vehicle was built 11 years ago as a part of a NASA program which was taken over by the US Air Force 6 years ago and completely classified.

    Demands to unveil details of the experimental program put into practice in Alaska are voiced both in the US and in several other countries. Russia never joined the chorus, but the impression is that efforts aimed at deliberate climate change are not a myth, and that in the nearest future Russia – together with the rest of the world – will face a new generation of threats. At the moment the climate weapons may be reaching their target capacity and used to provoke droughts, to erase crops, and to induce various anomalous phenomena in certain countries.

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  • AK,

    That is nothing new there. We already know about the glutunous materialistic life style of the West. Unfortunately the whole world is aping that decadent lifestyle that is the main factor contributing to global warming, pollution and other environmental catastrophes including the recent Gulf of Mexico oil volcano.

    As Murad Hoffman, the former German Ambassador turned Muslim said that Islam is the ONLY ideology and system that can address and resolve such issues but even Muslims are not ready to accept that. Murad said after refering to half billion human beings killed by West in last 200 years due to colonialsim, slave trading, extermination of native populations, World wars. Please read his Book-Islam the alternative available in major bookstores all over the world.

    "But even if Western people were not at war with each other, they have behaved violently against nature: against animals, plants and even minerals-to the point that the destruction of resources and environmental disasters like air and water pollution and other ecological disasters threaten the survival of mankind."

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    (1) I agree with the writer, when he says we should not expect this stuff to 'subside' on its own. It won't. I agree with him, that it will only worsen with the passage of time.

    ..this is just the beginning.


    The coming times will increasingly make people all over the world, especially Muslims realize the;

    (a) 'consequences'

    (b) 'price'


    they will all! have to pay for ignoring, sidelining, censoring, pushing against the wall of MULLAH or 'Aalim-e-DEEN' of Islam, for ignoring, sidelining warnings of MULLAH or 'Aalim-e-DEEN' of Islam.

    (2) When I opened a thread about 'non-lethal weapons programs, 'HAARP' on forum for defense talk regarding Pakistan, my thread failed to get much attention.

    There .. people think its a joke. No one is ready to take this issue seriously.

    P.S. Mirza sb. where is the reference to this article ?

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  • @semirza

    Don't know much about HAARP but...

    Let's go to the horses mouth and see (Air Force 2025 - Future study conducted 1995-1996 for the Air Force Chief of Staff...)

    Volume 3, Chapter 15: - Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 (pdf)

    ...The term weather-modification may have negative connotations for many people, civilians and military members alike. It is thus important to define the scope to be considered in this paper so that potential critics or proponents of further research have a common basis for discussion.

    In the broadest sense, weather-modification can be divided into two major categories: suppression and intensification of weather patterns. In extreme cases, it might involve the creation of completely new weather patterns, attenuation or control of severe storms, or even alteration of global climate on a far-reaching and/or long-lasting scale. In the mildest and least controversial cases it may consist of inducing or suppressing precipitation, clouds, or fog for short times over a small-scale region. Other low-intensity applications might include the alteration and/or use of near space as a medium to enhance communications, disrupt active or passive sensing, or other purposes.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @nota: Is 'this' document of significant 'importance' to us all ?

  • @hk

    "@nota: Is 'this' document of significant 'importance' to us all ?"

    What do you think?

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @nota: I asked a question.

    If this is an 'important' document, strategically or otherwise, worthy of attention of people, then link it on the thread: pkpolitics book club

  • @nota

    Thanks for an 'eye opening book' that I will read later but going through the book reading random selections was enough to confirm my doubts.

    West is capable for sure; manipulating our climate thus forcing us further to comply to their evil designs.


    Reference is there in the beginning of my post but in case you mean 'a link' then here it is:

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Mirza sb., The word 'conspiracy theory' is an 'abuse' of the term, in this present era, since there is over-whelming amount of evidence to prove what each so-called 'conspiracy theory' says.

    I agree that it is in-fact reality. The scientific principles are sound.

  • Hariskhan Sahab

    Perhaps author of this article suspected it would be refuted as a conspiracy theory.

    Thanks on agreeing upon sound scientific principles in theory and all practical aspects pointing towards neo-con agenda of world domination through unconventional warfare.

  • Based on the information of the subject, it can be predicted that a new mode of war is being introduced. The future will have wars through weather control devises as well.