Pakistan getting Bankrupt in 2 Months

  • when you have corrupt Zardari as President .

    when u have dumb Gillani as PM.

    when u have criminal Rehman Malik as interior minister .

    when u have Fouzia Wahab ur spokes person .

    when u have corrupt political leaders ,corrupt generalas , corrupt cricketers , corrupt police , corrupt businessmen ,corrupt mullahas ...

    then what else can u expect from the future ;other than getting bankrupt ???

  • Looks like Another Disaster for Pakistan....things are moving towards same Direction when things were in 1999 PMLN Govt. lets see what FATE lies ahead of this Govt. at this point of time...

  • Beenai

    Be optimistic, a blood thirsty revolution is awaiting a short time period to cope up with the corrupt elements. Pakistan will Insha Allah come out of the mess forever.

  • may Allah save Pakistan .

    and the revolution , we are disparately waiting for , will come sooner.

  • what a mess

  • ab ronay peetnay , tanay denay , tanz karnay ka waqat guzar gaya , aur bara acha katta , aik dosray ko ilzam detay detay hoye ...

    ab halaat mazeed kharab honay ko hain.

    ab sirf himmat chahiye . shair ka jigar , Hathi ki taqat , cheetay ki phurti , Chewnti ka azam chahiye .

  • choosy

    The time is over for all good and bad. Now there are just two ways, a total destruction or a blood thirsty revolution.

  • jee haan , yahi mein bhi keh raha tha , magar aap se achay andaaz mein nahi keh sakta ..kionkay aap ki angrezi Mashallah mujh se buhat buhat acahi hay .

    meri angreeeeezzzzzzi kuch kuch angreez ki tarhah hay ...rokhi pheeki aur akkri hoye .:):):)

  • choosy

    English will be no barrier for corrupt people in the forthcoming revolution. The good English of the elite class will not save them from punishment.

  • It is a fact that Pakistan economy was never a self reliant one right from the start and it has always depended on external aid to keep itself afloat.One reason why it has failed to develop a self reliant one could be the fact that wrong economic policies were adopted throughout the last 63 years.These economic policies were framed to benefit the elite classes and the interest of the common man or the country were never taken into account.The decision to turn Pakistan into a security state and compete in an arm race with India was not a wise one either.Heavy defense spendings year after after has crippled the economy.If the same amount of money had been spent on infrastructure and human resource development then Pakistan would have been in a better shape now.

  • @Hussain Farooqui ,

    thanks a lot ...:):):)

    i think , the wanna bees should not be allowed to rule us any more .

    angreez kay bachay ,englistan ko jayein ...:):):)

  • They are in Englistan alread, choosy, don't worry. Me, let me speak up for Englistan here. We, the broken people of Pakistan, are going towards a revolution. They don't even have this consolation. They. the Englisis, are just as broke as we are. And no chance even of a coming revolution to make things better.

    I hope and pray that after the Rev, Pakistan will close down its borders exactly like Myanmar or NKorea and get down to fixing the country's infrastructure through its own considerable strength.

  • a revolution always makes its way ,with the toughest of the circumstances taking place in the society . and people loose the hope .

    then a revolutionary leader stands up and lead the way .

    here , circumstances are there , hopeless people are there .

    but where is the leader who will initiate the revolution ?

  • Beenai, we do not always need a leader designated in advance. Sometimes the people themselves initiate the forward movement. That was how it was in Paris in 1789, a Revolution we often like to cite on this blog as well. As the people began to make their way towards the infamous Bastille prison, their intellectual leader, Camille Desmoulins, emerged almost by accident. The same thing is also likely to happen in Pakistan.

  • yani mein bhi leader ho sakta hoon iss inquilaab ka aur aap bhi ...sahi kaha .

    humko leaders nahi chahien ,jinho ne humko marr dala hay .

    humko logg chahien jo humko zinda samjhaien .

  • chossy

    nice you are choosy Main ap ka fan bana chahta hun

    i totally agree with you

  • Exactly, choosy, exactly. Please to bear this in mind all. We do not need "leaders". Is this supposed to be a parliamentary election or what? We need human beings: choosy, you, me, anyone who has enough love in their hearts for their country and enough sense of dignity to feel fearless.

    And we have a model of this in Pakistan already. Has everyone already forgotten the historical Long March?

    P.S. See, choosy, what was I saying to you? You do have a growing following on this blog.

  • Inqalab is something that needs MASS MOBILIZATION and at this moment its impossible cause our masses are Already fighting the disaster of Floods so what left to do is REFORM...Lets started thinking of Reform instead of Pushing Idea of Inqalab at this point of time cause Inqalab is a very huge plan and due to people who are already effected by Floods it would take MONTHS to mobilize them....So first start thinking about what are the QUICKEST reform that can be brought to save Pakistan from this Bankruptcy????I would say that lets Limit everything we use a same kind of Program like ARY Sugar Boycott should be implemented now on everything to save whats remain...