New Tax proposed : Zardari Tax

  • yes , a new tax can be proposed ; which can fulfill all the requirements of greedy rulers .

    that could be ' Zardari Tax

    zardari tax would be imposed to all the people who will be enjoying the facility of taking breathes in the Oxygen, provided by Govt of PPP ...

    people who are eating the food , crops has been produced by the great PPP led Govt

    people who are drinking water of rivers , which has been arranged in Pakistan by the sacrificing PPP .

    people who are sneezing

    people who are yawning

    people who are caughing

    people who are sleeping

    people who are dying

    they all will be responsible to pay the heavy Zardari Tax .

    in order to cope up the recent flood situation in Pakistan , which has made Zardari a frequent flyer ...

    plus he has three **needy kids to brought up to .

    thier education and living expenses requires more sacrifices then ever ,fron the people of Pakistan .**

  • choosy, we'll pay him the Zardari Tax with pleasure, but how about he goes over to Dubai first? We'll transfer the money there and even feel honoured so to do. And he should take his 80 ministers or so along with him. They can share the money collected amongst themselves.

  • lol.... nice topic.

  • @Mirza Ghalib ,

    Zardari Tax is all about to Help Needy Zardari and Co.

    it has got nothing to do with the richest of the rich nation of Pakistan.

  • Sorry, choosy. Got that somewhat wrong. I'll tell you what we could do. The Tax for the needy Z Clan, as you suggest. And exemption from the Tax - heck, why stop there? - exemption from any kind of taxes - for the richest of the rich. Pakistan must get its policies right. How else to thrive and prosper?

  • yes , now u got it ...he he he

    i suggest a Zardari Releif Fund to be formed .

    and 17 carore rich Pakistanis can donate generously in order to save the precious lives of Zardari and Company .

  • Do you think we could get it passed through Pak Parliament? The Enrichment Bill, we'd call it. Pak Parliament is perfect at this sort of thing, fast. efficient and with no noteworthy opposition.

  • The Awam Khappy(in the punjabi sense ofcourse) bill oh just think of the possibilities............

  • @Mirza Ghalib,

    he he he

    yah , out of this parliament , we can surely get this bill passed ...

    @Flomar ,

    he he he good one .

  • =)

  • @Flomar ,


  • hehehehehehehehehehehe thnx u made my day =) =*

  • thanks he he he

    this thread was all meant for an excuse to laugh on our extremely glum situation .

  • well it worked =)

  • Thanks choosy, Flomar. Eid just round the corner. It's time to lighten up a bit. And that we did gloriously on this thread. Time enough after that to go back to the grimness of our reality. See you, friends and take care.

  • @Mirza Ghalib thnku nd u take care as well ^_^

  • good thread to bring some sarcastic smiles on the faces of members ...