Since we are non jews this must concern us?

  • heh... well intolerant and violent religious fanatics exist in all faiths unfortunately.

    I have a suggestion

    How about we collect all the bigoted religious fanatics in the world and trap them in a massive valley. This valley should be surrounded on all sides so nobody can escape.

    The entire valley should be covered by cameras and sound recording equipment so every action can be monitored.

    After this all the bigots are told to fight it out. We simply let all the idiots kill each other while we record everything they say and do.

    The entire battle should be broadcast on TV for all to view.

    In this way every religion can support its own fanatics without getting their hands dirty or spreading death and destruction in society in general.

    Most people like me however will be watching the spectacle purely as entertainment. It'll be like WWF wrestling with beards, billowing robes and stupid calots.

    Stupid fanatics like this cause death and destruciton no matter which religion they belong to. A murderer is a murderer and murder "in the name of God" is still murder.

    We should just let them fight their glorious battles thmeselves rather than tricking the impressionable youth into doing it for them.